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Honda Odyssey Droning/Humming Noise



  • No. The local Honda dealer wanted to charge me $150 (or $200) just to diagnose the problem. I figure fixing it (if they're able to) would probably cost more.

    My mechanic (non-dealer) was not able to diagnose it either.

    I decided to give up and replace the Ody with a new SUV.

    Please try calling 1800 CAR TALK on Saturdays (Click and Clack...

    Good luck...

  • Thanks for responding! Our mechanic said it may be a noise coming from the wheel bearing, but said the bearings are still good. I think we may just replace it too!
  • On a different token, just fyi when buying a new car that not all infotainment systems that come as standard or optional are the same.

    My experience with Toyota left me with a 4 yr old useless technology that costs $2500+. (Case in point : gps that is disabled for data entry, even for the front passenger, while the vehicle is in motion)...

    Lesson learned: spend sometime with the vehicle you like before buying it. If it means renting the vehicle for a couple of days, do so.
  • Have you found any solution ? I have the same symptoms in mine 09 EXL 45000 milage. Warries about transmition.
  • Thanks for that info!
  • I was told that it is normal to notice a slight humming when the vehicle switches to ECO mode as it shuts off a cylinder or two to save gas. Watch the ECO light and try to see if they coincide, it did for mine.

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  • Did you ever find a fix to your your honda noise.
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