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Honda Odyssey Droning/Humming Noise



  • ee4lifeee4life Posts: 14
    I would not diagnose it that way, due to safety.

    Diagnose wheel bearings per the TSB or by checking for excessive wheel bearing play (trying to rock the front wheels up and down/side to side), while the Ody is on a lift.

    TSB 06-018 Bearing Noise From the Front Wheels
    Applies To: 2005 Odyssey – ALL
    2006 Odyssey – 5FNRL3...6B000001 thru 5FNRL3...6B012830
    2006 Odyssey – 5FNRL3...6B400001 thru 5FNRL3...6B403543
  • Does anyone notice whether the grinding is worse when you back up on a hill, like a driveway? thanks.
  • yeekyeek Posts: 18
    EX-L only has 1800 miles on it.
    On several hot days, loud droning noise happened around 2000 RPM in all gears.
    It follows a pattern. Drones for 2 sec, quiet for 2 sec, drones for 2 sec, quiet for 7 sec, then repeats the pattern. At other RPMs, engine seems noisier then normal.

    Doesn't matter whether ECO light is on or off.

    Noise pattern does not happen all the time, especially whenever I take it to the Honda dealer. Then the cabin is very quiet at all RPMs.

    Dealer says they can't fix it if they can't hear it.

  • 2010van2010van Posts: 1
    2010 EX-L Odyssey. Exactly the same problem. Just returned from vacation driving through, KY, TN, NC mountains, drone or groan from the Odyssey around 70-75 mph. Sounds like transmission is having trouble with overdrive up or down shift. I wonder if it has something to do with the VCM dropping to 3/4 cylinders. My Honda dealer couldn't explain, but I didn't ask about VCM. The more I think about it, VCM may be an issue.
  • I am experiencing the same problem with my 2003 Odyssey. I can almost guarantee that the problem is being caused by one of the oxygen sensors. One of the sensor is fowled and needs to be identified and replaced. To help in preventing reoccurrance, try sticking to one brand of fuel. This may be a challenge when going on long trips.
    I am finding it hard to believe that the dealer diagnostic is not able to identify this problem.
  • I took my 07 Ody ExL to the dealer today for the front droning/humming noise at 40-70mhp. Dealer said The front wheel bearing goes bad and cost $350 to fix it. I call American Honda, they said that Front wheel bearing is covered by the powertrain warranty, which the dealer did even know, and I have to tell the dealer.
  • yeekyeek Posts: 18
    2010 EX with 12K. Loud, droning, resonating noise started around 3K. Sounds like a trombone. Happens between 2000 and 2500 RPM in all gears. It's sporadic. Only seems to happen when van has 5 passengers and it's hot outside. Drone pulses every 2 seconds, over and over again. EVO light on or off does not change sound. Vehicle seems to lag slightly with every drone. Not sure, but I think RPMs are higher at any given speed when it is stuck in drone mode as if tranny is slipping. Dealer can't find problem. Seems to doubt there is a problem. Of course, it won't drone for them because they won't put 5 people in it and drive it on a hot day. Sound is so loud it's difficult to talk over it. My kids beg me to drive them around in my rusty 1991 Econoline work van so they don't have to hold their hands over their ears in the Odyssey. That's a sad testimonial for Honda.
    Any ideas since Honda dealer is no help at all?
  • hondaowner56hondaowner56 Posts: 8
    edited August 2011
    On a recent long drive, I noticed a train horn-like sound/noise emitted from my 2000 Honda Odyssey EX. Sound is not consistent and goes on/off at the same freeway speed. I've lowered the windows but sound is still there. Only happens at freeway speeds above 60. It looks like it's coming from the A pillar area-driver's side. Does anyone know what it is and/or causes it?

    Here's the sound:
  • .....out on a limb here. Since this is a 2000 I would think the 1st thing to investigate are your wheel bearings.
  • I know you posted this a year ago; however, I just watched your YouTube video & my 2000 Honda Odyssey makes that exact noise at high speeds. Were you ever able to figure out what it was? Thanks!
  • No. The local Honda dealer wanted to charge me $150 (or $200) just to diagnose the problem. I figure fixing it (if they're able to) would probably cost more.

    My mechanic (non-dealer) was not able to diagnose it either.

    I decided to give up and replace the Ody with a new SUV.

    Please try calling 1800 CAR TALK on Saturdays (Click and Clack...

    Good luck...

  • Thanks for responding! Our mechanic said it may be a noise coming from the wheel bearing, but said the bearings are still good. I think we may just replace it too!
  • On a different token, just fyi when buying a new car that not all infotainment systems that come as standard or optional are the same.

    My experience with Toyota left me with a 4 yr old useless technology that costs $2500+. (Case in point : gps that is disabled for data entry, even for the front passenger, while the vehicle is in motion)...

    Lesson learned: spend sometime with the vehicle you like before buying it. If it means renting the vehicle for a couple of days, do so.
  • Have you found any solution ? I have the same symptoms in mine 09 EXL 45000 milage. Warries about transmition.
  • Thanks for that info!
  • I was told that it is normal to notice a slight humming when the vehicle switches to ECO mode as it shuts off a cylinder or two to save gas. Watch the ECO light and try to see if they coincide, it did for mine.

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  • Did you ever find a fix to your your honda noise.
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