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Chevrolet Aveo Vibration Problems

Vibration in the front end when driving at low speeds(never hit anything or ran over anything), peeling black stickers on rear passengers doors(under warranty)finally being fixed tomorrow. After waiting since June 06 when I went in and complained about them. Inside "fancy" black door handles get loose after couple months too, hubby fixed that issue was driving me nuts!! Just to let you all know that some of it IS covered under extended warranty so take it in and make an issue!!!!!!!!! If you get cranky they get scared and jump!! :)


  • :mad: Anyone have any answers about vibrations in the front end at low speeds? Also clock loses time for no reason, which only happens every once in awhile. Black stickers on back doors by glass also bubbled in less then 1yr of buying. Those are under warranty and are being replaced. Please help!! Love the car except for those little issues.OOPS didn't realize this was in the same area has last post.
  • oh the clock issue check to make sure you battery cable ends are clean and getting a good connection. One the front end shake have the tires should work and mine is a 2004 so there are no black strips.
  • Thanks for the info will ask tomorrow, when they have to replace black strips. Aslo I have had the tires rotated already back in June 06, shaking still after that. But I will let them know. Thanks!!!!!!!
  • Ok the black strips are fixed!!!! Now for the vibration, they checked out the front end and decided that all 4 of my tires are junk so ordered me new ones at no cost to me seeing as they are under warranty :shades: That makes me happy. So once that happens we will see. I am not one to let something like this slide, I bought a new car and dang it, I am not going to pay for anything that is wrong with it. Services guys are much better now that they figured out I am not gonna sit back and let things go.
  • I am glad that they are replacing you tires under warranty. the ones that come on the car do not last very long maybe about 20,000 miles.
  • optus3optus3 Posts: 7
    Can anyone see any advantage of H&N air filters over the Apexi Power intake. There's not much price difference if you shop around. I know the H&N is reliable but looks old school.
  • barry42barry42 Posts: 64
    I assume they are original equipment !!

    But , The question is what is the make and size of the original tires ??
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Hi. I think you mean K&N air filters? The red cotton oiled air filters that have much better air flow and are suppose to give you better mileage and a few extra horsepower. I usually buy them for my cars/trucks. But at $35-50 a piece...I ask for them as birthday gifts or Christmas presents now. You get maybe 1-3 extra horsepower and barely any mileage increase,if any. But they are more free breathing and are very good for the engine and you never change has a million mile warranty! The car will be long dead before you go that far!
  • They replaced the tires and car seems to be handling alot better,, also no more vibration. Hopefully this will take care of the issue for me. :shades:
  • Hooray, :) I am glad that fixed the vibration....
  • barry42barry42 Posts: 64
    Who made the Tires ??
  • I am not sure who made the tires, I never bothered to look but I do know they were the original ones that came on the car.
  • barry42barry42 Posts: 64
    Sincerely thanks !! Barry.
  • angela50angela50 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Chevy Aveo with 34,500 miles on it I have only had the car for about 3 weeks bought it used from dealer, the car car vibrates starting at 10 mph and goes on at 20, 30 40, and when I'm on the freeway it is a steady vibration at 60 It finally goes away when reaching 73 mph
    took it to the dealer and they said it was the tires i thought so to but i bought new ones and it still does the same thing does anyone out there know what I should do??angie :confuse:
  • jworsleyjworsley Posts: 7
    Another victim, why dont you search my posts in the general forum of Aveo and you will find your answers. Some of your guys posting here are at the beginning of what took me over 4 months to fix. My 2004 aveo was at the dealership 5-6 times with total time in the shop well over a month. Its a very long story but the positive side of it is they ultimately fixed it. "The tires" and "its cold" excuse is a ruse, or humurous diversion and at best just an uninformed lazy mechanic/technician who has no analytical skills. Several components on the front end suspension on many of the units coming out of the factory in Korea are faulty both in design and quality. It is as simple as that.

    In my particular case my dealership had not done alot of volume sales on the aveo so my car became a guniea pig to sort through the mess for the technician/mechanic. Keep in mind there are several things going on that prvent the dealership from sorting through your mistery problems. One is that they often rely on TSB's technical servic bulletins from GM to analyze instead of their own brains. IF there are no correct solutions in the TSB list or if your problem just has not appeared yet on the GM list then the mechanic falls upon his own resources and brains to work the issue. There enters the 2nd problem, warranty work doesnt pay as much as out of warranty work so often the problem is shuffled from a senior mechanic down to a junior with less expertise who starts a guessing game with your car and eats up your personal time letting you see if his guess was right. 3rd problem sometimes GM;s TSB list simply doesnt yet contain a solution to your problem as it has yet to appear on their radar so there is nothing to consult and finally the 4th problem ,, even if it is there on the list as a good source the technician/mechanic simply doesnt use it and proceeds with the guessing game.

