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Ford Windstar Problems



  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    If it's the same setup as my 95 it's not too bad. It's just 4 screws. You will need to disconnect the wires and label them according to position because you will need to put them back exactly how they were before. Unscrew the 4 screws and lift up on the coil pack. Insert the new one and screw those same screws back in and then reconnect the wires. I have the manual here if you want me to scan the directions and diagrams and email them to you just send me your email address. I will need to know your engine size, though.
  • So, did the noise completely go away? Or do you need to replace the AC clutch? Do you think you'll need to in the near future? We have this loud, metal-to-metal grinding sound, but not exactly sure what it is.
  • Super easy to do. Get a Haynes manual from your local auto parts store. It will show you how to get the door panel off. Once thats done you only have 3 plastic nuts to take off to get the mirror off. Replace with the new one and screw back on. Install the door panel the reverse of how you took it off. It shouldn't take more that 30 minutes from start to finish. Good luck. :)
  • dnspauldnspaul Posts: 3
    I just got a 1999 for windstar and the check engine light came on and it is the O2 sensors, I haven't changed them yet, but today my husband was turned a corner and hit the gas real hard the van jerked and then just wouldn't go, we pulled over and it wouldn't go into drive or reverse or anything. Don't know if he blew the tranny or not cause there were no signs of it going out or slipping or anything. Can the O2 sensor cause this.
  • zauggerzaugger Posts: 2
    Hey folks. I have a '95 Windstar, and my car has recently begun revving uncontrollably when I am stopped or going slowly. It'll go from 500RPM to 2000 and back down. If my foot isn't crammed on the brake I jump...hit a lady's bumper last week and it cost me $1000. ANyone have an idea what that is? I took it in to a service shop, and their aftermarket computer readout couldn't pinpoint it, except to say that the motor WAS receiving messages from the computer to rev the engine. Hmmm...
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Possibly a bad computer.
  • zauggerzaugger Posts: 2
    How much does a new computer run? This vehicle has 195,000 on it (35k on a new engine)...not sure it's worth it...
  • dbbonddbbond Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 windstar. I have a yellow warning light that looks almost like a top with an arrow in a circular pattern above it. It appeared right above the RPM gauge. I have never seen this light and wondering if anyone could tell me before I have to go see a mechanic about it? Also, if anyone knows where I can get an owners manual for the windstar that would be great.
  • vptsrvptsr Posts: 1
    having the same problem. i sanded down the four metal contacts on the sliding door behind the passenage side.
    as for the dome light until you find the real problem try to remove the battery relay under the drivers side fuse box
    under the dash on his side. that fwill shut off the dome and the power to the windows. when you need to open the windows repace the relay. im still working on the problem
    if you find out anything please let me know thank you very much vptsr
  • jabaprijabapri Posts: 3
    I am curious. Was it raining? We have the same problem but only when it is raining.

  • jabaprijabapri Posts: 3
    Reply to 177.

    Out of curiosity was it raining when it stalled?

    Did the check engine light come on? Is it on?
  • jabaprijabapri Posts: 3
    Was that reasonable price was to fix? Did it solve the problem?
  • dnspauldnspaul Posts: 3
    no it wasn't, but it is for sure the transmission, and it is going to cost 1700.00 to fix it and we have only had it a month so this really stinks.
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Ford. From the sound of it I would say a complete rebuild? Go with the custom parts verses the Ford parts. It's a little more expensive but cheaper than having done again in a year.
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    Pop the door panel off on the driver's side. The panels are attached with christmas tree clips that pop into the door frame.

    Disconnect and spray the connection for the lights (will be directly under the door lock) with contact cleaner, available at most hardware stores for less than $10.00.
    Contact cleaner is alcohol based and will evaporate quickly.

    Reconnect the light connection and wrap the connection with electrical tape to prevent future corrosion.

    Pop the panels back on.

    Spray all the door contacts on the frame of the car with wd-40, rear, sliding, passenger and drivers. This will clean up any dirt and help prevent corrosion from coming back.

    I did this myself with my 96 and it took care of the problem. It took me 3 hours to take things apart and 30 minutes put things back together once I figured things out.
  • njanneynjanney Posts: 2
    Have you had any luck yet with advice on the stalling problem? We have had the same problem with our '96 but only when the weather is hot. I'd appreciate knowing if you have any answers or diagnoses.
  • njanneynjanney Posts: 2
    Did you ever get an answer to your stalling situation of 2002? We are having the same symptoms but are not interested in just dumping the van at this point. Thanks for any input you can give.
  • keesie101keesie101 Posts: 2
    Warrenty on rebuilt trans was one year, unimited miles. However....the problem persisted
    ( no over drive when warm), they had the van for the whole month of October last year, could not figure it out and simply gave up!! Blamed it on the computor, needed to be reflashed. Not so according to the dealer.
    So this van is ok for in the city, or about 20 min on the highway. Any buyers? Next stop Toyota dealer.
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Installed a new computer is about $300
  • joekamjoekam Posts: 3
    I jack the car up, removal the 5 lug nuts and the wheel does not want to come off without a significant amount of struggle. Is there a way to prevent this seizure? Just where is this binding?
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