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Ford Windstar Problems



  • distecdistec Posts: 9
    Its a windstar 1995 with 61k miles, bought used about a year ago. Unfortunately, I didn't research the car before I bought it. I tried calling both the (ford)dealer I bought it from and Ford, but both refuse to pay for the engine.

    Does the extended warranty come carry over from the original buyer? I purchased a simple 6 month warranty when i bought the car used, figuring that if anything would go wrong, it would go within 6 months. Guess I was wrong.
  • jvirginiajvirginia Posts: 65
    They are lieing to you. According to all posted information, Ford's extended warranty for 1995 Windstars covers 7 years or 100,000 miles. The service campaign number is 00M09 and this was an addendum to campaign 98M01 which only extended 5 years and 60,000 miles. Original AND subsequent/current owners are covered and it INCLUDES rebates for any costs you incurred for repairs from an independent (non-Ford) repair shop. See the following web sites for additional info:

    The following excerpts comes from the Edmunds site above:

    "The last type of service notification would be a warranty extension, which is just that: an extension of a part or whole of the vehicle's warranty. In any of these service notifications, it does not matter if you are the original owner or if you purchased the vehicle used; the service notifications go with the vehicle and not with the owner."


     "...program 00M09, which basically extended the original program from five years or 60,000 miles to seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurred first, covering the same vehicles as the 98M01 program. Letters to consumers for this program went out in March of 2000. Ford obtains a current list of owners from R.L. Polk and several other sources".

    According to what you are stating, neither 7 years nor 100,000 miles has occurred yet.

  • They are taking you for a ride. Just as the other post states, you have until 7 yrs or 100,000 miles. They HAVE to replace it. My suggestion is to print up the documents on the "cantanese" site and take them into the dealer's General Manager. With the documents in front of him, he would be a wise man not to deny you the repairs at NO cost. For those of you in the Virginia area... I just got this yesterday from the Attorney General's Office.

    Dear Lisa:

    This is in response to your recent e-mail concerning

    the difficulties you have encountered with the 1995 Ford Windstar you

    purchased from Smart Wheels in Fairfax, Virginia. We appreciate your making

    this Office aware of this matter.

    First, let me explain the role of the Office of the

    Attorney General. This Office functions as the law firm for Virginia state

    government. In that capacity, we represent the various state departments

    and agencies and provide advice to state officials. Although able to

    provide copies of statutes, state laws, conflict of interest rules and other

    policy considerations prevent us from being able to provide private legal

    advice or represent individual consumers.

    You have asked about Virginia's lemon law. The

    Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, Va. Code §§ 59.1-207.9 to

    59.1-207.16:1, is commonly referred to as the "Lemon Law." To access this

    and other Virginia laws you may visit The Virginia Code Commission's web

    site which is

    <> . Once at this site, click

    on "Code of Virginia" and then type in the code section in which you are

    interested, or in this case you may click on "Popular Names" and then "Motor

    Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act." Although I cannot interpret this statute

    for you, I can call to your attention that this law applies to the first

    eighteen (18) months after purchase of a vehicle.

    Because Smart Wheels is located in Fairfax,

    Virginia, I am taking the liberty of forwarding this complaint to the

    Fairfax County Department of Telecommunications and Consumer Services

    ("Fairfax County DTCS"). Typically the Fairfax County DTCS will conduct an

    investigation and attempt to resolve the complaint through voluntary

    mediation or arbitration. When an investigation reveals a pattern of

    violation of Virginia consumer protection laws, the Fairfax County DTCS

    works with the County Attorney's Office to stop the illegal practice.

    I am also referring a copy of your complaint to the

    Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board ("MVDB"). Among other duties, the Board

    is responsible for certifying or licensing motor vehicle dealers and motor

    vehicle salespersons as well as receiving complaints concerning the conduct

    of persons and businesses licensed by it.

    Finally, because you feel the seat belt issue may be

    a problem in other 1995 Ford Windstar vans, I am also sending a copy of your

    complaint to the National Transportation Safety Board ("NTSB"). Among other

    things, the NTSB conducts special investigations and safety studies on

    various modes of transportation.

    In closing, thank you again for writing to this

    Office. I hope the action we have taken will be helpful to you.

