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Volvo V70 Transmission Problems



  • I had an XC 70 2001 loved the car and just had to purchase another car because of the transmission. The mechanic drove it and hooked it up to the computer could not find anything wrong. But driving it convinced him that it needed a new transmission. He said that there was another XC 70 with the same problem at the shop. I almost had the car paid off. The mechanic made me a really good deal on a V50. So I bought it. Why do I think I need a Volvo? They have been money pits over the years.
  • I called Volvo and complained and the woman acted as if it was my problem and had never heard of the transmission issue. Ugh!
  • I know of so many people including myself who had the same problems. Volvo said it needed an upgrade, never worked, did a second upgrade, nothing, until the trans finally gave out. Spent alot of money to try and correct this. Nothing worked except I got plenty of bills to show. Love the car, but will never buy another Volvo again. I felt they gave us all the run around. Not sure when Ford took over but it is suspect. I have been on line and reading more and more stories like yours. So Volvo has done nothing to fix it, so I feel they do not care about their customers. NSo more Volvo for me.
  • I'm in same boat. I just dropped nearly 2k after a "dealer" tried to tell me it was a computer sensor issue. We found they replaced solenoids in the valve body with used ones (rather than the entire unit) which I just had replaced. It's still not shifting correctly from what seems to be 2nd to 3rd. I just need to sell this car at what is going to be a huge loss. I got completely ripped off on this one.
  • I've had 2 transmissions fail because of faulty solenoid issues. Unfortunately, these transmissions are adaptive, meaning that the software "learns" and then adapt. So, the problems only get worse as the gearbox gets caught in between 2nd & 3rd. I've actually have been able to understand when this issue is starting on my 3rd transmission & adjust my driving and accelerator control to compensate for the beginning of the surge in between gears so that it doesn't clunk into the next gear. However, this isn't the point to my reply. I didn't pay anything for either transmission, the dealer/Volvo corporate did. The original trans started to go about a year after I bought the car had 70k in it then.

    Basically, I made a huge enough stink with the dealership & with Volvo corporate that they paid for a new one to be installed. The 2nd one started to go 13 months after that, just after the warranty ended. The dealer said the wouldn't replace it & that warranty wasn't valid. I again complained in a big way, posting negative things against the dealer & Volvo on any appropriate car blog & site I could find. Within 3 weeks, they replaced it again for free. The adage is true, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Volvo and all the dealerships know this issue exists. However, no deaths have been linked to it, so no recall. Be the squeaky wheel...don't let them push you, the consumer the rely on, over.
  • Bought a 2002 V70 cross country about 1.5 years ago. Made the mistake of not getting it checked before purchasing (it was from a dealer) and have had to put thousands in to it. The transmission needs overhauled (quote is 3500-4000). It's got about 101k miles. Does it make sense to put this much money in to an 11 year old car?
  • try to do solenoid kit replacement. i heard it will fix the problem. i have to do it to mine's too. you can find it on ebay for $220 made by rostra.
  • vtreschvtresch Posts: 1
    I've seen a lot of posts talking about the V70 transmission problems but most mention a clunk or slip from 2nd to 3rd. Mine is fine after engaging in 1st but shifting from park or reverse to drive you get a big clunk. Always need to keep foot on the brake and wait a second for 1st to engage. Dealer checked fluids, firmware version and error codes. All were fine or current. They said a new transmission is needed and that it may last years or days before changing.
    Anyone have the same experience? This isn't what I would call the best dealership so I am suspect that they know what they are talking about.
    Can it be something else? If I decide to move forward with changing the transmission I am reluctant to go with Volvo since they seem to have a recurring problem. Anyone know of good remans or a better vendor?
  • damb0rgdamb0rg Posts: 1
    With the ATF at working temperature (a must!), try out the 'relearn' procedure here: go to page 52: Transmission Relearn. This is for the TF80-SC auto box, but the procedure is similar for older units.

    2007 V70R
  • bknoxbknox Posts: 1
    Did you replace the transmission? How has that worked out? I have a 2000 V70 at 137K and am starting to have some symptoms.
  • trixkidtrixkid Posts: 3
    This is a very real problem and it is not caused by not replacing the fluid. Mine went out at 40k miles and again at 60k after perfect maintenance schedule. If it wasn't obvious just by the avalanche of complaints online it certainly became clear after Volvo NA settled a class action lawsuit on the matter.
  • trixkidtrixkid Posts: 3
    I am preparing to demand my third transmission in my v70T and I'm wondering who you communicated with at Volvo corporate. Thanks.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    edited May 2013
    You do realize that the V70 isnt a part of that lawsuit, right? And that the V90 transmission from that lawsuit is completely different from the V70 transmission?

    They aren't even manufactured by the same company...

    That V90 has a GM transmission while our V70's have an Aisin (Toyota) transmission.

    For what its worth, my 2004 V70 now has 152,000 trouble free miles :D
  • I bought a 2000 V70 xc a couple of years ago. I put a lot of money into it and thought I now had a reliable car. But low and behold, without any warning while driving it, the transmission just stopped and would not go into gear. I am done putting money into it, and now I read all this stuff about Volvo transmissions and am concerned to see so much about the failure of the trans on these cars. This car only has about 120,000 miles on it and to me that is not much considering I have an old 1997 Honda Civic with 246,000 miles that still runs like a energizer bunny. I thought Volvo's were a forever car (apparently , if you don't live too long). I am on a fixed income and just can't afford to fix it, so if anyone out there would like a nice station wagon that has had all the maintenance done on it (belt and water pump), has a new radiator, and all new tires and even two keys. I have one for sale cheap. I'd part it out and sell the parts on ebay if I had someone to help me take it apart. At least I'd get some money back on it. Shame, Shame on Volvo. I'd never recommend one of these cars to anyone. Seems they are not living up to their old name anymore.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    What is the service history of the car? Was the transmission fluid ever changed? How was the car driven over the years?
  • The car was serviced on or ahead of every scheduled maintenance. I can only assume the transmission fluid was changed as part of those services. For the first few years the car was driven normally about 10K per year and then driven mostly locally less than that which is why the mileage is low.
  • I would Volvo on their official Facebook page. In my experience companies are more likely to respond if it's in a public setting and you will get the results that you're looking for. Just make sure you do so in an intelligent and respectful manner.
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