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Chevrolet Impala Transmission Problems



  • I was thinking of getting a second opinion on the bent wheel - but the other place I went to prior to going back for my oil change and check up told me I had nothing wrong....also the vibration occurs predominantly when driving between 45 & 60mph - but you can still slightly feel it at any speed. It does not happen when braking though - I know what a warped rotor feels like (replaced rotors & pads a year ago because of it and they are still good, according to them) I just don't understand how this can happen after a simple tire rotation...and this place claims to have balanced the wheels the best they could...I just don't want to go somewhere else and pay big $$$ to find the problem when it was fine until that rotation a couple months ago....If anybody else has any suggestions, please enlighten me. :confuse: – on another note, I have to say this is a great forum! VERY helpful
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Move the bent wheel to a different corner (front to back) and see if the vibration follows it. That will tell you whether it's the wheel's fault or not. If the vibration follows, it could be the tire on that wheel and not the wheel itself, radial pull from loosening belts.
  • THe vibration only started after I had a rotation done(no balance) - the bent wheel went from the back to the front - Then I had them rotated once more (now back at the rear) with a balance ....and the vibration is still there(predominately between 40 & 70mph) I'm starting to think it's the tire....but how could a rotation cause this?
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    The front end is much more sensitive to out of balance wheels/tires than the back. So it makes sense to me that the vibration started being noticeable after a simple rotation. What doesn't make sense is that after another rotation, the problem hasn't gone away, or at least changed in feel. Are the wheels and tires now at exactly the same position as before the problem started? I would put it back and see. In my mind, if this shop sells wheels too - they may have mis-balanced that wheel to produce business. I would hope not but it's conceivable.

    I know it's a huge pain in the butt, but to isolate the problem, you really should put everything back to how they started, then rotate ONE SIDE front to back and back to front. Note change. Rotate the other side, front to back and back to front. Note change. This will be the way to isolate the exact corner.

    If you are like most people and way too busy to experiment yourself, time for a second opinion. Get someone else to look.
  • I have an '05 Impala with 38000 miles on it.I recently had the tranny fluid flushed because i was advised to do it. Every since then my car performs very poorly. Sometimes the car shifts very hard between gears and it feels as if the car is straining to accelerate.I have taken my car back to these people 3 times because of the problem. If anyone knows or have a clue as to what this could be please let me know so I won't get ripped off!
  • Okay - I am now two months later - with new tires, new alloy rims (when from steel to new alloys) with proper balancing - three time ... AND I STILL HAVE THE VIBRATION!!! I'm getting sick of my coffee mixing in my cup holder on my way to work :mad: - now they are telling me that I need an alignment AND that it is not actually a vibration I feel but the cause of a softening suspension resulting in the wheel to "bounce" repetitively when hitting bumps at high speeds - keep in mind the car is a 2004 model - bought for the first time in July of 2003 with now almost 73K miles(80% Hwy) on it. How can the suspension start doing such a thing at this point? I'll take anybody's thoughts at this point - I don't know what to do!! :cry:
  • my 2000 impala has a 3800 engine and the tranny shutters between every shift otherwise if you dont step on it to hard you really dont notice it but if you step on it fairly hard it will shutter between each gear can anyone help
  • cuffcuff Posts: 11
    hi.i'm new at this so bare with me.......just bought a 2005 impala and the transmission has a mind of it's own...this question was probley asked.......but .need to no...does any body have a problem when there car pulls away for the first time when you start it up in the morning...mine pauses for a sec or two then away it goes........this is the part i don't realy the car get's warm the shifts of the trans get harder and harder...waiteing for something to bangs into every gear.......tranny was not flushed,but was changed and filter was difference.i'm told it could be a pressure control solenoid in the tranny.any help would be great thanks
  • I do think it was the pressure control solenoid they replaced on mine. Mine never got to the point of hesitating like yours is though.

