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Acura RL 2006



  • cstilescstiles Posts: 465
    Ultimately, I think it comes down to dollars and cents. The coupe market (especially upmarket) is very small. The population is aging, so as more baby boomers retire, I suppose there is the chance that the demand for 2-door, personal luxury coupes will rise. But note that Toyota has recently decided to axe the Camry Solara coupe, and Honda is evaluating whether to continue the Accord coupe for 2008 and beyond. This is a reflection of the limited demand for such cars.

    It seems to make more sense to see Lexus come out with a true 2-door coupe, since they have the resources and global focus to pull this off. The old SC300/400 coupe has been gone for many years now, and the current SC is a high end hardtop convertible with an unusable back seat. But I see Lexus focusing more on an IS coupe to better compete with the BMW 3-series coupe, before they develop a classy CL-type coupe like you asked.

    Given the tepid sales of the current RL, I don't see Honda pulling the trigger on a 2-door luxury coupe, with or without a V8. I question whether there is enough sales potential to justify the design, tooling, launch, marketing, and service support that such a new model would represent. But I hope I'm wrong since I am also a fan of 2-door coupes that offer performance, panache, and a useable back seat.
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    Cstiles, thanks for the response, I agree with what you're saying but also offer this as an argument for an Acura coupe. At present, by my count, there are BMW3, M/B CLK, Infiniti G35 coupes on the market. Also it is reported that Audi, Cadillac and possibly Lexus will be joining the luxury coupe market. While sales performance is the ultimate criteria I might think that Acura would give the coupe consideration simply to keep pace.

    I presently have an aging but reliable 02 MDX and my next vehicle will not be an SUV. I was considering an 08 CTS until I read that they might be producing a coupe in 09 now with the 07 BMW3 being a somewhat larger model (I hate small sport coupes ie:G35) and the possibility of an Acura and Lexus coupe, I'm salivating. Let's hope that us Baby Boomers still carry enough clout to convince auto manufacturers to do it.
  • i bought mine a year ago or so. for the most part, quite pleased. one rattle ... seems to be from the sunroof area. when i close the moonroof, seems to diminsh substantially though. city mpg so so ... 15/16. hiway .. very good .. 25+. not sure why the huge variance.

    be curious to hear other owners feedback or general comments.

  • vluu:

    i live in the midwest but my daughter lives in arlington & bought an acura not long ago from radley & says exactly what you do ... loved the experience. her car has been great & no problems. wish there were more dealers like them around!

    i've got a black/black 2006 rl myself. love the car. had a couple minor rattles but all else ok. yours still behaving properly?
  • badbuybadbuy Posts: 12
    Nice to see that there is at least one acura dealer that is ok. CC Acura is a nightmare. It took Acura two months to even acknowledge the problems. The 2006 "new" acura RL now has lots of problems popping up. So sorry I bought this LEMON from a less than competent dealer.

    :lemon: :lemon:
  • personally, i see a hardtop convertible a la c70, eos, 335i/328i on the horizon. Convertibles sell better than coupes lately. For those who want a coupe, keep the top closed...

  • dvkimsondvkimson Posts: 4
    At a stop on a family trip from Atlanta to Biloxi, my brother in-law, who was driving a Lexus LS430 said:"Did you feel the wind? It kept on blowing my car away!". Supprised, my other brother in-law, who was dring my 06 RL said:"Really? I didn't feel athing". At that time, it striked me that I took everything for granted with my RL. I remember there were some sharp curves on some of Atlanta's highway/exits that scared me before are now just another curve. There were some puddles of water on the road when it rains used to lift and throws my car to the side of the road now lost their power. Couldn't do anything to my RL. So there, Acura RL owners, there are a lots going on around your drives, but you just don't know it. I guess we don't have to know it But just don't take it for granted.
  • vince69vince69 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 RL and I am interested in pairing it with a cell phone using Verizon as my provider. My first choice is the LG VX8300. Anybody had any experience with this particular pairing?
  • mortal1mortal1 Posts: 6
    I am considering getting a luxury car, for the adaptive cruise control. As most RLs come with adaptive cruise control, I'd like to ask yall about your experiences with it. Does it make a great deal of difference on long highway/interstate jogs? Is it, in your opinion, a game changer?
  • We have a 2006 RL with the teck package, it been good so far, has a rattle on the right side of the dash of which Acura seems not to want to address, went in for one recall with the master cyclinder, vehicle only has 50,000 on it, my only regret is the resale, not good at all, so we'll just keep it, one thing is for sure, I will never buy a new car of this type again since you can get a used one cheap, milage is so so around town, out on the open road it pretty good but not great
  • 5 years and 50,000 miles later and you are complaining about a rattle that Acura "seems not to want to address"? And what is so-so mileage around town, and pretty good on the road? My son and I (2005 and 2008 RLs) get 20-22 around NYC and 29-30 on the road. This with a 300 HP V6 driving an AWD drivetrain and a 4000+ pound car? Excellent in my book. If you expected better than that, you need a Civic and not an RL.
  • And with, I might add, 245-50/17 tires? 29-30 MPG at 70-75 with those steamrollers on the car? No complaints here! :)
  • Any thoughts on whether it should be added? Just bought 06 w/56k miles in mint condition-hardly a nick or scratch. I love the car. Great ride.
  • Bammer:

    I've got a 2006 RL as well. Had it since new. Had ZERO problems with the car. Maybe wish there was a V8 option but the 6 runs fine. As far as the camera goes, I've got one on another vehicle (Lexus SUV) & do NOT miss it a bit not being on the RL. You will enjoy the RL. I can safely say the best car I've ever owned.

  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I previously owned a 89 Acura, (C+) and then tried Lexus, mistake as to value and I then came back and drove the 08 rl and I am happy with my choices oing back to the Acuras.

    I purchased an 08 rl new, and now have about 59000 miles with no repair issues other than the usualy oil change ect. We still get about 28-30 mpg at about 78 mph. Best car yet from Acura. I then went out and purchased an 2011 MDX. Wife and I drove across the USA and got the same mileage i.e. 78-80 mpg.

    No issues with the 2011 Acura either. I an "sold" on Acuras and our son purchased a 2011 TL last year and he too loves his car.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • Jensad: As I said above, my '06 RL is great .. absolutely no complaints. The one thing have I noticed mileage wise that's a little out of the norm is that I, like you, get almost 30 mpg on the hiway. In town however just kind of average.. about 17 or so. Never have figured out why the large disparity.
    All said though, very happy with the RL. Great car!

    Jeff P.
  • One thought about the mileage - the RL is a HEAVY car - 4400 lbs. Constant acceleration of something that heavy is a problem in the city. Once on the highway with the car in OD? 29-30 is quite reasonable to expect. My 2008 Accord EXL V6 ran at higher RPMs cruising than the Acura does. Why Honda loves high RPMs I will never understand. Got rid of 2004 S2000 - wanted it for some weekend trips but 4000 RPM at 75 MPH in 6th gear??? Too much noise - couldn't carry on a conversation with a passenger 2 feet away.
  • I have the camera on our '08. IMHO it is a gimmick. And relying on it, I backed into the car behind me when parking!!! And I NEVER have done that without a camera. My son's 2005 does not have it. Enjoy your car - you aren't missing anything. :)
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