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Pontiac Sunfire Starting and Stalling Problems



  • mandykmandyk Posts: 2
    Hey there can anyone help me with this situation. I own a 1997 and I replaced the spark plugs on it, fuel filter, changed oil, ignition switch and a starter. And it still won't start. I hope someone understand what I'm talking about, but the theft system light won't go off and the little orange triangle above the gears on the dash well if it is not lit up the car won't start. What does anyone know about that? Please HELP!!! :cry: Me and my father also rented a diagnostic thing from auto zone and it read passed no codes need. Well then what is the problem!
  • salem3psalem3p Posts: 2
    I am so glad I discovered this site. My Husband/I were going nuts trying to find out why our 2000 Sunfire (Sunny) was stalling. We just spent $628.00 for Injector kit, BG throttle body service at a Pontiac dealer because we thought maybe they would have some idea since they work on them all the time. They also said our water pump was leaking so after quoting us ANOTHER price of $700.00 plus (we did it ourselves Saturday). We also have done a full tune-up with the works of spark plugs, wires, ect. Battery is fine. Alternator is fine. Fuel pump replaced 2 years ago. We are tottally stumped but are taking Sunny back to that dealer because they DID NOT fix the stalling. We refuse to pay for any more labor. They said they diagnosed it and that was the problem. I never got any recall notices either. GGGRR!!! We had no problems with Sunny until now. Its freaky that so many of us are having this stalling problem. Especially since it is all different years. My Husband/I have been baking in this Volcanic Texas Sun working on Sunny. Pontiac needs to look into this and why so many at this time? Very odd. :(
  • jaco0062jaco0062 Posts: 8
    I live in ont canada. I have been a technician for about 5 years. I enjoy working with the electronic side of the auto. I have read many of the posts about sunfires and can't figure out why u guys can't get these problems delt with effiently. (Sry not verygood at spelling.) Mostly all of the problems found with sunfires are extremely common to all. If your techs are unable to locate these problems i sugest going somewhere else. For electronic problems i find that techs in there 20 to mid 30 are the best. Most old timers have no clue about modern technology. I have looked at about 200 sunfires for a no start condition and find 90% of the public neglect to change fuel filter. This causes undo stress on the fuel pump eventually it says goodnight.Rec fuel filter be changed once a year. When i bring a sunfire into my shop for a drivibility problem i can on average figure it out in under ten minutes. If u can find good qualified techs with good quality diagnostic tools they should also be able to do the same. If not come to my shop in Ask your techs if they go on any courses, most good techs will go to them all, I know i do. You need to be constatly learning Hope that helps. ps u get what u pay for, if u don`t want to pay for the time to diagnose the car then what do u expect the tech to do.(sry just a little venting there.)
  • can't get the emissions done because obd has no power, or we just can't get a reading. I replaced the cig fuse and still no luck. Is there another fuse for the obd port or does anybody know what it could be. Thanks
  • salem3psalem3p Posts: 2
    On my previous post I said that we also had tried many options to fix this stalling problem. We had even taken the car to a dealership garage. We spent $628.00 and it still stalled before the weekend so we took it back. They had it over a week and a half because they were swamped with other vehicles. (Only a few dealerships in a much growing town). We were mad and said we would pay for parts but no labor. Of course they would not go for that, gggrrr!!! but they did find the problem on our car. It was the ignition switch. They only charged us about a half hour labor even thou they said it took them an hour and a half. I couldn't argue because I have no idea how long it would take. I know it took my hubby/I about 5 hours to replace belts, hoses and a water pump so maybe it took them that long. LOL Anyhow, so far so good. *Knock on wood* LOL Sadly there may be several reasons for this stalling and we may all have to take each one of our cars individually until we hit on the one thing that gets each of our cars running again. For us it was the ignition switch. :) :) :) Yah! We got our Baby back.
  • I drive a 2000 Pontiac, and after reading this I know I need to replace my fuel filter. I wanted to know if you could tell me where it is located on my model/year vehicle. Thanks a lot.

  • Look above the rear axle it should be there. Thats where it is on my 2003 sunfire. Very easy to change.
  • GENERAL MOTORS Chevrolet Cavalier (1993-1999), Pontiac Sunbird (1993-1994), Pontiac Sunfire (1995-1999)
    • Recall covering 1992-1993 models with the 2.2L engine: unstable deceleration or stalling due to a defective lower intake manifold seam. Replace seam.
  • I have a 2000 sunfire 2.2 It will run about 5 to 7 miles and then lose complete power, sometime stall and sometimes will stay running, when it comes to a stop, it starts right back up and goes another 5 miles. I have replaced the plugs, wires, and fuel filter and it is still doing it? Any suggestions?
  • Sounds like the classic sign of fuel pump failure. More than likely you gas gauge is reading about 1/4 tank or less at the time the problem starts. I say this because the fuel cools the pump in the tank and when the pump is not functioning properly it will over heat more easily than at normal operation and case it to stop working as a safety feature. This is not a simple fix it will require you to drop the fuel tank to replace the pump. The pump for a good one will run you any where from $300 to $375 and labor will be about $200.
  • this problem started after my car got into a front end collision, now that everything is back together the car will not start i have done some research and found out that this a common problem but i have not yet found the solution so i need some help i have done some self diagnostic and found that the injector's power stop after a short while when turning the engine over, that causes the engine to start for about 2 seconds and then stalls and also the radio is inop. the dash reads "ERROR" instead of the mileage i also noticed that the illumination for the dash does not work and the right headlight doesnt have power,,,, now it will run every once in a while after trying so many time, but all the other problems are still there . I have checked all the fuses and relays and spend many hours tracing the problem but no luck yet so if you have any suggestions or ideas they are well appreciated thanks....RUDY :sick:
  • ok the deal is a few weeks ago my car would crank sometimes and not sometimes. (over a yr ago it was the fuel pump) but this time it would turn over fine and all but crank. 3 garages later and still the same, no codes no noth'n. new fuel filter, relays, coil packs, etc... well start'n yesterday it just turns over but doesn't try to crank. i've read yalls problems and solutions and maybe it could be the ignition switch. whatcha think?

