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Ford Windstar Problems



  • helper2helper2 Posts: 2
    hi maybe i can help take the wd40 and spray inside of the door where your door lock spray inside in the jam repeat couple times on each door and light is gona go off most of the cases the driver door's are problem
  • helper2helper2 Posts: 2
    you have to spray wd40 into pasanger drivers door's locks use the whole can and it will go away that problem it's coused by rust and other problems dust and weather conditions i had same problem and i fixed it
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Actually, it's caused by the grease on the switch hardening and holding the switch open.
  • Re: 95 Windstar with 200,000 Km. We recently had the Engine trouble light come on, for no apparent reason. The van seemed to be running fine. Then a few days later it started to run a bit rough. I took it in to a mechanic (not dealer this time) who checked the code and said it was showing #6 injector problems. the #6 plug was "completely dry" the plug wires were "showing a high resistance" but still within acceptable range. The mechanic said this meant it was a injector problem and that it needed to be replaced. My spidey senses are tingling and I am wondering now, in hindsight, if I got ripped off for the $500 to have the injector replaced. The reason is that when I gave the ok to do the work I questioned if the plug wires needed replacing (they were original), he said they still seemed fine but would let me know how much to replace them if they needed doing. When the work was done he had gone ahead and replaced the wires anyways (cause it was all apart and easier and quicker to do it now) so now I dont know if it was just the wires or if the injector actually needed replacing. I'm wondering also, in hindsight, if maybe the injector just needed cleaning. I phoned the Ford dealership and they say it is uncommon for an injector to need replacing on a Windstar. I guess that's probably because everything else needs replacing ie: two trannies, one headgasket of course, numerous sensors at &350 each time. So what of this fuel injector, did I get ripped off on the repairs, what do ya think???
  • gail5gail5 Posts: 1
    The transmission was clunking when shifiting sometimes and then the service engine light came on and off intermittently. We lost some of the transmission fluid by blowing it out of the air breather and transmission was hot. When it was checked at a Ford dealer while we were traveling out of state and they found nothing wrong other than low on fluid and the computer showed a torque converter problem. They replaced the screen assembly and flushed and filled with fluid. We didn't have any further problems on the remainder of our trip (1500 miles)and appears to drive fine but is it necessary to have the transmission rebuilt or can it be determined if there is damage before it is torn down? What should the cost be of rebuilding a transmission?
  • mossfivemossfive Posts: 4
    Whenever I turn right or left I hear a popping type of sound. It seems to be worse when I am backing up. This only occurs at slow speeds like backing out of a driveway or turning from a stop sign. Any ideas on what this could be?
  • Hello Folks!

    I have a 2003 Windstar and a question for you experts out there. For some odd reason, my lift supports for the liftgate are now shot. I have to hold the liftgate open. I'd like to have these 2 lift supports replaced. Called several Ford dealers - they all want 48 bucks apiece. I cannot find any lift supports online for less than that price for the year 2003. Although, plenty of online retailers such as JCWhitney and do carry lift supports for 98 through 2002 Windstars. My question is this: can I purchase lift supports for a 2002 and will it fit on my 2003 windstar? They cost only 32.99 and I figure I'm saving at least 30 bucks. If they will fit with no problem, then I'll just order the ones for 2002 windstars and install them on my van.


