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Acura RL 2006



  • tamparltamparl Posts: 42
    I have an 06RL. The backup cam was offered as a dealer installed accessory on the 06. I got it thrown in as part of my purchase agreement. I do not believe it is compatible with the 05s.

    For 07 , I believe it is now factory installed. I love it, very low lux (2 lux?) so it shows well at night with just the backup lights. One note, there is a slight delay in the cam engaging right after starting up the RL (and shifting into Reverse). Although you do not have to answer the OK prompt on the Navi for the camera to display, it does take a 3-5 second boot up of the Navi drive. For those of you that get it in gear before the engine is fully cranked, it may be an issue. It will display a second or two after you shift into R had you not waited for the NAVI to boot. If you typically wait for the OK prompt to display before shifting, then it is no problem and engages instantly when shifting into R. For me, I just back into my parking spaces and my garage so I start off in Drive anyway.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Interesting stuff on the rear camera installed as an option. Thanks.
  • Hi all I just got my RL for 39,500 in NJ Black on ebony car is great!! I have a 2003 TL type s with Nav and this car is about 20 times better but I still love my TL too. I was gonna get the new TL s but they wanted 38,000 for it fo I asked about the RL and I got it for 39,500.... :shades:
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100

    I understand your point about the TL. My reservations about the 06 TL is the ride quality. My current car, 2000 Maxima SE has a similar "sports" ride as does the TL. I think after driving this car for almost 7 years.... I think I am ready for something more comfortable. Although the TL is by far superior in technology and style, I don't believe I will be satisfied with the sports tuned ride. I plan to keep this next car for at least 5 years, so the more and more I think about it... I'm realizing the TL is not the car for me... regardless of the price or style. In the long run, I know I will not be happy with the ride quality.

    Wish me luck as I go after the 2006 RL Technology package. I'm going to shoot for a price about 39K before TTL. Who knows, right?
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Hi all I just got my RL for 39,500 in NJ Black on ebony car is great!! I have a 2003 TL type s with Nav and this car is about 20 times better but I still love my TL too. I was gonna get the new TL s but they wanted 38,000 for it fo I asked about the RL and I got it for 39,500....

    Did this include... processing + destination? Also, what was the dealer? How did you get down to that deal... email,phone, or right in there to deal?

  • tamparltamparl Posts: 42

    It sounds like we are on the same page. I still am impressed with the TLs abilities, but I had to learn to love it. I think I was visually and feature sold on the TL more than I was by the seat of my pants. Then after owning it awhile, I became critical of flaws I would not expect in a premium vehicle. The RL felt right from the moment I test drove it, comfortable and already familiar. It is of course, personal taste. I may be heading to the old fart farm, but 18 months in the TL had me longing for a more refined ride. Still, I find the RL a great performer for it's class and design.

    Good luck on the price. Being so late in the year you may be pleasantly surprised. I was surprised with my price almost 2 months ago. I can say that the market you are in does affect the pricing. In Florida Acura does not deal as generously as prices I see people posting in say, NY/NJ or CA. Those markets may be more competitive and can offer lower pricing. But regardless where you are located, close to 10K off an new RL is what I consider a must have!

    Got my fingers crossed for ya!
  • I got a few quotes from other dealers was down to about 39,900 I had got my TL from Sussman in 2003 so I just called and told them where I was at with my price and they said if I get it right now 39,500 is the price and that is with destination there was some processing fee but not that much to bring up because I was starting at 39,500 car is great took the wife and kids to dinner and had a nice ride. :D
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100

    Yeah... I haven't own a new car since 2000. My biggest fear is spending 30K+ for a TL and later finding out I am dissapointed

    I have looked on and looked at local Acura dealers website... and inventory is still decent. I'm open to 3 colors; black, silver, carbon gray. All the dealers around here have them. Now, it's the price game. I have sent emails to about 4 different Acura dealers... so wanting to hear back. I would prefer to buy before the end of Oct.... since I will may get a better deal since they may want to move the car. Although, it's bad timing for myself... my schedule is booked. Hopefully I can deal by email or over the phone. If so, then all I will have to do is just show up and pick it up.

