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Ford Windstar Climate Control Problems



  • airbrat7airbrat7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011,carcode,1362844,parttype,10721

    It's the Blend Door Actuator. There are also youtube videos that help with replacing it, very helpful.
  • I took the box I left the rod in I turned it and it urns a door but not to make the come out of the vents ,,before posting please make sure you know what your saying is true and correct
  • I had the same problem where it would switch from defrost to vent to floor. Here is a short video on what to look for. I found a cracked vacuum line was my problem

  • oops here's the link
  • Hi
    im new to this site and im writing from sweden.
    I own a 2000 ford windstar 3.0 . Having problems with the heat too.

    But im not sure what may be the problem, I cant get no heat. or I can get a litle heat, first i thought that i had air in the system after i replaced the thermostat.

    But now im not sure anymore. I have bleeded the system and I now cant see any sign of air in the system.

    so now im thinking of the thing you guys talking about... blend door actuator.. ?
    but how can I know if that is broken? what are the symtoms of a broken blend door actuator?

    sometimes I have a little more heat but not enough. but most of the time no heat...

    any suggestions?

  • hello . I have the 1998 windstar and my air only blows on defrost; I know for a fact its not the door actuator; can anyone help? what else would it be?
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