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Ford Windstar Problems



  • swlsuswlsu Posts: 1
    My 2000 Windstar experienced an odd electrical malfunction. While idling in a parking lot at night the car stalled and would not restart. The radio, lights, etc stayed on even when the key was turned off. Would not restart, just grinding the starter - never engaged.

    Thinking it was the battery, tried to jump start - nothing changed. Disconnected the battery and had it towed to local shop. Shop originally thought they had fixed the problem with a shorted wire that they changed. After pick-up an drive home, the car did the same, blowing the #17 fuse. The shop has had the car for 4 days now and has not determined the cause - going through all of the electrical system.

    Any ideas?
  • basesbases Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. Same car, same model year. It turned out to be a speed control pressure switch on the master cylinder. They end up leaking into its own connector and shorting out...telling the cruise control not to turn on. $15 improved version from Ford!
  • csprigcsprig Posts: 1
    First off, thanks to whomever for the creation of this board. Now on to my problem. I just left the auto repair shop. I had taken my 98 to have the oil changed, radiator flushed and to address an ongoing problem. When I start the engine cold it runs wonderfully. However if I allow the engine to heat up and then turn off the van, when I restart the engine misses badly. The repair shop said I have a misfire on Cyl. #5. OK. He changed the spark plugs and wires, the fuel filter, the ERG? sensor, air filter and a vacumm hose. They test drove it, said it ran great. I go to pick up the van and the engine is still hot. Same problem as before when I start it. Drove around the block, returned it to the repair shop. They feel the next step is to run more tests, compression and one other. Says the repair will likely run 1600 dollars. That on top of the 650+ dollars spent today for what best can be prescribed as preventive maintenance I have to decide my next step. Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • wubatwubat Posts: 1
    I want to change the power supply to the cruise control to being on the accessory switch. This would limit the fire hazard to only when the car is running. Would changing the power supply cause only problems that I am not aware of? Does changing the cruise control power take care of the pressure switch or is that on a separate supply? Has anybody seen any procedures on how to rewire this mess?
  • navisnavis Posts: 1
    I have a 96 windstar, my check engine light stays on, I have put it on a machine to see what the problem is, and according to them I have no problem can anyone tell me why the light stays on and what do I need to do to turn it off?
  • stalpamstalpam Posts: 1
    how can i fix it? sommeone told me that there was a manual switch to change fromheat to air. where is it? can any one help
  • cdg110cdg110 Posts: 1
    I think saveabuck sidestepped an engine fire. This is the same switch that is being blamed for engine/auto/house fires. A bit of leaking brake fluid, and the unswitched 12 volt line with a 25 Amp fuse (at least in my 1996 Windstar), ignites the brake fluid. Ford has some options on how this could be fixed besides replacing the switch. I think a small cable with an inline fuse might be possible, could even be installed by the customer. Remove connector from switch, place new cable on switch, attach original cable to now fused line to switch. Could be a couple minute job. If the switch is leaking, that would have to be replaced also. Thanks saveabuck !
  • frostiefrostie Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the door ajar sensor is for the driver side sliding door on a 99? Courtesy lights and door ajar icon are not lighting up when I open this door. The passenger side has a traditional plunger switch, but I cannot find where the switch is on the driver side.

    Also, how do you change the bulbs in the courtesy lights mounted in the front doors? It looks to me like you have to remove the door panels, which seems kind of complicated. Thanks.
  • I had that problem last winter on my 1998 Windstar with 149,000 miles on it. It would run fine but if I stopped and turned it off it would not start again. I would wait 10 minutes to 30 minutes and then it would start again. I finally ended up taking it to the dealer and they replaced a switch on the transmission. I will see if I still have the receipt and what the name of the part they replaced was. I have had a love-hate relationship with the WS since the day I picked it up from the dealer 7 years ago. The sad thing is the service people know me by name due to my what seems like quarterly visits. I like driving it, carries all of the hockey goalie and player gear I could wish, pity that it has been less than trouble-free.
  • jackkptsjackkpts Posts: 1
    I have 1999 Windstar with 101K. The CEL has been on for the past few months so I went to Advanced Auto and had it read. The error code was P0401 (EGR problem). Based on other posts about this most likely to be caused by a faulty DPFE, I replaced this with a new black plastic one. When I was done I disconnected the battery to clear the CEL. Now the pinging problem I had about 15K miles ago is back. I don;t know if it's related to the new DPFE or if, when I disconnected the battery, the engine computers were reset. (Wish I would have just gone back to AA and had the CEL cleared so I could isolate this problem).

