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Ford Windstar Problems



  • My 99 WS had the same problem I had to take it to the dealer for them to reset it. It was one of the 3 O2 sensers
  • This is just a follow up I took the vehicle to the dealership and they told me that it was my brake system leaking on wires and that shorted out everything. Total repair cost so far will be 578.08 We will see if that is the problem though.......I will follow up to let everyone know
  • sharonysharony Posts: 7
    Sorry I did not read this message before. I had the same problem with my 2000 Ford Windstar last month. I found the solution here at this forum around page 85,86.. referring to blown fuse. Actually I am so sorry they charged you $578.08 because I fixed mine with $15.23 which is the cost of the brake pressure switch. The real problem is that the fuse #10 is the one that operates air condition, ABS, speedometer, odometer. The problem is caused because brake fluid is leaking through the master cylinder and getting into the brake pressure switch and cruise control switch. You just needed to checked if could correct the leak from the master cylinder, replace the brake pressure switch and clean the cruise control switch with air pressure which by the way I assure you it was not working either.
    In my case I had to buy the master cylinder besides the brake pressure switch, it cost me $50.00. So I spent $65.23 in total and the problem is fixed.
  • sharonysharony Posts: 7
    I love my '00 Windstar, so far I have not got any major problem other than maintenance. It does not matter what type of car you have, it will always give you problem when something breaks down of course. Also there are some lemon car, but besides this my sister in law has a 95 Windstar, my brother in law has 98 Windstar, a friend of mine has a 99 Windstar and my father in law has a 01 Windstar and so far they are running ok. All what we do is give proper maintenance, so far has worked even though this does not guarantee I will not have problems in the future, but I tried to do my best and keep it in shape.
  • I own a 1999 Ford Windstar LX, the rear A/C nor Heat does not work. Any ideas??? Thank You.
  • Got if fixed ! Thought it was the switch but turned out to be a vacuum line that fell off. Surprised no responses. This never happened to anyone?
  • andrew15andrew15 Posts: 1
    We replaced upper/lower intake manifold gaskets and head gaskets. After driving a few miles the CEL came on again, but stayed steady. Next day it starts blinking and we're back to square one. Had Checker run the code machine and it was a P401 - EGR valves. This shouldn't cause it to miss. We have also replaced spark plugs/wires.

    HELP! Any ideas on what is wrong are greatly appreciated.
  • saveabucksaveabuck Posts: 2
    I have done various checks to this problem following the instructions in my haynes manual. I checked the brake switch ( ok ) , using my ohms meter I checked the resistance through the switches on the steering wheel and they were all within the range specified in the manual, fuse (ok) , linkage (ok) . I thought for sure it was the speed control module so I purchased a used one from the wreckers and tried it but that did not solve my problem. Is there something I am missing ?
  • slloyd424slloyd424 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 WS. It shifts hard going from 1st to 2nd. This is the only time it does so. Because of this problem I also have had to replace the seal because it causes it to leak. Any ideas on why it jumps into 2nd and what I can do to fix it? Is it going to have to be rebuilt?
  • My driver seat controls stopped working last week, and now it's stuck in the highest position. I was messing with it and it quit working while I was adjusting the seat, and now it's stuck as far back as it goes and as high as it goes. Anyone know how to fix this? It's driving me nuts!
  • A common cause for this is a defective ABS sensing ring.
    If you are in luck than maybe it is only muck which was washed between sensor and sensing ring.
  • robsearchrobsearch Posts: 1
    My 96 Windstar has numerous electrical failures. The power locks, dashboard lights, tail lights, rear power vent windows and psgr. side window all fail to work. Are they all connected to the same circuit or fuse? Is there an easy fix for this? Anyone else have these multiple problems? I can be emaile directly at Thanks. Bob
  • stimsonmstimsonm Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure the draining battery problem I seem to have the same thing.
  • dtrader,

    I have a '98 Windstar and just had to replace the CMP (CPM) (?....on board computer module)...My TRAC Control light cme on one day and stayed on for sometime. Shortly after, the ABS light came on and stayed on (dealer checked and found no problem with the either). While it was in the shop for service (the check engine light came on) the maintenance code showed cylender #1 wasn't firing. I had the plugs and wires changed out and the next day, the engine light came on again and the engine began to mis-fire badly. After many hours (and many $) the mechanic discovered that the wiring harness leading into the CMP (CPM?) had been burned and a wire inside the protective coating was burned as well. This fed into the CPM and caused false codes. The CPM was replaced, no difference. The wire was fixed, more false codes.

    Possibly the burn as caused by current arcing from the #1 wire to the harness. They were in very close proximity and the plug wires were in bad shape. Might be worth a look.

    Good luck

  • benner,
    Trac control & ABS lights came on on my '98 WS. When the engine light finally came on, I decided to have it checked. After many hours and many dollars (long story) it turned out that the wiring harness leading into the CPM (CMP??) had been burned by current arcing from #1 plug wire. Changed plugs & wires and (unfortunately CPM) and no worries since then.

    May be worth having it checked.

  • vfuksavfuksa Posts: 1
  • saveabucksaveabuck Posts: 2
    Fixed it; After looking in the manual again I located the wireing schematics for the cruise control system and noticed there was another brake switch located in the system somewhere besides the one under the dash. I located it screwed on to the bottom of the master cylinder . I got suspicious when I saw brake fluid leaking out of it. This is a normally closed switch where with a test light there should be power on both wires. I am not sure if the leak caused the switch to fail but it seems to be a common problem with this type of design. The dealer referred to the switch as the cruise control disable switch and it cost me $31.57 canadian taxes in . I hope this helps someone else out.
  • kitch4kitch4 Posts: 5
    I have a 1998 windstar GL with 180000 km on it. I have had no trouble with it to now and by the sounds of it I am lucky. I am getting codes of P0171 system adaptive fuel too lean bank #1, P1131 lack of HO2S switches-sensors indicate lean, P0133 upstream heated O2 sensor circuit slow response bank #1, P0306 cylinder #6 misfire detected. I have tested EGR valve, DPFE, TPS,MAF,VSS,IAV, these tested fine to the haynes book. I have also changed fuel filter, upper intake gaskets, upstream O2 sensor bank #1. I have brought it to two garages and they both say the head gasket. I did my own compression test and all the front cylinders read 115 to 125psi. The garages did not do a leak down test so how do they know it is the head gasket. This all stared when at a stop the engine would rev up to 1200 rpm then slow down to idle and it has got to when turning a corner it stalls. Please help I am running out of options.
  • This is interesting. My 97 windstar caught fire in the engine compartment because of leaking brakefluid from the master cyinder (where the sensor screws into the master cylinder). when the brakefluid dripped onto the manifold.

    Is this a common problem with the windstars and if so why has there not been a recall issued?
  • THe O/D off light starts blinking when I go above fifty miles per hour for any length of time. I would like to know what is wrong, and is it dangrous to drive it in this condition. I have to take a trip today, and I dont want it to brake down on the way.
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