    Very truly yours,

    Linda A. Dickerson

    Consumer Specialist

    Antitrust and


    Litigation Section

    cc: Fairfax County Department of

    Telecommunications & Consumer Services

    12000 Government Center Parkway

    Suite 433

    Fairfax, Virginia 22035

    Motor Vehicle Dealer Board

    2201 West Broad Street

    Richmond, Virginia 23220

    National Transportation Safety Board

    490 L'Enfant Plaza, SW

    Washington, DC 20594

    Hope this will help some of you.

  • kclowkclow Posts: 1
    First of all let me start out by saying that I have 85,000 miles without any major problems.

    That said, I still don't like the way the van drives. The shift points are lousy and it wallows around corners. The brakes have always squealed when backing especially first thing in the morning. I think that it has something to do with the pad and disks not being compatible material.

    I feel for all of you out there that are having major problems. Good luck. I know that I will be getting rid of mine as soon as the New Beetle is paid for.
  • murphy07murphy07 Posts: 2
    I just took my 2000 SEL in for its 15k check up (no problems to date and very pleased). Even though I repeatedly told the service rep that I had the oil changed every 3000 miles, she still tried to convince me of the need for a $100. oil flush every 12k.

    What gives???

    Also according to the service tech, my tranny fluid looks to need replacing at 20k and my brake fluid should be flushed at the same time.

    Is this common or do I have a dealer that has not sold many cars lately???
  • distecdistec Posts: 9
    I will definately follow up with the info you guys gave me.
  • Please keep us posted as to how things go. There is a great bunch of people here and I like to think that since we suffer from alot of the same issues, we can pull together for each other. Thanks.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    Murphy07, They are trying to sell you maintenance you don't need. 3K oil changes are correct, 5K with synthetic. I would not do flushes for any fluids, especially after higher miles. Proper draining at regular intervals is enough. Many people have had more problems as a result of flushing and would have been better to not have done it. Brake fluid will last a long time. You could do it every 50K, but even that is probably too soon. The tranny is a different story. I did my 98 Windstar at 40K and there was metal shavings in the fluid. I will do it every 25K. My mechanic does it and the filter for about $65. No flushing though. Antifreeze every four years, although I have a 94 Altima with 107,000 miles and all temperature and acid tests show it still good. I am still going to replace it this fall. My 98 has 61,000 miles. Replaced belt at 50K, everything else is original including brakes and tires. No problems. Good luck.
  • compumomcompumom Posts: 1
    Hi, had the same problem. The car thinks one of the doors is open and the interior light and chimes are on until the car senses you are moving (15 MPH) and not just pulling away from a curb. It was one of the sensors in the door - my husband tried each door until he got it (ours was the drivers side).

    And that's the *least* of my problems with my '95 Windstar!
  • sharonlpksharonlpk Posts: 37
    We had that annoying chiming problem (as well as the overhead light coming on!) with our 95 WS quite some time ago, but I recall that it was easily fixed and there might even have been a Technical Service Bulletin about it. It was just a sensor and that was one fix I was so glad to have had done :-)
  • elvee1elvee1 Posts: 4
    Hi I have a 99 WS with 20,000 miles. Long drawn out story which I won't go into---I surmise based on other complaints here that we're in the same boat/van! But I specifically need to know this... does the 99 LX model come with the ratcheting seat belts? My Dh and I specifically remember being sold on this, and we think we remember using them once for the child safety seat, but they haven't worked in a long time and after many complaints my current dealer (not where I purchased--that one's too far away from my home) says these vehicles do not have ratcheting seat belts. So, were we dreaming? Does anyone know about this or how I can find out whether we ought to have ratcheting seat belts in this vehicle? Thanks.

    Also, fyi my van's in the shop (sigh, again) as they try to fix the rough shift between 1 and 2 gears. I finally requested and was granted permission to drive a mechanic around in the vehicle so I could replicate the problem which they said they were unable to replicate. Ugh. How I'm driving this lovely Ford Focus as part of their required loner program. Gee thanks. ANyone else try to get 3 car seats in the back of a Focus? It's gymnastics to get the kids all buckled in! I mean, I bought a van because regular vehicles don't have enough room! blah blah blah. I promised myself I wouldn't rant today--I'm supposed to just be information seeking. So I'll stop now!