    Any thoughts about what to try next? I read that the MAF may need to be cleaned. Thanks for your help!.....JGK
  • kitch4kitch4 Posts: 5
    Sorry to ask this but my 1998 windstar is having the same problem stalling and sputtering at idle. I have a missfire on #6. I have cleaned and checked everything on the engine over the past 6 months and nothing. Look at post #1866 list of what I have done. The tsb for the 98 windstar is this the Isolator bolts, front valve cover, lower intake gaskets, upper intake gaskets. This is what I have learned just on the net but I can not find the site with the tsb without paying. Do you have the exact stuff that needs to be changed. My front valve cover has the hole in it.
  • schlepschlep Posts: 1
    I had the same problem a few years ago with my '95 Windstar. Replaced both oxygen sensors and have never had the problem since. Still driving it today. Best of luck!
  • kitch4kitch4 Posts: 5
    I ran into something very strange today. I bought oil stabilizer fuel treatment. I put all that in and when I got home I tried something. When the cel started to flash I played around with #5 and #6 fuel injector connectors. I took #6 off no difference then took #5 off engine drop a little. Then I put #6 on #5 no difference. Then I put #6 back on and was playing with it with #5 off. All of a sudden #6 started to fire after about 30 sec. Then I put #5 on the engine would run on all 6 for 15 sec then die off again. #6 misfiring again. Has anyone had this problem if so what was it.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    Mine stalled when making slow, low speed turns. It was the Throttle Positioning Sensor? It sits on top of the manifold and is the highest item on top of the engine. Three inches long and tubular. Mine is a silver color. You may have other problems, but this fixed mine. I heard there is a computer reprogram that may also fix this. I had to go to the dealer to get this resolved. Your dealer should be aware of the problem it is fairly common in WS's. Good Luck.
  • haulthault Posts: 122
    My thought is the same as yours. The original settings may have somehow defaulted back. However I can't believe the updated flash should be wiped out by a battery disconnect. I would check with FORD and see if they will reflash the computer for free. I have a 2000 w/46000 miles and am considering trading for a Freestyle, before it is out of extended warranty.
  • jracy185jracy185 Posts: 3
    This is a common problem with many fords. A common side effect is a fire starting at the switch which has power on even when the ignition is turned off. Bottom line. . . if you have this type of switch don't park your car in the garage or close to the house.
  • jracy185jracy185 Posts: 3
    It's a magnetic switch. We have the same problem. Fixed it once quite a while back - started up again at about 110K miles. Not certain where exactly the switch is, though.
  • jracy185jracy185 Posts: 3
    Find a new shop! If there mechanics are so good that they can only read the diagnostic code then you don't want them. Find a mechanic. Good luck.
  • mcrockermcrocker Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 Ford Windstar and out of the 4 power windows that I have 3 have stopped working. The driver's side and the 2 vent windows in the back have just stopped working. They were working when I first purchased the vehicle on June 21, 2005. I am having trouble trying to figure out which fuse (or fuses) may control these windows. Can someone tell me exactly which fuse (or fuses) may be causing the problem or if there is something else that may be causing the problem (short in wiring?).
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    The correct part on the low speed stalling is the Air Bypass Valve. Same location as in previous post. Also, cleaned throttle bore and replaced vacuum line to positive crank case valve. Problem gone and has not come back. Done in December 2003. Sorry about error on part.
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