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Acura CL Transmission Problems



  • Hate to say I have the same issue, but only have 59,000 miles on veh. We where 8 months past the extended warranty. I had to dick around with the dealer and Dist. Rep. to get them to pay 80% of cost and a 3 yr./36k miles warranty. They put jet kit back in 2004 and should fix any problems(car had 16k miles). Car started to slip Oct. and we feel since they had a transmission problem we should be refunded of our cost for repair. By the way did you get anywhere with your State's Attorney or the B.B.B.? :mad:
  • I have a 2003 CLS that the transmission is going at 54,000. I am unemployed and the dealer will not fix it. It is out of warranty. Is there a class action suit going on now as I cannot believe how many people are having the same problem!~
  • Check this out! Hhhhm, so when your car hits its mileage early so it is out of warranty, you get left with the total cost of a crappy rebuilt transmission!
  • There has been no class action suit filed against them that I am aware of. I sure wish there was! It cost me $2,200.00 to have my transmission rebuilt. I too am unemployed and this has truley caused me major problems.
  • WOW! Just finished ready the story online about the faulty odometers. Thanks for sharing. This is just horrible! They should have went further back to include 1999! From the looks of it, that's where it all began!
  • I own a 97 acura cl 3.0 its been well maintained and always serviced and has an impressive 398,000km on its first transmission and a recently rebuilt engine... But i am starting to feel the transmission slip... it does not slip when i accelerate hard it shifts perfectly with full throttle but when im just driving between traffic lights it shutters going up gears.. should i pull the transmission and replace the filters and fluid or is there even any value in doing that?
  • jessybjessyb Posts: 5
    My car did the same thing! At first, I thought it was nothing big, but as time went on it got worse. I suggest you get your car checked as soon as you can. I am still dealing with the pain of my experience.
  • kjmtkjmt Posts: 1
    Why do the majority of 4spd Acura and Honda trannies always burn up second gear clutches.
  • Today after I had just driven 240 miles away from home, my 2001 Acura CL's transmission went from working fine, to completely broken. Luckily, it went out two miles away from the Acura dealership (or could it be that my car was sneakily designed to break down within range of an Acura dealership.. hrmm..), so I slowly made it there while holding up rush hour traffic and learned it's going to cost $3800 to fix. I had always been fearing this issue after buying this car used two years ago, and it finally happens on my birthday no less.
  • I have a 1999 Acura 3.0 CL with 64,000 miles.About 6 months ago, the car began having a hard shift from 1st to 2nd gear. Once out of 1st, the gear changes are smooth and seamless.

    I replaced both the engine oil and transmission fluid, and it improved considerably initially. But the problem resurfaced.

    Currently, the car kicks (50%+ of the time) when changing from 1st to 2nd. And if you do a hard acceleration, the kick is pretty bad.

    Anyone with similar problems/suggestions for a solution?
  • madchen20madchen20 Posts: 8
    edited February 2010
    Im on my second transmission in a 1999 Acura Cl. The first one failed at 27,000 miles, then it needed another part a couple of hundred miles later. it started to need another transmission about 25,000 miles later. Acura knows this is a defective transmission and from what I have learned they replaced something like 16,000 of them. What got me is that they put a REBUILT transmission in my car still under warranty that was practically new. Of course Acrua said they would replace it a second time for a mere $4500. The car is shifting hard from 3rd to 4th. It is like your car, if you accelerate hard it kicks like a mule. I took it to what has always been a reliable transmission shop here in Dallas They told me that it DID NOT NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION. The manager started wih something simple, he changed the transmission fluid which made a noticable improvement. Funny, Acura said that the transmission fluid never needed to be changed??? The car is still bumping occasionally when shifting from 3rd to 4th. The transmission shop said that it was probably the torque converter which is a far cry from $4500. I still have not fixed it. The car drives fine most of the time.By the way, the Acura dealer, almost 2 yrs now,said that the transmission needed to be changed right away because it could fail any day now. :) :lemon:
    Never trust those people at the dealer, their are all crooks.
  • Thanks for the reply. As a rule of thumb, the dealer is always the last resort. They always overstate the problem, and exaggerage the cost. Kinda like dressed up used ca salesmen. : )

    I'll take the car to a non-dealer transmission specialist. Thinking along the lines of AAMCO, and see what they have to say.

