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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • Hi sorry guys this is my first time using this site, was just reading thru it as ive got a problem with my VW Passat, there seem to be good responses to peoples problems and great feedback, hope you will be able to help me.

    Basically the red lights on the side of the grills (from where hot and cold air comes in, which can be closed, opened, moved left right, every car has 4 of these on the dashboard)are faulty. the two on the passenger side (left) are fine and come on when the lights are turned on, but the 2 on the right dont come on (the lights i'm on about are the ones which are on one side of every air grill above and under the knob you turn to close or open the flaps).

    i have a feeling this is a problem with a fuse as only two are turned off and two are on (lights).

    i dont know where the fuses for these are. i had a similar problem with the sidelights before when the front and back sidelights on the left of the car only didnt come on, a car electrician checked some fuses on the right hand side of the dashboard- he opened the door and took off the end pannel to reveal the fuses, checked a few and replaced one of them and the lights were working fine.

    i have cxhecked all the fuses on that side but found non that are fused, could you please let me know what i should do or where to find any other set of fuses which may have gone.

    i would really appreciate it if someone could reply and let me know how to solve this problem. if i havent posted this problem in the right place could someone please forward this to the right department and let me know via e-mail where they have posted this note. i would be very grateful.

    i know i sound very stupid, but i am unfortunately a novice at this...thanx for your time guys.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Cptn Jack - yours is not an uncommon problem. I'm going to disagree with you and guess that it's not a fuse, but rather the bulbs themselves. Part number is 3B0-919-243-B.

    You might find instructions for the replacement of those bulbs if you google dash vent light bulb replacement Passat.
  • I recently purchased a 99 passat, and the drivers window does not work, i have tried new switches, and 3 used window actuators, when i push the button i hear click from the electronic board on the window motor, but thats it. I have removed the electronic board, and put power direct to the motor, and it works? All other windows work any suggestions?
  • My 99 passat has the engine light come on, often, the oil light intermittent and the airbag light now permanantly on any ideas
  • Hey Their, I have a 2000 Passat that everything seems to work just fine except the dome lights...yes...14 is fine. The bulbs are good and Like I said all other stuff seems fine. Alarm does act a lil funny sometimes. Sometimes not responsive. Any ideas as to why I cant get the freaking dome lights to work? I have seen stuff about the CCM but why would everything else seem to work fine?
    I am in the dark with a black leather interior and I AM SCARED OF THE DARK :cry:
    Any Ideas Guys????
  • Hi, I am new to this kind of thing so please be patient with me!!
    I have an elderly VW Passat Estate (we call them estates in the UK). For no good reason my drivers door window will suddenly decide to open by itself. It will alos sometimes do it as I start the car up. Up to now the passenger window has been OK but it has suddenly started to open when I start the car. Also the rear windows won't open and the switch on the dashboard that stops the rear windows opening has no effect. I am beginning to assume that there is a control module somewhere that might be causing the trouble by sending signals to the window motors that it shouldn't be sending. I don't know but reading some of these messages on the site I think there is such a unit. If so, does anyone know where it is and is it easy to change? Thanks in advance.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Yes, there is a comfort control module that may be the culprit. It's located in a well under the front passenger compartment floor in the 1998-2005 models (older years, I have no idea). The problem could be that water has infiltrated the well holding the module, causing it to behave badly. Can't recall if it's on the right or left side, so you'll need to explore this further.

    You might ask "why is water getting in my car?" Read all about it here:
  • Hello all. I just finished reading through this forum and didn't see anything quite like this.

    I bought my Passat in August, kinda cheap for the area and the car. A month later, the battery went dead. I got a jump start and got home okay, but the battery didn't hold the charge. I replaced the battery with a top of the line Bosch after having Pep Boys test the electrical system to make sure it wasn't the alternator.

    Two and a half months later, and I'm back at Pep Boys with a dead battery which won't hold a charge. They test everything again, tell me it was just a bad battery and replace it (free of charge since I got the extra warranty).

    Two weeks later, and the battery died on me again. I can't possibly think my luck with batteries is this bad. I'm relatively certain it isn't the alternator, since the second time my battery went dead I drove for 45 minutes off a jump start with no issue.