    Does anyone know if Acura will offer a higher rebate on the RL. Right now for Oct.... there's a $4000. Back in Aug/Sept, the rebate was $3OOO. Maybe it will be worth it to wait until end of Nov. I'm in no rush... just waiting for the right deal.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    39,500 is an excellent deal. I would seriously consider pulling the trigger on your deal. For me.... if someone offered me 39K + TTL, I would definitely pull the trigger. I guess it all depends on how much are you willing to wait... if you want to long for maybe saving $500, there's a high risk you won't have much of a color selection or package you are looking for.

    Thanks for your advice.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202

    I have a 2005 TL and thinking of trading for a 2007 RL. Is there a big difference in ride quality or just a minor difference? I like the TL, but find the ride to be a little on the firm side if not harsh. Is there less road noise in the RL? Would appreciate any comments.
  • tamparltamparl Posts: 42
    Hey Golfnut5,

    I am sure there will be a ton of people arguing the point, but I will share my opinion having owned both.

    For me, as much as i appreciate the TLs sporty nature, it was too firm for day to day driving on crappy roads. Only on the smoothest asphalt was the ride also smooth and quiet. I am pretty anal about rattles, and the firm ride of the TL also upset the interior more than I prefer. I found myself dodging all road imperfections and slowing to dead slow for driveways and railroad crossings.

    For me, the RL handles this much more to my liking. Much more refined, no creaks, pops or rattles and I cruise over roads I formally crawled by with the TL. The RL is much quieter on most roads. However, the RL is more sporting than dedicated luxury cars (read Lexus) and some tire noise is apparent on coarse, concrete or grooved roads (we have many in Tampa). I suspect this is due to the tires, and Michelins are known for it. I don't think you can totally elimate all tire noise on all road types, but I've read there are alternate tire choices to be made on the RL. Still on smoother roads, the RL is eerily silent. I think the car being much quieter makes occaisional tire noice noticable.

    I tend not to crank the stereo as much in the RL, I can hold normal conversations and the voice recognition works better. I even can use voice recognition and HFL with the sunroof open cruising along at 50mph.

    Ultimately, it is a matter of opinion if if you feel the RL is THAT much better than the TL. For me it is.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202

    Thanks for the comments. I drive about 25,000 miles per year in my TL and that is on many crappy roads. I like my TL, fun to drive and awesome power, but looking for something with a softer ride, but still sporty. Sounds like the RL could be that ride. When the 07's hit my local dealer I will take a test drive.
  • tamparltamparl Posts: 42

    Let me know how you evaluate the RL. I have been reading a reoccurring theme on RL & TL web boards. It seems there is a trend of TL owners trading into the TL. In fact the 07 TL 'base' model has had the suspension slightly detuned for more comfort (and perhaps to lessen rattles?).

    FYI there is no change in the 07 ride characteristics than the 06. The 07 is just packaging in 3 trim levels. 'Base' will be no Navi, no active front lighting and plood instead of real wood. The Technology Package and the Tech + PAX is the same as an 06 Tech + PAX. But the 06 is selling 10K below sticker. You may want to consider....
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    I finally pulled the trigger this afternoon for a 2006 RL non-tech package (black/black).... got it for $39,500 + TTL. This included; wheel locks and life time oil changes + Va State inspections. The dealer was Radley Acura in Va. I have to say... this was the best buying experience I have ever had. They truly have a good customer service.

    A few days earlier, I went Pohanka Acura and had a terrible experience. Sales people were very pushy and agressive. In the end, Pohanka didn't even have a 2006 new RL to sell me. They keep on trying to sell me a demo and then when I agreed to look at it, they couldn't even find it. This was the 3rd time I gave Pohanka a chance to have my business.... and all 3 times... they seem to "strikeout".

    Anyway... thanks for everyone's feedback and information. I have to thank everyone who posted valuable information. If it wasn't for this information, I don't think I would have gotten the offer I was looking for. Thanks!! I pick the car up tomorrow after work and I can't wait to drive it home.
  • Congrats vluu! I hope you enjoy your RL as much as I am enjoying mine.

