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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • When I got my Passat tdi 2002, only had a few minor concerns, ie; couldn't open the boot lid using the switch on the drivers door; some of the warning lights on the dash wouldn't illuminate; still the car ran ok. Then the alarm started going off for no reason, thats when I started searching the web for info, took the carpet up to reveal the ccm box & wiring. these were wet but nothing major; anyway let it all dry out for a bit and the alarm started to behave itself. Latest thing is that the car thinks the drivers door is open; took it apart; took the lock mechanism apart resoldered the lock curcuit board; put it back together but the problem remains. Inspected inside the ccm box and all seems well, all fuses checked, all ok, no visible problems with all wiring leading to ccm box apart from it still being damp ( havn't had chance to sort leak out yet ). Disconnected the light in drivers door and turned all interior lights off so battery doesn't discharge but still get the door open sign and beep on the dash when driving ( ironic, cos this didn't come on before this problem arose ). Not sure about next step, any ideas would be welcome lads, cheers
  • jojodsmjojodsm Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Passat that hasn’t ran in 1.5 yrs. I gave up on it when I found a junker that would actually start every time I turned the key. Now that my junker is dead, I’m doing my best to figure out what is wrong with the Passat.

    Trouble started shortly after I inherited it:
    – The windows would come down on their own (usually part-way)
    – The alarm would go off intermittently (I would have to turn the key in the trunk to disengage)
    – The battery would be dead first after a week or so. Then a few days. Then a few hours (I replaced the battery to no avail)
    Now, 1.5 years later, after changing the battery again, putting a little Heat in the gas tank and replacing the tires, it started once and ran for about 10 minutes (idling), then died and hasn’t ran since, which was a few days ago.
    We checked the wires going into the CCM and they appear to be fine. We looked at the CCM board itself and appears to be in good shape. The light on the door next to the driver’s lock began blinking after we put everything back together, and the alarm appears to be engaging now by turning the key in the trunk. When we try to start it, the alarm goes off and the only way to turn it off is to turn the key in the trunk again (I don’t have a fob). I am assuming this is by design, but I find it odd it worked after we disconnected then reconnected cables in the CCM. Maybe that is my issue and we can't find the corroded wire?
    The digital readouts on the dash (the mileage and the digital clock) stay on all of the time. I’m assuming something is draining the battery but there may be multiple other issues.

    I’m frustrated and don’t have a lot of $ for repairs. Any other guesses what this may be?
    Thanks for any help you can give!
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    I have a 96 that had similar issues. My mileage stays on as well. I've been told that moisture can get under carpets and get to the ECM? Check both passenger and driver side. I think I had the most luck removing my fuses and reinstalling. Maybe one is grounding out or something but that seemed to fix my problem.
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