  • lbalba Posts: 5
    Thanks much Alcan! So far van runs great, but I would rather know now than later, that I'm burning up plugs and have to go through same drill at 5,000 miles.
    On the Chrysler, I didn't remove cowl or wiper module but followed the OEM manual exactly. Still........what a pain!! I'm ready for direct fuel injection; let's get rid of weight and complexity of these big cast AL manifolds!
  • vwkurtvwkurt Posts: 2
    With my chrysler, I was able to turn the key in a certain sequence and the the dash lights would flash a number of times. By counting the flashes, I was able to cross reference that to a diagnosos chart to find out what the problem was that was making the check engine light come on. Is there a way to do that with a 2001 Windstar?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    No. A scan tool or code reader is required.
  • beachnybeachny Posts: 1
    I've had my 95 windstar (the lemon from hell) for about 5 years now. I bought it for the roomieness and found it very comfortable, but what nightmares. So far we've been through 2 trannies, both before 110,000 miles. Just replaced the head gasket last week at 126,000. Had I think they were the intake valves replaced at 67000 miles. Now we've found there was damage done to the sensors because of the head gasket, but mechanic said it may work itself out after driving it around. Have the same problems with the door buzzer. Have WD-40'd them numerous times, lasts about 2 weeks and then starts up again. Every time it rains we have to replace all the main fuses (door, horn, etc) and at 12 bucks a pop, it gets costly. Switch for back windows doesn't work and of course it stopped working with the window open, so now we can't shut the window. Airbag light stays on, and we've had it checked and both airbags are there. Now, there is a light, last one on the left, looks like an oil can with a drop, but I know that's not the oil since the dipstick is for the oil, well that light keeps coming on now. Ask me why I still have this car, can't afford another one. Figured eventually at the rate I'm going with this it should be like brand new in another year or so. LOL Believe me, there was a lot more work done to this car that I've forgotten, have been at war with Ford ever since the tranny problem, but to no avail, just tons of paperwork.
    Thanks for listening and if anyone knows what that light is on the left side of the dash please let me know.
  • vwkurtvwkurt Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for your reply and I guess I will just have to take it in to the shop and pay the diagnosis fee.
  • I'm new to this forum but not new to Windstar problems! My wife has had a '98 and now has a 2003 w/50,528 miles on it. I drive it infrequently and usually to diagnose some potential problem that she complains about. The latest one is what she referred to as the tires bouncing a bit. Cut to the chase. OK between speed of 55-60 when the converter locks up there is a noticeable shudder. Especially so under a load. No load or downhill, no shudder. Also, with the selector turned to "OD Off" there is no shudder. Is there any adjustment to the converter? After reading many of the posts here, I'm getting a little gunshy to the Windstar world.
  • chrbchrb Posts: 4
    Hello folks,

    I have a 2001 Windstar SEL with a problem. On cold mornings, when making a left turn and accelerating, I hear a grinding or shaving noise coming from the left wheel area. It sounds like the tire may be touching something, but I checked and found nothing loose or out of place. Also, it happens even with just a slight left turn, so the wheel does not have to be turned all the way left to hear the problem. Also seems to only happen under power.

    I’ve had CV-joints go on some other cars in the past, and this is not the same noise (cluck-cluck). I also searched this forum and could not find any problem that resembles this exactly. My Ford dealer is one of those where you have to do the troubleshooting yourself. They could not find anything wrong when I had the car with them the last time. Also took it to some trustworthy transmission guys for a service. They found the transmission to be in good order with little wear.

    Any advice on where to start looking?

    Thanks you
  • vanofvanof Posts: 1
    I had the same with my 01 sport windstar

    Have Tie-rod checked and link kit .
  • crankkycrankky Posts: 45
    We had a similar problem with our 2001 that ended up being caused by low power steering fluid levels. When we would turn left, the fluid in the system would slosh to the right and apparently cause the steering system to be "unlubricated" briefly. The way it is designed, it wouldn't happen if we turned right. We topped off (dealer actually) the fluid level and it hasn't happend since. They could not find out, nor explain, why the fluid level was low.
  • lbalba Posts: 5
    Autozone will scan and read the codes for free and can reset (turn off) the light.
    If no Autozone, perhaps another parts store would.
  • dbogey1dbogey1 Posts: 2
    Sounds like the first signs of CV joints going out. They usually make this kind of noise when the wheels are turned full right or full left and rolling at slow speeds. If that's it the problem will only get worse. Usually you can check the rubber boots on the ends of the drive shafts and if they're showing signs of cracking, more than likely that's the problem.
  • dbogey1dbogey1 Posts: 2
    I've got a '00 Windstar SEL and the driver's side door lock actuator seems to be on the fritz. It's getting to the point where it won't go up or down completely. Has anyone replaced them theirselves that can provide me with some advise. I'm in search of actuator part numbers, and possible suggestions of where to buy them (other than the "stealers"). And any advise or lessons learn on removing the door panel.

    Please advise... Thanks
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    I had the same problem with my 00 SEL, but I had an extended warranty to cover the cost.

    Here is the information off of the work ticket:


    'Found that the door lock actuator is very weak in it's operation, door latch/lock cot sticking at this time. Replaced door lock actuator.

    1 3L3Z-25218A43-AA Actu Frt Dr
    2 94978 Lever Clip
    1 94566

    I hope this helps.
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