    :confuse: :sick:
    "texas gal in distress"
  • About a month ago, I ran out of gas on my way to work. Ever since then, when my tank is below 3/4-1/2 full, I have sporadic rough running and even stalling. It is usually the worst when I first start up. If the car actually stalls and quits, I have to let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes and then it will usually run fine for 10 to 20 minutes. If I keep the tank above 3/4 a tank full, I have no problems. The engine light has come on a couple of times and the error reads "running lean". I have tried some of the suggestions for similar problems posted. I cleaned the throttle plate, I have replaced the fuel filter and checked the tank for gunk or clogged screen. As far as I can tell, everything has looked fine. I haven't had the pump itself checked and am trying to hold off going into the shop. Any suggestions?
  • Sounds like the classic sign of fuel pump failure. More than likely your gas gauge is reading about 1/4 tank or less at the time the problem starts. I say this because the fuel cools the pump in the tank and when the pump is not functioning properly it will over heat more easily than at normal operation and cause it to stop working as a safety feature. This is not a simple fix it will require you to drop the fuel tank to replace the pump. The pump for a good one will run you any where from $300 to $375 and labor will be about $200. The "lean code" is because there isn't enuff fuel getting to each cylinder to read correctly. Had the same problem at about 105,000.
  • 2000 sunfire stalling when pressing gas and letting cluch go at 500rpm need to keep above 2000 to 3000 rpms also works normal when cold after it heats up starts stalling.
  • Update. it was the fuel pump and that made the wiring harness have a bad connection due to the high heat. anyway, $733.56 at the dealer since nobody could find the problem. i'm just glad she's go'n again. ;) :shades:
  • The check engine light came on and the odometer is flashing error. Car is running ok though. Any idea of what can be wrong?

    Steve B
  • My girlfriends car is the same year and has the same problem. We are also in Texas by the way.... anyway I am a decent mechanic and I could not figure it out so took it to one shop I trust. They could not figure it out..... took it to another shop.... they could not figure it out..... recently I took it to another shop that I have found in Plano that is quite good and trustworthy. They figured it out. The throttle body was leaking like a sieve. Apparently the previous shops just manually looked for loose hoses etc while trying to find a vacuum leak as opposed to putting their smoke machine on the thing like they should. Where the smoke comes out you have your leak. This is a pretty basic thing that the other shops should have been doing but clearly did not. So we are replacing with a used throttle body that I am ordering at this time. The new one is around $450. Sod that. The car itself is lucky if it is worth 3k so no point in spending too much money.

    Anyway, if you did not get your stalling issue fixed yet have them smoke the throttle body and you may find your problem.

  • I bought a 1996 pontiac sunfire last year, the previous owner said he had replaced the motor mounts, water pump, and brakes. It ran great except for it getting hot when at idle for long periods of time, a few months later had to replace the radiator due to a major crack. Before that had to get a new rotor and all the brakes replaced. Now today when i started the car the battery light was on, went to the gas station filled the car up and got back on the road no problem other then the battery light and now brake light was on, took the highway home and the longer i drove the more the power in the car went, first the radio sputtered in and out then finally just quit, then the dash lights and head lights got dimmer til they were out but the car was still running, didn't stop at all til i pulled in my parking lot and the car died right as i put it in park. The dome light would still work just a little dimmer then usual so the battery cant be all the way dead. Anyone have any ideas? reading on here i think it's the alternator and am going to get it checked in the morning, any other ideas? any help will be greatly appreciated!!
  • Had similar problem with my 2001 pontiac grand prix. Dealership changed crank shaft sensor but it didn't solve problem. Check when vehicle stalls if vehicle blows black smoke out of exhaust pipes. Car stalls when trying to accelerate, especially at a red light. P0118 engine coolant temperature sensor high input. I changed the Engine coolant temperature sensor , located under the large hose that connects from the radiator to the engine on the right side. It's at a slight angle under the radiator hose connecting to the engine block. Very hard to get to. Problem solved. Cost $15 bucks at autozone. I have been having this problem for over a year. I hope this information helps.
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