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Ford Windstar Problems



  • debbie13debbie13 Posts: 3
    My 98 did the same thing we had to disconnect the wires in the hatch (back door),, then it finally stopped staying on.
  • debbie13debbie13 Posts: 3
    I have a 1998 Ford Windstar. It has been a problem since day 5. Now after mega $$$$, i am trying to figure out why Northwest is telling me the power supply is in need a replacing, but the battery, alternator, coil packs & modulae have all been replaced. It drove fine for a week after the last shop visit. Now when I put it in gear it doesnt want to hardly move, it jerks and chokes. It is not the tranny. The last time they fixed it it ran 5 days.. It is doing the same thing but they are saying it is now something different.. Anyone know what it could be.. Thank you
  • Anyone ever replace the mirror assembly on a Windstar. My 2001 passenger side mirror and housing needs to be replaced. The part is sold as a complete assy. (mirror and housing and wire harness). I am trying to see how to remove and replace the entire unit. Thanks
  • gamboa1gamboa1 Posts: 1
    Can be oxygen sensor or your catalic is plug run a diagnostic and see the computer said and take from there
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    try using contact cleaner on the connections as well as using the wd40

    Contact cleaner should be sold at most hardware stores. It's alcohol based and will evaporate.

    It worked wonders with my 96. I had to take the door apart to spray the conntections.
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    How do I replace the cigarette lighter on the dashboard? does it just pull out to replace?
    Any help is greatly appreciated?
  • My cruise control stopped working a couple of months ago. For about a year now my brake fluid has been slowly dripping below MAX level but a trip to the dealer found no leaks and I was told this is normal for a little drop in fluid level to occur.

    Two days ago I drove my 1996 windstar out of the driveway and around the streets for a few minutes. I noticed white smoke coming out of the engine and pulled the van into the driveway to check it out. When I opened the hood I couldnt believe what I was seeing but there was an isolated fire in the engine compartment. I scurried around got hold of a water hose and just let it rain inside the hood to put the fire out!

    After I managed to stop shivering down to my bones and got my senses back in order I started pondering how and where this fire was from. I kept looking, smelling, and touching for burnt parts until I came upon the speed control pressure switch under the master cylinder. It was partially melted and smelled of smoke. At this point I had no clue that Ford engine fires was a not so uncommon occurrence. As I read more on the internet I realized that the Ford recall (2005) for this problem didnt even include the '96 Windstar even though the same switch and design methodology is being used on it as it is for the recalls. My call to the local dealer yielded the same reaction - "96 Windstar is not part of the recall".

    All I can say is that if you've got a 96 Windstar you MUST disable this speed control pressure switch (or atleast find some other creative means to keep it from catching fire!). Loss of cruise control ability is a minor issue compared to losing your life or that of people you love.

    Furthermore - I was feeling sorry for myself that my garage was so stuffed with junk that I didnt have space to park my van inside. Well I've managed to do my spring cleaning and clear out the garage but after this experience I will never park a car in my garage!
  • bobbilbobbil Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Ford Windstar Northwoods Edition, it seems that evertime I get gas the engine light comes on. I have replaced the gas cap and I have paid a machanic 30 dollars everytime at least(6)to reset it. Now I am having the door ajar coming on. We slam it we turn the van on and off and still nothing. HELP ME, I have to drive around at night with the interior lights on because it is saying that the door(s) are open.....
  • drohrerdrohrer Posts: 37
    We have a '98 Windstar with some similar problems. The first thing to do is get some WD-40 or the like and spray the latches on all the doors. Remember the sliding door has latches front and rear. You should also look at the contact points on the front of the sliding door. There are four buttons that stick out from the door that match up to four spots on car. Take a piece of sand paper (or an emory board) and make sure those contact points are shined up and cleaned off.

    I have not tried it, but they say that AutoZone will read the codes from the engine lights. They might be able to tell you what the van thinks is going on.

    I spent many trips with interior lights on because my van was convinced the doors weren't closed properly. It might take a couple applications of WD-40 to get it done.

