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Pontiac Sunfire Starting and Stalling Problems



  • Ok this is a 2004 sunfire it starts then stalls, then just simply wont start at all, weve had it towed probably 5 times now the fuel filter, fuel pump and battery have been replaced. Works for a day or 2 but then wont start again.......Help since its out of warranty has about 75k miles on it and i really cant afford to take it to a dealership.....I will never buy another pontiac again
  • I had same problem with my '04 Sunfire. We changed the fuel pump 3 times before the problem was fixed. The dealer installed the first one, then could not get it to mess up on them, so they refused to try another one. I had to take it to a non-franchise auto repair shop and it messed up for them. They installed the 2nd fuel pump, which was defective, and then the 3rd one was the charm. Good luck.
  • well the fuel pump we purchased from auto zone, and which was funny that when we walked into the store, they had about 100 of what we needed sitting by the counter and pontiac hasnt issued a recall on this problem yet? lol anyway my husband said that since the fuel pump was already installed into the car by him, it cannot be returned and i dont have another 250.00 to get another one
  • THIS IS A FIX FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW! No codes...The car needs a little gas pedal to start, stalled on me once and my daughter several times. I actually though she was just saying it to get a new car! Passed emissions though. I did a complete tune up, to include spark plugs, plug wire thingys, coil cover, air filter. Still needed a little gas pedal to start. Changed alot of sensors, crankshaft, camshaft, IAC, gas pedal position sensor. No help! The other day I changed the coils and the ignition module. Yesterday, it wouldn't go over 40 mph down the highway and stalled unless you keep the gas pedal depressed. HAd a code for missfire, which reset and never came back, and now the car won't start.WHAT I FOUND FINALLY IS... The new coils had grease in the contacts which shorted out, only running on two cylinders, and the fuel pressure regulator was not regulating, letting too much fuel into the injectors! Cleaned out grease, replaced fuel pressure regulator. Runs great now.
  • Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your Sunfire? I have a 95 that just died while I was driving down the road. It would turn over, but it will not start. It has spark & we can hear the fuel pump whirring. We sprayed carb cleaner past the flap in the throttle body & it still wouldn't start (ruling out the fuel pump). I had absolutely no problems with it before this....No rough idle, no sputtering or weird just died.
  • i recently bought a 97 sunfire it idles rough at low rpms? it seems like its running way too rich now, theres a bit of black smoke that comes out and a little bit of black flecks. i know its not oil though. when i rev it high it smooths out but even when cruising on the highway at lower rpms it will run a bit rough, but downshifting and gunning it clears it right up. what could this be respod to my email
  • I'm surprised no-one has replied yet. If the engine won't crank, it has nothing to do with the fuel system. Usually when the motor won't crank, but the lights, ect. work, its either the starter, or even easier is check the battery and starter connections for corrosion. Try beating on the starter next time. It also could be a bad starter selenoid. I found it easier to replace the whole starter, last week.
  • Thanks for the reply, it turned out to be a anti-theft issue that I guess is common with this make & model.. my shade-tree mechanic ripped the whole system out.. it's a 10 year old car with 85k miles on it.. I'm not too worrried about it getting stolen :)

    Since we ripped out the anti-theft thingy about a week ago, it's starting and running fine.
  • I just found out what was wrong with my 95 Sunfire....My timing gear was torn up....Thank goodness I have a mechanic that will wait for the payment until after I get my tax check.
    Thanks anyway! :)
  • My wife has a 2003 sunfire.Here recently it has started acting up. The check engine light comes on and the code refers to the upstream o2 sensor had this code twice so i replaced the sensor.Now the problem still exist .You fill the gas tank up runs fine till you get closed to the 1/2 tank mark then it starts idling ruff wont go above 2000 rpm and some times just dies. Then you wait maybe 5min or so and it starts up and runs fine. So we fill it up with gas again and the hole problem starts over. Taking it to a mechinic today just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same problem.Any help would be appreciated!!! :sick:
  • buskebuske Posts: 5
    I have this problem on 3 different brands of GM front drive cars now. Each had the same problem of dying and not restarting or just not starting. On the bellhousing bolt there are wires attached. cut the wires and reattach them to the bolt with new ends. 3 cars and 3 wins. Also cured start but not run condition. No codes were presnt when this happened. The wires appear good but truly are not. Try it. Cheap fix if it works!
    Let me know!
  • buskebuske Posts: 5
    I just posted an answer that might help
  • Well ty i will pass that info on to hubby....The car just spend a week and a half at a dealership and since they couldnt get the car to NOT start to run diagnostics they finally just had me come pick it up, so im sure tomorrow it wont start again :(
  • I have the same problem and have narrowed it down to low spark on one bank of the plugs, but I haven't been able to figure out why I have low spark?? Just wondering if you had this problem too.

  • I have a '96 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 and it is having severe stalling problems. It stops running while downshifting, while going 50 mph, and while idling. We've changed the fuel filter, oil, oil filter, spark plugs and wires, we've checked the TPS...and no result. Does any one have any suggestions?? Thank you.
  • ok heres what weve changed so far...Fuel filter, fuel pump, battery and ignition control module. That didnt work so we took it to the dealership but before that my husband unplugged and replugged in the wiring that goes to the fuel pump or whatever i think its called the wiring harness. the dealership had the car nearly 2 weeks and could NOT get the problem of not starting to happen. Weve had the car back almost 2 weeks not and have not had any problems with it so maybe a loose connection? Try that if your having the same problem and see if it works for you also ! Good luck :)
  • I really need some help if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. This is the 4th time I had my car in and have paid close to $1000 and it is still not fixed! Here is what is happening:

    I brought it in because it was shaking and felt like it was pulling until I get to 2 rpm then it feels like it kicks in and goes. If I go to a stop light it sometimes shakes really bad and if I do not put it in park or neutral it will die on me. After I take it into the shop and reset the check engine light it will work for a little while like a quarter of a tank but then it happens again and I have to bring it in.

    I have replaced the ignition coil twice. Had new spark plugs and spark wires put in. I got a new O2 sensor. PLEASE HELP!
  • I had almost the same problem when the gas was at 1/4 of a tank it would skip and jump and finally just go dead the problem was the fuel pump $514.00 installed.The check engine light came on twice and once it said o2 sensor the other time said fuel to lean.But the problem only happened when the fuel was at 1/4 of a tank the reason being the fuel cools the fuel pump so when its low it over heated due to other problem with the pump.But i've had it on for 3 weeks now and no problems(knock on wood).
  • It sometimes happens when I am at a 1/2 of a tank... do you think it still might be that? I was also wondering if I keep replacing my igniotion coils, what might be ruining them??

    P.S. Thanks so much for the response I really appreciate it... I was kinda getting to the point of no where else to turn to find the answer until I saw this!
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