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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • bohica6969bohica6969 Posts: 1
    HI Folks,
    today my wipers/heaterblower and sunroof all stopped working I thought fuse but on examining them found them all to be sound but I replaiced them anyway and things still will not work. Is there 1 relay that works all this equipement and if so where is it and what number is the darn (not the word I want to use lol) thing.

    many thanks in advance for any help.

    Paul K.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469



  • fm2fm2 Posts: 1
    Same water problem here. Two inches deep once after a car wash. It was the rubber boot where the hood latch cable enters the interior from the engine compartment. The boot had worked itself out. I just popped it back in and added some silicone around so it wouldn't happen again. No more water.

    Solution: open hood, remove rubber molding and the entire plastic bulkhead cover exposing battery, a/c stems, wiper motors etc.

    The rubber boot is on the driver's side near the windshield, just follow the hard black hood latch cable.

    If the boot is split just shove it back in and silicone the ....... out of it.
  • pdxpassatpdxpassat Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Passat that has the electrical bug.

    Major issues:

    Windows will all roll down by themselves.

    Alarm no longer works.

    Heater/AC quit working.

    Interior lights quit working.

    Windows, when not rolling down by them selves, will only work intermittently. I have to repeatedly push the window control and it will eventually move but only a short distance (not all the way up or down). Seems to be shorting almost.

    Driver rear window will only roll down when the car gets a mind of its own and rolls all the windows down.

    Driver side door lock control quit working.

    Clicking noise from driver side and trunk constantly unlocking. I have stopped the clicking by pulling the fuse for the locks and this stops the trunk from popping by itself.

    I did some research online causing me to pull the CCM. It is is great shape. Dry as a bone. No water looks to ever have leaked to floor boards. No corrosion. Wires look great.

    I know about the possibility of, when new, one could roll all windows down with drivers door lock. Could that lock mechanism be causing many of these problems. That lock no longer works. The cylinder just spins freely? Could it all be broken and causing the whole electrical system to short out?
  • Hey guys I know this is unrelated but ive got an 06 passat that appears not to have a AUX port. but if you press the cd button twice it will show AUX mode. Ive checked in the middle console and its not there, there are however two cords in my glove box that are labeled "R" and "L", im guessing right and left speakers. its a male cord with three or four prongs on the end. What do i do so i can make my music play from my Mp3?
  • my car is having a lot of the same electrical and water problems that have been mentioned by others...I don't know anything about cars, but went out and looked under the hood. I noticed a pool of water under my battery, so I am assuming the drain under the battery is clogged since I read something like that in someone else's post. What is a CCM???? and if I take the battery out, can I clean out the drain myself or do I need to take it in for that?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Actually, there are two drains in that area; one under the battery and another under ther brake booster. However, there was a recall on this by VW - you might want to call them and see if your car qualified for it.

    But if you DIY it, yeah, pull out the battery and you should find a rubber grommet installed in a hole in the sheet metal. Clear that area of debris/dirt/leaves to get the water to drain. Then remove the grommet. Same under the brake booster.

    The CCM is the Comfort Control Module. It handles a lot of electrical stuff onboard - power windows, sunroof, maybe locks, I can't remember. The CCM is located in a recessed section of the floor under the driver's feet, under the carpet.
  • 82spy2882spy28 Posts: 1
    im having problems with my alarm it does not shuts off and i can not start my car does anybody knows what to do? :cry:
  • kseeksee Posts: 2
    My 2003 passat has died. Only 95,000 miles. I heard something running in it yesterday when it was off and today the whole thing is Dead. Help, I afraid that it will cost a mint on monday when I bring it to the dealer.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You'll need to post more info. What did it sound like? How long did it run? Did you check under the hood? What engine do you have? Thanks.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    Hi !

    My rear light started acting up (well it should be called 'acting down' as they were not operational from time to time). It seems that my light switch broke and after replacing it everything is back to normal.

  • Hi There,

    My husband just bought a 2002 VW Passat W8 in May of this year and a month later was experiencing deep puddles of water in the back driver's side seat. We lived in Seattle at the time, so it rained often. Shortly thereafter, he began haviing electrical issues with the car, such as the trunk not opening, and the automatic door locks not working.

    He bought an extended warranty from the dealership in Oregon where he bought it, and just brought it into a VW here in Minnesota for the 60K miles routine maintenance. He asked then to check out the electrical issue as well since it was already in the shop. The mechanics just told him that it would cost $4000 to repair the electricacl system since water had flooded and corroded the system. He said the the extended warranty would not cover this repair since it wasn't a common or acknowledged problem.

    Could you send the pdf for the recall again or a link so that we have proof that this is a common enough problem that a recall has taken place? I would really appreciate your assistance and would be forever grateful. This car really was my husband's dream car, and now he calls it "Christine" (from Stephen King's movie) because it's been nothing but trouble since he purchased it. Thanks so much.

  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469

    Do you mean the light switch on the dash or the switch on the brake pedal, under the dash? Just curious. My brake light switch went bad once, but it kept the brake lights on all the time, even when the car was off. I had to pull the fuse to stop it from killing the battery before I could get it fixed.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    The switch along the knob in the dash.
    It started a few months ago with lights not turning off after turning the switch and burnt plastic smell.
    I ended up replacing (or rather paying mechanic to do this) the whole switch in the dash.

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    edited September 2010
    VW issued recall to fix moonroof drainage piping. Somebody got bridght idea that leaving the pipe open will probably splatter too much so they made the ends much narrower so water would trickle drop by drop.
    Well this design is prone to clogging and when it clogs water gets into the car and expensive electronics is on the floor under the driver's and passenger's seats.
    For more water fun there are drains under the battery, which when blocked allow water to enter the passenger side through cabin air filter opening.

    I think you can try to call VW and ask them for recall notices to be sent to you.


    PS This is recall for plenum - battery/cabin filter
    NHTSA recall link
  • I have a "new" to me 95 Passat. Tonight the interior dome lights, the power locks, the sun roof won't work. The clock resets to 12:00 every time you start the car. Could not find any fuses that we bad. Help?
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    had its clock reset itself when battery was weak. Check battery.

  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    Have a 95 Passat VR6, Got from a guy who got from another guy that got it from the owner. Know nothing about the car. Battery goes dead after sitting for a week or two. Not tagged. Daughter getting ready to drive and want it reliable. Slow draw somewhere? Any ideas where to check first? Heard I can disconnect the ground to the battery and use a test light on each fuse? Also saw a TSB on the radio drawing too much. Solution for that? Thaanks , Jeff
  • I would start with the obvious. If the battery is over three years old it probably does not hold a charge that well anymore. If the battery is good try connecting an ammeter in series with the positive battery terminal with everything on the car turned off. It should read no more than 1 microamp and only because of the car's dashboard display. If the ammeter reads more than this then there is a draw somewhere. The next step is to try and isolate the source of the draw. How? With the ammeter still in place, pull the fuses one by one and reinstalling the fuse if it does not stop the draw. Once you locate the fuse that stops the draw, you have found the circuit where the draw is coming from. The next step now is to locate the component in that circuit that is causing it. If you cannot locate by visual inspection, do the same thing as you did with the fuses. Disconnect each component until you find the one that stops the draw.
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