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Toyota RAV4 Radio LCD Display Problems



  • drohrerdrohrer Posts: 37
    There is a Toyota Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) about radio problems. It was issued January 25th, 2007 and is entitled "Radio Display Malfunction" Its number might be "AU001-07"

    It covers the regular 6-cd radio and the JBL 6-cd radio.

    People have mentioned this to their dealers and gotten replacements.
  • chungcalchungcal Posts: 2
    Radio display problems showed up 2 times, once overnight and once for several days. Dealership service saw it and replaced radio (2 visits). Now, a few weeks later, some of the display is gone again. The radio works fine. Do I bother with getting ANOTHER new radio and what's to prevent it from happening AGAIN? Thanks for posting. My annoyance is with Toyota and the car radio manufacturer, not people reporting problems.
  • It's been 3 weeks and all is well.
  • 3rd Time was the charm for me as well. Not sure when you got your Rav, but mine was Feb. 2006. I've had 3rd unit now for over a year thru winter/summer weather etc. and so far so good. My beef is with Toyota only for continuing with same supplier of radio's. Obviously they have/had a problem. And with a 3rd unit for me and now yourself, obviously they didn't get it right the first time, second. yada yada yada.
  • I've had the same lcd distortion problem (2007 RAV4 V^ Sport $ whhel drive, 12k miles). I've had the dealer replace the stereo (d disc chnager non JBL) 3 times to get this right. All replacements developed same problem quickly ecxept for the most recent. Its been good for 5 months or so. Negotiated additional next oil chnage for free for my hassle as well. The casue is dual: 1) sometimes radio has improper installation (2 wires reversed), additionally some radios are defective themselves. Insist on new radios until problem is permanently fixed. I'm a toyota fan, but Toyota should issue a TSB for this one.
  • Actually there is a TSB on this radio mess. came out at least a year or so ago. I know it helped to have since early on i was at the mercy of this discussion board, and another one which had pictures showing problem display. Service acted as though i was screwed up and not the radio. Don't have #, on (believe that's correct). They have alot of discussions and also TSB's out there for RAV4. Another one came in handy with early on hesitation problems i was having in my car (4 cyl). 2006 model. But fixed some time ago and it's been fine. Car runs great no complaints currently.
  • I have a 2006 RAV4 and my radio doesn't always work. It seems to be related to hot weather. In the summer when it starts getting into the 90's the display panel just turns into a bunch of x's and sometimes, none of the buttons work. Have had a few other problems with this model--so won't be buying Toyota again.
  • Mine's a 2006 Rav4 as well. Had my radio replace twice. 3rd one seems fine no matter the weather (approx. 1.5 years now). Other than that Rav runs great. One problem early on it seemed to search for a gear or when passing or accelerating on merge/from stop etc. lacking any power. A TSB was out on this too and they fixed that problem. That was early on in 2006 so i'm sure if you had it would have been fixed by now. 23 mph local 28-30 on a trip. Can't complain. Actually would like to get a Venza, but, economy in toilet, so not anytime soon.
  • Apparently this radio problems continue as my 2011 Rav 4 radio is wigging out mostly in cold weather. The display looks frosted with weird marks and sometimes every station I press just turns the radio off.
  • Same thing, 2011 RAV 4 radio malfunctions occasionally in cold weather. dealer states they will not replace until they can re-enact the problem. Great service, just annoy the customer and make them return the car until the problem is re-enacted or they simply give up!
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