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Chevrolet Impala Transmission Problems



  • I have a question, I have the 2008 impala and the trans slips everyday.
    It started at like 10,000 miles, do you think a trans filter and maybe putting in that Royal Purple fluid would help.

  • my 08 impala with the 3.9 L is a fantastic car, but at about 100k, transmission started slamming during shifts. GM dealer could not find problem and no codes showing. I took it to a shop that has contracts with several police depts. for transmissions. I described the problem, he said valve body. $2100 repair and worked fine. Now at 124k, transmission seems like it is slipping, and at low speeds with very little throttle, I can feel shudder. Would be nice if GM had good transmissions. I have had almost all GMs since 1960's and almost all have had transmission problems at under 100k, but engines have lasted into high 300k miles. but the few Fords I had had good transmissions but the engines did not last (last owned a Ford in 1995). This year bought my wife a Nissan Versa Sedan with CVT, transmission code at 52k, replace whole transmission under warranty with no questions, problems or hassles. Maybe I need to start looking at other than GMs.

  • Besides the Transmission problems, both front hubs have been replaced, the left one twice for bearings and the right for bad ABS/Traction Wheel Sensor and the Rack & Pinion has been replaced. I have done most of my repairs on past cars/trucks myself and every vehicle I have had has made it well past 300k on the engines, but the rest of the quality on this Impala is going down hill.

  • I just happen across this post while trying to troubleshoot why my computer control system(tells me about my oil life, tire pressure, etc.) is not working. I have a 2004 Impala and I about fell out of my chair reading some of these posts. This sounds just like the stories that I have been telling my mechanic for months. He tells me he can't figure it out w/o codes, so the next time my car died while I was going 65 mph, I had AutoZone print the codes read before the check engine light went off. Still no luck fixing it though. The trans(was replaced w/ a rebuild) problem jerking when I take off, car not starting and then just mysteriously starting, electrical system malfunctioning. When I first noticed a problem the car's RPMs would fluctuate and sometimes the gas would control itself. My mechanic replaced the throttle body and MAF sensor and it seemed to work perfectly. However it did not fix the other issues. The check engine light still comes on and will go off after I shut off the car and sometimes a couple of days later. I am very disappointed hearing that so many people are having the same problem with their Impala. In the past I had faith in General Motors. I will be contacting them and will repost.

  • My 2007 Impala has just hit 102,000 miles, and the transmission is displaying the same behaviors many of you have posted here, with the lurching and clunking from 1-2, and the neutral type clutching/loss of power from there on up. This car has had every standard maintenance and oil changes performed at dealerships, and is mostly highway miles, so I certainly expected more out of her before having these types of issues. From those of you who have found a resolution, was it the clutch? or Solenoid? and where did you take your vehicle to have your issue resolved? Just hoping to get some insight before I get screwed on repair bills :(

  • mr06lsmr06ls Posts: 2

    STAY AWAY FROM GM! my 2006 impala with only 79k i bought new and have kept up all maintenance on and was lady driven has a bad transmission and i contacted gm customer service directly and told them that a transmission with less than 80k should fail especially since i have done all required maintenance considering im now out of warranty. i was then told that in order for gm to "help" me i would have to take the car into the dealer and have the problem diagnosed. at first i was told the diagnostic fee was $139....after going back and forth with gm customer service i got them to waive the fee. so i limp the car over to the dealer only to be told that the diagnostic scanner showed 3rd gear having a problem but in order to be able to tell me EXACTLY what the problem is, they want to charge $860 just to tell me what needs to be replaced. so if i was paying for this they would expect $139+$860 which equals $1000 JUST TO TELL ME WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! I CONTACTED THESE CUSTOMER SERVICE SCHMUCKS ON HERE THAT SAY "SEND ME AN EMAIL WE'LL TRY TO HELP YOU" AND GM SAYS THEY'RE WILLING TO PAY FOR ONE HOUR OF LABOR AS A COURTESY! GEE WHIZ HOW NICE OF THEM! I PAID $23K FOR A BASE IMPALA (RIP OFF BUT I NEEDED A CAR SO DEALER SHAFTED ME) that has taken a dump at under 80k miles! CHEVY SUX AND SO DOES GM! ill be spreading this along BTW

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