    Good news for you. The front end suspension TSB has been circulating for awhile now. The solution is to replace both control arms entirely. If they come back and tell you we replaced the bushings or greased this and that, shove the car back in their face and tell them to follow the instructions of their own TSB list.

    Bad news for you
    the strut assembly is for [non-permissible content removed] also. So you might find later that you have a faulty or leaky strut. In my case I had everything fixed, in other words all the creaking and popping that would surface on light turns , light stops and when passing over any kind of imperfection in the road was gone. That was my original issue.

    However after that nightmare of 4 months of trying to get this fixed i picked up the car what i thought would be one last time only to find out that I now had in the right front end a persistent low grade roar at all speeds. Turns out according to the dealership that the right f end strut area now contained a faulty leaky strut so they replaced that and finally after 4 months and change the car was finally back to the original state of the car when i bought it. It now drives GREAT and SmOOTH. its perfect,,, almost????

    just to give you some background these components and this saga started failing in the first 6 or so months after purchase. The car now has 39,400 miles on it. I called to thank the dealership for their help the other day as i am really grateful even though their system of fixing things was really trying on me. The whole time while my car has een in and out of the shop ive been driving a land rover with high gas prices so its been inconvenient to say the least.
    So I called them to say thank youd never guess what they told me.

    Bring your car back in sir,, we need to change your timing belt, gm has put out a TSB for faulty timing belts. They need to be changed at 30,000 miles. lol I couldnt believe it. Well at least they were honest. GM pays for the timimg belt but they dont cover the labor for their own faulty timing belt. Isnt that weird? Its weird beccause as many of you know this engine is an interference engine so if the timing belt brakes you most likely will have to replace the head of the engine. GM would have to pick the bill up on that situation due to the power train warranty so why they would not create an incentive to have customers bring in their car and have the timing belt replaced and have all costs covered is beyond me. Replacing a head is 100 times more expensive than a lousy timing belt.

    Here is the real kicker, the dealership gave me the feeling that the timing belt will have to be replaced every 30,000 miles here on out. I asked myself arent they replacing the belt with a higher quality belt, what is causing them to break in the first place? etc etc LOL geez the last car I had that had to have the timing belt replaced each 30,000 miles was in the 1970's its called a FIAT.

    Anyways that is some of my story i hope all benefit from this, print this post out and take it to your dealership if it helps you get your car fixed. Also regarding your oem tires they were not all that great and yes replacing them helps with how the car feels, sounds and drives. But replacing the tires in most cases is only a band-aid over the real issues. Dont let em fool you or get you out of your warranty period. I had to be very agressive and persistent to get my car back in its original shape.

  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    I have a 2006 aveo with 8k,When new i noticed a slight vibration in the front end,I found out they were the tires that caused all the problems,I think they are junk or blem tires they use to be honest,I replaced them with some HP4000 tires and it drives very smooth now
  • Hi, just bought a new Aveo 2007, any vibration problems to report? So far I have a strong vibration on the head rest when the car is idling (stopped at a traffic light for ex.) when I have the AC on, when I turn it off it's virtually gone, but there is still a very slight vibration. Also the AC motor seems to be pretty noisy. Also, when I'm driving over 60 mph I feel a slight vibration on the accelerator pedal, and the car generally doesn't feel smooth on the road. Didn't bring it in yet, I wanted to get educated on this a bit before going and getting the run-around. Have the issues about vibrations from the previous model been resolved? Does anyone else have a similar situation with their 2007 Aveo? Thanks,
  • my car did the same thing and it was my wheel bearings and it is a 2008 with 7500 miles on it
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Did your bearing get replaced and how is it right now. Kind of odd that the bearings would go bad so fast. Generally bearing are good for at least 50,000 miles or more and are serviced when the front brakes are replaced as part of procedure.
  • marissa24marissa24 Posts: 3
    i have a 2006 chevy aveo bought the car with 371 miles on it the lil bucket been vibrating since then its 2008 took it has been back and forward and back and forward to the dealership now guess what its even worst its 2008 and the car need a wheel bearing thats is costing me around about $350.00. is that going to the fix the problem hmmmmm... im gonna have to pay the darn money and find out oh yeah the warranty is now expired the car dealership mullen chevrolet is closed down. i should continued my claim with the BBB COUNSEL but i let it go shame on me. stuck with a hoopty....... :-( :mad:
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