    Any advice would be appreciated. I reviewed about 75 archive messages but I didn't see anything about the seat belts so hopefully someone can help me. Many thanks..and good luck to all of us ;-)
  • 99 WS SEL has had battery replaced 3 times. Also replaced alternator two batteries ago. Dealer is nice about it but has no idea on the solution to my problem. I'm interested in input or feedback from others with this type of problem. Is the Dispute Settlement Board recommended?
  • Have had ongoing pinging problem with 99 WS SEL. Dealer claims the K & N Air cleaner I installed is contributing to the situation. The oil in the air cleaner creates a film on the Mass Air Flow Sensor and causes premature failure in addition to fuel delivery being calculated wrong. I have gone back to the Ford OEM filter and have noticed improved fuel economy and no pinging in 1,000 miles of driving. Unfortunately I have wasted a lot of gas in the 25,000 miles this was happening.
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    Well - got the van back this week. If they didn't "FIX" the swinging thermostat they have, at least, minimized its movement. Now it only swings between the R and M in NORMAL. They stated that there was an "air bubble" in the cooling system.

    Please, Please, Please... let this be the last time I see the service department for a while...

    Hope yours treats you better than mine does!
  • barrye1barrye1 Posts: 13
    I have a 99 WS with 42k miles. I too had the problem of 1-2 shudder and tried unsuccessfully to get the dealers to find the problem before the 3/36000 warranty expired. When at 39k I finally did get the transmission tech to see the problem, he said "oh yea you are going to need a new tranny". Ford did not back its product. They made me pay $500 for an extended warranty to replace the tranny. I am currently seeking help through our attorney general's office.

    Get rid of the van ASAP. Ford will not help you down the road. This is from someone who had owned 7 different Fords in his life and got burned on his Windstar. I have never been more disgusted at a company in my life.

    I am trying to sell the van and am not having much luck. Hope you have better luck, or can get rid of the van faster than I. By the way, the new tranny is still sometimes unsure of shifts between 1 & 2
  • joe236joe236 Posts: 1
    I need some feedback from any 99 Windstar LX owners with high mileage (90K). My brother-in-law (a good, honest, man) drives a 99WS. This is a company car that he has driven since it was new. It currently has 99K on it. He states he has had no problems with the van(he should know, his personal vehicle is also a 99WS). I can purchase vehicle from him for around $8000-$10000.
    Please reply to if you fit in the profile.
  • tpg1999tpg1999 Posts: 1
    I bought my 1998 Windstar in February, 1997. During the first 12-14 months, the vehicle stalled while accelerating and decelerating 5-10 times. A couple of times, my wife barely avoided an accident due to the loss of power steering. We brought it back to the dealer we bought it from 3-4 times to no avail. I went the Dispute Settlement Board route and they requested one last attempt to have the problem fixed, at the dealer of my choice. The dealer I bought it from has a decent repair reputation, but given they hadn't corrected it, I went to another dealer nearby. This was in December 1998 and the vehicle had approx 28k miles on it.
    This past Friday, the transmission died. I brought it to the dealer I bought it from and I was told the repair cost would be $2,600 !!!!!
    So here's a cranny with a history of problems, rebuild at 28k and 33k miles later, it dies and Ford expects me to foot the bill ???

    The salesman I bought it from suggested I buy a used cranny and forget about it. Why am I not surprised.

    Any one with similar stories ?

    I'll go to the Chairman of Ford if necessary to arrive at a reasonable solution.
  • wenlitzwenlitz Posts: 4
    Sometimes when I come to a stop or pull into a parking lot I hear a "clunk" sound as my transmission downshifts (probably from 2nd to 1st). Doesn't happen all of the time and I currently have 32,000 on it.
    Does this sound like transmission problems down the road?
  • I have been experiencing a random single chime from the dashboard of my 2000 WS. It doesn't seem to correspond to any particular event. Usually just driving down the road. Sometimes accelerating, sometimes decelerating, sometimes holding steady speed. It just emits a single chime (similar to the seatbelt chime, but just one ping).

    Does anyone out there have any idea what might cause this problem?
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133

    I have a 98WS 60K no problems. My transmission does same thing at slow speeds, I think it is pretty common. Highly recommend 25 to 30K xmission fluid changes on all windstars.


    There is a service bulletin out on the stalling problem, a one part replacement. Usually the stalling occurs at slow speeds while turning. Mine was done at 20K, no problems since.
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