    Good Luck!
  • rossross Posts: 17
    If you leave the engine running while you are putting gas in, it could cause the check engine light to come on.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Just replace the switch and you will be fine!
  • clevoclevo Posts: 5
    After reading many posts here, I believe my 1998 Windstar is about to become a money pit. This van has had regular maintenance: oil changes, transmission fluid changes, etc. Up until recently it was a pretty reliable vehicle. But in the last 3 or 4 months, it‘s been having multiple problems as outlined below.

    It has a 3.8L engine with 145,000 miles - many of those were highway miles. An oxygen sensor was replaced in December per a scan tool reading, but the SES (service engine soon) light still comes on occasionally. The ABS light is on, but that may be due to something that happened when the brakes were serviced. Last week the transmission started to slip a bit when accelarating from a stop. Last fall it was also slowly loosing coolant. Never saw any on the ground, never smelled it, and the mechanic pressure tested the system and never found a leak. Nevertheless, the coolant level would drop. Three months ago the mechanic added some sealer to the cooling system, and since then the coolant level has held steady.

    Does this sound like it's time to get a new van? It seems that way to me, which is too bad because I actually like the Windstar.
  • Sorry if I am stepping out of line, but I own a 2000 Windstar and it is the biggest piece of crap I have ever had. I have spent $500.00 on repair bills. The tranny mount got replaced, the cv joint dust boots have been replaced, the egr(exhaust recycling valve) has been replaced, the manifold has beein replaced and that was a $424.98 job,there is alot of engine noise, city gas milege sucks, 17 mpg, and on consumer reports they say that windstars from 1997-2001 is on the list to avoid to buy. When I got this van in May of 2005 it looked good to me too, but I have had alot of problems, I just don't want you to get stuck with a bad vehicle. I have talked to alot of people that have the windstars in the same year, and they have had nothing but trouble with theirs as well. I would do alot of research about it before I bought it, and take it to a mechanic to get it checked out, 2nd opinion might help as well, and do a carfax. Just suggestions.
  • I disconnected a connector (it brings together 6 wires and is located directly below the brake fluid reservoir and sitting atop the transmission casing)in order to clean away the brake fluid (WD40) that had leaked from the speed control switch.

    Now I am unable to reconnect it. I can push it in most of the way but not far enough to cause it to firmly attach to the notch. With a little shaking the connector just comes loose. I've tried to exert force to bring the 2 connectors parts together but this doesnt work.

    I cant find any reference to this wiring connector in the Chilton manual and dont know how to attach it again.
  • jasong1jasong1 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Windstar that makes an aweful noise(Sounds like a pulley or belt) upon start up until the vehicle reaches normal running temperature. I have replaced the Belt, Water Pump, Idler Pulley and tensioner, In other words the entire right side. The vehicle acts as if it's going to stall until normal running temperature is obtained...then she runs great! The only code that has popped is the cam shaft positioning sensor, which I have now replaced twice within 5 months.

    Any Suggestions/ideas?
  • jasong1jasong1 Posts: 3
    On My 2000 Windstar - All the plugs have been replaced and regular maintenance performed. :cry:
  • gwb1gwb1 Posts: 4
    Our 1995 Windstar oil light came on and we took it to the dealer to find out what the problem was. They said it was the crank bearings and it needed a new engine at a cost of $3800.! Seems there is a lot of problems with this on the 95 model. Anyone have suggestions on how to get the dealer to fix this at a reduced rate or get legal help on this? We just bought this van from a private party two months ago for $4000 and now we are told we have to pay almost that much to get it fixed. We are sick to our stomachs to say the least. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    1995's are well known for engine problems! It may be time to cut your losses or try to find a used or cheaper engine from someone other than the dealer.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Not sure why you think the dealer owes you anything since you bought it used from a private party :confuse: .

    $4000 sounds like way to much to pay for an 11 year old vehicle to begin with. The bearings may have been damaged from coolant having gotten into the engine at some time in the past due to leaking head gasket. I think 95s had a lot of head gasket problems.

    A rebuilt engine would be a little less, maybe around $3000, but that is probably still more than the vehicle is worth.

    You could take a chance on getting a used engine installed, to try to salvage something out of this...without spending more than the thing is worth.
  • gwb1gwb1 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your input.
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