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Ford Windstar Problems



  • A year ago my windstar was running rough with check engine light on. It read number 6 cyl. was misfiring. Turned out it was number 4 spark plug wire bad. After they tore apart the fuel injection system. And that wire ended up costing me around $400. Now the engine is missing again and jumps. The check engine light is on but no code comes up. Any suggestions? I don't want another high bill for a minor repair.
  • I had the same problem several years ago with my 98'. The system is not getting adequate vaccum. In my case the vacuum hose had cracked at a fitting. This particular fitting (colored red) was located up high in the engine compartment just under the cowling at the front of the engine (the end with the serpentine belt). It was an easy fix once the crack was found. I just removed the cracked part of the hose from the fitting. Then put some silicone caulk around the hose end and stuck the hose back in the fitting.
  • thank u to kgregg1, will check out this weekend. i do believe thats the problem, and fix. started to get a little air thru other vents , like it wasnt enuf suck to change it from one mode to the other. thanks again, bob. and thanks for making the effort to answer. :)
  • hey guys, if i spray starter fluid on each end of red hose to determine which side is leaking, good idea, or stuff go boom and flames all over???????? :confuse: :confuse:
  • I own a 96 windstar that does the same thing...however it will do it around town after it has been running for a while and is warmed up. You let it sit for 20-30 mn before restarting and it will start/idle rough like it is missing but will clear out when revved. Anyone out there with some ideas for us? I sit a sensor? help!
  • I have a 96 WS which I already replaced the transmission & Now I need an engine my question is can any other year windstar engine replace it with out alot of changes or even another eninge something else compatable for this year? :mad: also on the brakes I replaced the rotators,pads,drums,calipers and the brakes still grind and the petal pumps back when you push on them any answers Id be happy to here. :confuse:
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    For the engine, check here. It'll give you an idea of the year range and price spread:

    Re the brakes, does it pulse at every brake apply or only at lower speeds, around 5 mph?
  • The replacement vs worth depends on how much you like the van and how long you want to keep it. Our tranny was replaced at around 120,000 miles. The 1995 Windstar currently has 310,000 miles on it. My logic at the time was that a new transmission was less exensive than payments on a new car. If the same decision was before me, I'd do it again - but only because we really love the Windstar.
  • I just had this happen with my 05 Ford Focus.

    It was a front end collision with the impact occuring between center and the passenger headlight. We expect the car to be a total loss. There's just really nothing left of the front end to put back together. Neither front airbag deployed. My family and I are very bruised up but (in my opinion) very lucky to be alive. Still, the airbag issue bothers me.

    Thankfully, we still have our Windstar that we can use for transportation. We've been pretty fortunate with that vehicle.
  • budrobudro Posts: 1
    I just bought a Ford windstar 1995 with 124,000 miles. It was bought before I found this Information Center... anyway Mine makes a whirrrring sound all the time and increases with engine speed.. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? at least if there are real problems I am only out 2100.00 so, I a could cut expense and take the LOSS now.
    Budro :confuse: image
  • Problem with my 98 Windstar:

    After starting my van - ALL the interior lights come on and don't extinguish until about one hour after I have stopped the car. Presently NO door ajar light is on while the interior lights are on. Nonetheless, I have done the WD40 spraying of door latches and switches as suggested by other posts in this forum because I have had door ajar problems in the past. The WD40 thing is not working this time.

    Can anyone suggest a possible cause for this malady? Also, what electronics in the car is responsible for extinguishing the lights (in this case) after one hour?
  • This happened last friday. All lights are out in the dashboard. :lemon: They came back on intermittently, then went out again. This was after a couple of days of heavy rain in the north-east. Could rain have seeped in and caused a short? Thanks for any advice.
  • HI,

    IM having strange problems with my heater. I can let the van warm up to defrost my windows and heat it but it never seems to get that warm, but when I drive within 15 minutes its really warm in van. If I leave it running to run in somewhere the air is lukewarm or cold again until I start driving any ideas on what is wrong,
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Sounds like a circulation issue...either low on coolant or a partly sticking thermostat or lots of debris in the system.


  • Hi everyone!
    Just stopped by to say WAH! :cry: Well, my 98 lost its Tranny. A lot to repair her...4200...along with 5 Vacuum leak codes...Thats just for starters. There are 4 other codes that came up that will need to be done, She has over 100k miles and I'm stuck on stupid. Is 4200 a lot including the CE light codes for the Vac Leaks??? Its not at Ford, but a local repair shop...(and it is only a reconditioned tranny from Ford with a warranty...something like 50k miles) Guess I should go call them. :mad: Don't care to deal with the dealer.
  • inzoinzo Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 windstar. At about 25000 miles the vehicle started whining whenever the wheel was turned in the slightest. Finally at about 30,000 miles the dealership replace the power steering pump. The van now has 75,000 miles and the same problem has surfaced.

    I viewed another post in this forum (#2162) that described a similar problem. Does anyone know if this is common with this year of production?
  • bobc5bobc5 Posts: 8
    The only way to fix this car is to get rid of it. Be thankful if you can trick a dealership into taking it at a decent price. I bought this disgrace new in 2000. When I was trading it in the PS pump, Rack, Trans, Electrical System and more were all failing. On a good day the tranny warning wouldnt come on and the PS pump wouldnt whine so I dumpped it. Considering I had the SEL which was something like 28k and I had to dump it for 5k after 6 years this will be my last ford product.
  • My remote key fob has quit working for my 2001 Winstar. Autozone get $55.00 for a new one. Does anyone know what the dealer gets or if there is a cheaper replacement available?
  • fizzfizz Posts: 1
    hi my 99 windstar needs a trany 60,000 miles & the od light comes on all the time that is the tranmission problem it is slipping in over drive . the light is indicating a trany problem . bring it back to get fixed.
  • brd3brd3 Posts: 6
    My 2002 Windstar makes the same noise. Usually a little louder when the engine is warmest (During a long drive). I just turn the radio up a little louder and then I forget about the noisy power steering pump.
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