    I went to the Tampa Bay Auto Show last night and I can say there was nothing that I would have purchased over the RL in the 40-45K range. Only the Lexus GS intrigued me (IS too small, ES interior does not appeal to me and LS does not look like 70k+). But the GS comparably equipped was 45k+. That trip affirmed my RL purchase. And for those who think the RLs build quality is not as good as some others, I beg to differ. I did a lot of 'door slammin' at the auto show!
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Congrats vluu! I hope you enjoy your RL as much as I am enjoying mine.

    Thanks tamparl! Your opinion was extremely helpful. After looking and comparing the GS350, GS300, TL, and ES350..... the RL wins hands down for luxury and price. Still can't believe I got the deal I wanted.... and I bought it! I was going to wait... but the deal was too good to pass up. Don't know if I had waited... the deal and color choice would have been possible.

    I just picked up the car tonight (with 15 miles) and the drive home was fantastic. Now... I have to learn so much about how everything works. Very overwhemling... but I'm going to enjoy learning and experiencing everything. :)

    Next week, going to consider some of the accessories for the car. My sales person is offering to buy some items at his discount cost. I'll have to compare what his cost is... compared to buying it online. Consiering the deck spoiler, wood steering wheel, wood shift knob, and color mud guards. Any recommendations?
  • Accessories are a personal choice. But I highly recommend the backup cam. I got the cam thrown in the deal, and my dealer has mud guards, wheel locks, trunk tray and cargo net on all new Acuras they sell. Some dealers charge for those depending on the model. Ultimately you ARE paying for it, it just boils down to how they package the deal. As long as you are happy with the car and you feel the price you paid was fair, then no need to stress over if you could have negotiated any lower. Keep in mind there are people driving 05 RL who paid 50k and an 07 non Navi RL is 45K. Just enjoy the ride! :P
  • acuratacurat Posts: 49
    Currently drive an 04 TL non-navi; fast and fun but harsh ride. Strongly considering a move up to RL for ride characteristics and satellite traffic. Just posted in the Prices Paid forum (L.A. area fleet manager offered $40,587 + TTL for non-tech 06 RL today--basically invoice less the $4K dealer rebate). Thoughts?

    Another couple of little questions for RL owners: the Acura website lists 17" tires (245/50 x 17) while Edmunds claims 18" as standard (245/50 x 18). Which is correct? Also, are the directional headlamps standard on 06 RL non-tech? :confuse:

    Looking at the relevant MSRPs, Acura must have deleted some goodies for 07. The 07 RL tech w/o PAX is essentially the same price as the 06 RL non-tech...just trying to get it all figured out. (No interest in PAX or OnStar.) Thanks for any help here. :D
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100

    I got the deal, $39,500 the other day (Northern Va). The dealer had about 6 non-tech RL's left. I had gotten some email quotes for $40K. So, $40,587 + TTL isn't bad? I think if you wait to save $500, you might lose out if they sell off all the 2006 RL's. Then you are left with having to go with a 2007, which there is no "$4K" rebate. This is the reason I pulled the trigger. My $39,500 was the best I got thus far, so I had to jump on it. As it turns out.... 2 days later, the dealer is down to only 3 2006 non-tech RL's now.

    I noticed that on Edmunds as well. It's a misprint on their specs for the RL non-tech. Yes, you get the AFS standard on the non-tech. I have them on mine and they work great. Plus they have an auto-leveling system that works well too.

    Go for the 2006 RL if you can? It will be hard to get that 4K rebate for the 2007's. You would probably have to wait a while to see that again. Only real difference is the rear backup camera... 2006 don't have it. If you really want that... the dealer can install that option for about $600.

    Btw.... this is by far the best car I have ever own. It's worth every penny. So much technology and gadgets! Ride is smooth and the car is solid.

    Good luck!
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    I'll throw this out in the RL segment.

    Does anyone think that the Acura V8 Luxury Coupe seen in another blog is a real possibility or is it just a fairly good chop job. The picture looks like a Mercedes CL with a modified Acura front end. It would be real nice to see Acura return to the Luxury Coupe market, but given their conservative styling and marketing it is doubtful this will happen.

    I have always felt that the Legend Coupes of the late 80's and early 90's were very classy automobiles and was sorry to see them go.

    Any opinions?
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