    I'm pretty surprised at the number of people who have this problem, and disappointed in the quality.

    My car has been garaged since purchase, run sparsely (hence 64,000 miles in 10 years), and had all maintenance. This car should be good for 200,000 miles.

    Oh well, thanks for the info. I'll see what I can get done on this end, and post the results.
  • I've been having this problem on my 1999 Acura CL for 6 months (only 79,000 miles on it). First, I had the transmission oil changed, which helped a little. Now, it's gotten bad again, so instead of going back to Acura, I'm going to Aamco tomorrow. I hope they're honest about what they find.
  • jessybjessyb Posts: 5
    Just prepare yourself! I paid $2,200 to have mine rebuilt. It's been running great since, but I'm always wondering if it will happen again.
  • Hi - I own a 2001 CL and just replaced the transmission for $3,500+. Purchased new, the warranty shows 114,000 miles or 7 years. The dealer would not honor the warranty even though I have just 60,000 miles to date on the car because of the car's age. Did you have a warranty issue? Do you know if there is a way to get Acura to respond to honoring the mileage part of the warranty? Thanks, Roger
  • I own 2001 cl(110K) and transmission went bad this week...limped in..and they did "their analysis" for $138...they called to inform me that I need new transmission....and the total cost at approx $8900!!!!!!!.........we talked and they quickly agreed to go to bat for me with Manu. to try to get them to reduce the costs/share the pain 50-60%...hummn 40-50% of $8900 sound like a good deal to anyone??
  • How do they do it? Just made the last payment for my (2nd owner) 2003 TL-S September 1, and October 8 my transmission goes bonkers. I had read in horror about these problems but since my VIN wasn't included in the recall thought I'd dodged the bullet. Then Friday evening, as I headed out of town on a holiday weekend - wham! Downshifts from 5th to 1st gear at highway speed. Keeping my foot on the brake seems to help. After a few more miles it would no longer shift above 2nd gear. I found a tow truck before the !@#$ thing completely seized.
    Also ironic that in August I spent $500 for "maint." mainly fluid replacement using expensive Honda trans. fluid. (according to the service techs) Also of interest, I had the front rotors replaced Sept. 7 - the day before. Leaving town the next day the first hint of a problem was the service lights came on: the ! alert, VMS light and the engine diagram. I have to wonder if the problem could be related, somehow....
    The dealer just called to tell it needs new transmission, and is not covered.
    I used to really love this car, and let people know. Now the thought of all my kudos makes me want to puke. A ticking time bomb that wipes out any value you might have (thought you) had in your Acura. This mfr has managed to retain a "high quality" image in spite of the devastating plague - they deserve a class action.
  • I have a 01 CL tpye S and it has about 190,000 kms. At about 160,000 kms the tranmission started to act up by getting kicks while i was in D5. So i took it to a transmission shop and they said that the gears were slipping and chattering. Also steel chipps that were grinding when it was slipping was shooting into the transmission fluid. I havent fix it yet but the ppl at the transmission shop said that they will re-build my my transmission for $2500.00. When i first bought this car i didnt know that this problem would happen but a few months after i bought this car, i heard so some infor about the 01-03 CL's and the TL's will have tranny problems. So what i heard about it all came true :(
  • yuma1yuma1 Posts: 1
    Roger, Acura warranty is 109,000 or 7 years whichever comes first. After the class action lawsuit Acura bumped the warranty 9,000 miles to 109,000. Unfortunate but you have exceeded the length [years] so no warranty.
  • Trying to work out a pattern here. What month and year was your 1999 3.0CL manufacturered? That information is on the driver's side door pillar.
    Mine, which I bought 4 days ago, was made May 1999. A recall I found for transmissions applied from July 1999 to August 2000. The claim I heard is that there was a significant change made in July, including moving to a five speed transmission. I was told not to worry about my 1999 because it has a four speed. But I am worried. It has 60,000 miles on it and I'm planning to install a transmission fluid cooling radiator on it as soon as possible.
    Does anybody know what exactly causes the failures? Is it heat?
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