    At first I started to suggest you change your fuel filter, which might explain some sluggishness when you first pull out, but I don't know if that'd impact shifts when you were up to speed or not. I do know I've changed my fuel filter at least a couple of times in the 100k miles I've had it; whenever I've felt the car was starting to suffer performance-wise I found changing the fuel filter seemed to solve the problem. I also had a problem early on with a clogged fuel injector, and got into the habit of running a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through it every time I change the oil, and that seems to make a world of difference.
  • cuffcuff Posts: 11
    talking to the dealer this morning.have a good friend that works there....he doesn't work on the trannies,but he sais he will find out and tell me what they find.....when it is done i'll let ya all no....after all i like my impala...i'm sure it's a flaw in the trans.but time will tell.stay tuned
  • cuffcuff Posts: 11
    just to let ya all know what they found was the pressure control valve in the was sticking making the shifts very hard....talked to a mechinac that worked there.he can't beleive there is no recall on these car's.....from 2001 to 2005 have this problem.but from 2006 and on the valve was updated...there not having problems..but it is fixed now...just hope g.m do a recall on these cars before they rune a good selling car.
  • just to let you know what i found . i lowered the tranny down and pulled the side cover off that faces the left front wheel and i replaced the presure control solenoid . and while i was in there i replaced the torque convertor bandwith solenoid just because these go bad often also but the problem was the pc solenoid , it now works great and i have no problems :)
  • I have the 02 Impala. At startup especially when cold, when I shift into Reverse or Drive It does nothing until a few seconds, then It will chunk it to gear. I have no problems with the other gears, only when the car has been off for a while and has cooled off. The car has about 68500 miles on it. Any Sugguestions?
  • Hello All!, I am new to message boards, so please have patience with me. I have a 2003 Impala that I bought new in Sept. of 2003. It just turned 40,000 miles. I have done everything as recommended by my maintenance schedule, and now my transmission slips on cold days. Once I warm up the car, she goes just fine. Does any one else have a similar problem??
  • cuffcuff Posts: 11
    i have bought a 2005 impala back in nov 2006......i'v done alot of reading on this site about the impala and the problems people are having with there car's..from leaking colant,trans problems,brakes,motor mounts,steering shafts,keyless key ,convert's pluging up,gauges not working[gas...temp...spedoo..etc....i no it's not only the 2005 car ...but others question is why won't G.M stand up and fix these seems alot of people are having the same problem.....i'm sure we all love our cars...we all spent our hard earn dollars to by why won't g.m step up to the plate....what pisses me off the most is i wrote too g.m canada and have heard not one thing from them.....make's no sense to me.....what about the rest of you impala owner's....PS ....G.M DO SOME RECALLS BEFORE YOU RUNE THE NAME OF A GOOD CAR
  • Good day everyone - I've been reading alot on this forum for about a year now and I read ALOT of complaints about the 2000's Impalas but no one seems to comment on good things - I own a 2004 base (3.4L) Impala, bought it used @ 34K miles in Feb of 2005 (now @ 81K miles) and I have not had ANY of the serious issues listed anywhere, from leaking colant,trans problems,brakes,motor mounts,keyless key ,convert's plugging up ,gauges not working[gas...temp...spedoo..etc. - although I had the steering shafts re-lubed - but that was paid for by the dealer I bought it from - replaced discs and pads 1.5 year ago and I still have 75% in front and 85% in back and replaced the water pump a couple months ago. Oh and a vibration I can't get rid of (replaced old steel rims with new alloys and tires with no resolution) three or four places told me I was I left it. Besides regular maintenance, which you have to do on ALL makes and models, I have to say I LOVE my Impala. Its the best car I've ever driven in heavy snow, super smooth Hwy driving with remarkable gas mileage - given it's size and class - with tones of room! Have you ever seen a car with that HUGE of a trunk!? I hope this helps to encourage new buyers from the classic Impala - they are not all lemons!! It's like any brand; some will break down more than others (although some makes/models are worse than others) :shades:
  • I've been posting here since early 2000 when I ordered my Impala, and while I've had a few problems (upper intake manifold recall, ISS clunking), the only time the car has let me down has been the 3 times my battery has died. At the time I bought the car I thought it was the best compromise between size, safety, fuel economy, reliability, etc. I'm coming up on 8 years of ownership next month (and approching 105k miles) and I still enjoy driving this car, and prefer it by far to my wife's 2003 Accord EX.

    I was admittedly hesitant to buy a "first year" car, but I felt the drivetrain (3.8l V6) was bulletproof, so I felt comfortable with the purchase. However, I really enjoyed being one of the "first on the block" with a 2000 Impala, and I like the fact that the car is 8 years old and still looks current. I was probably most disappointed with the intake manifold problem, simply because I assumed I'd have no drivetrain issues, and sought out a car with the 3.8 engine. I've had a few odd glitches (power window switch, a couple of dash lights burned out), but overall I'd say the car has been as reliable as the '89 Toyota Celica it replaced (which I drove for 11 years and @ 116k miles).
  • cuffcuff Posts: 11
    i love my 2005 impala 3.4l........but i have one question about the trans and just wondering if any body with a 2005 3.4 has the same problem i seems when the car shifts into 3rd gear it falls on it's always have too tramp it down or you slow right down....seems there is no happy medium.....i also noticed that the tranny in the 2005 is different than the others......wonder just seems it is geared to tall for the 3.4 engine.....has a gear ratio of 1.1 all others are geared 1.0 does not seem like much,but drive each one and you will see the world of difference.....i asked g.m about it and i'm still waiteing for a answer from them..,i wonder if that's telling me something........any way to hear from other owners with a 20058 3.4......thanks
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I have a 2004 impala 3.4 with 65000 miles and have not noticed 3rd gear as a dog. I notice the shift from 1st to 2nd too soft and not firm seems like it is slipping into 2nd unless you have 3/4 to full throttle launches. The car is a dog at higher speeds compared to the 2000 Olds Intrigue that had the 3.5 DOHC motor which reved higher and the tranny did not shift bad even after 100,000 miles. The Olds was a dog off the line where the impala is quicker off the line but loses steam as speed increases.
  • I pick up my 2001 Impala tomorrow when it is done getting a new transmission installed. With a little over 60,000 mi it hesitated in cold startups when put into reverse or drive. Would completely stop in driveway, revd hard, then whined,after a few minutes warming up, it would cooperate. Sometimes hesitated pulling out at a stop sign.
    Service guy says it was caused by not fully engaging the brakes when shifting from reverse to drive...however,that is not how I drive. Upon his inspection, the pan had big chunks of metal and gears all ground up.
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