    Any thoughts?
  • ;) Hi all, soz for not replying back, as i said it was my first time, and got loadz of other stuff to sort out too. finally found my password and username. details were not in the computer so couldnt post a reply to the response i got.

    Thank you very much, i stand corrected, the problem was the bulbs, i opened the dash vents as shown
    in the pictures and it was exactly the same, i even managed to get the tricky part of pulling out the bulb, it took me 45mins but now i can take out the bulbs in a few seconds, cool...

    However the site said buy the bulbs online for about £3.89, excluding postage and packaging. but when i went to dealers to find out if i can get them quicker at probably the same price or a bit more, the dealers gave the bulbs for £3.08, buzzin. have changed the bulbs and love it, the lights are workin......

    Will be back if have any other problems, Again, ewant to thank the person who helped me and Wish you all the best, as this is the best site i have ever seen, rapid response, ive been recomending you lot left, right and centre. You da best guys, THANX THANX THANX THANX.............

    Reply if this gets to the right person, again dont know ow to get in touch with them directly but if you get this please pass it to the right persomn who helped me so they may let me know the received this... i really do want them to know how much i appreciate this help.

    Take care all, BYE and THANX again...
  • nishwnishw Posts: 3

    I had a variety of similar problems on my 2002 Passat, (no indicators but hazards worked, no wipers, no heater). Turned out to be the ignition switch, it cost £22. My dealer was brilliant, and seeing as they couldn't diagnose it after 2 hours, they did not charge me anymore diagnosis time.

    So check out the ignition switch. All the bad earth problems for random electrical componets seem to stem from the switch. Pass it on.

    Good luck.

  • Hi I have a 2000 vw passat diesel and both my front sidelights dont work checked all the bulbs and fuses and they all seem fine. if i put the lights onto main beam or flash the lights then all the lights work so i cant understand whats causing them to not come on when i turn the switch to the 1st position my M.O.T is due soon and really need to get it sorted any suggestions???
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Glad to hear that the hint worked out for you.
  • Hey- anyone out there with a new Passat having problems? I have had my leased Passat less than 2 months and it has been in and out of repair several times. The AC has gone out twice- blown fuse according to the service manager. Among other items that have been repaired: fuel gage/satellite radio receiver/drivers side makeup mirror and ants in the gas tank (???). I have had many new cars and never ever have i had the problems that i have had with the Passat. I chose the Passat because of the "fantasic" reputation that VW's have, but I guess i did not do my homework very well.
  • Forgive me i'm very new to this,
    I have a 98 passat gls, I bought it used, and im starting to have some very weird electrical problems.

    The lock and unlock only work occasionally, the driver side is usually the one doesnt work.( and yes i said usually, but it any time it could be any door) Then its the weirdest thing,all four windows just roll down by themselves??? I cant explain it? Ive tried to just lock and unlock manually but the driver side lock just keeps turning and turning? Dont know if thats related or a completely different issue all 2gether?

    The other question i had, is when im driving the locks just go up and down and the hazard lights flash a couple of times. There doesnt seem to be any method to the madness,its all just completely random. Im just a little taking back by my cars recent behavior????

    I would really like to get these problems figured out without dumping alot of money into the VW dealerships series of test.....

    If you have any ideas please let me know, im open for anything about now.

    Thank you
  • 94 V/6 5spd GLX Wgn. all the bells and whistles. It has a couple problems now that have me stumped. If it sits 3 days the battery is dead or mostly.
    When I bought it the electric door lock on the Pas door was messed up and you could not open the door. My son opened it and disconnected the lock from the device. #2- When you put on brakes the Turn signal indicators glow and the blinking quits with right or left signals. They glow when you use the brakes lights on or off. More with lights on.
    #3 I have no way of knowing which fuse will disconnect the power locks.
  • My 99 Passat has recently had another set back. After already having the ABS computer replaced, cruise control switch replaced, coolant tank replace - 3 times, I was on a good stretch of 2 years without any major problems. Now, all of the sudden, the car alarm has started flipping out every time you try to lock the car. I tried "resetting" the alarm by locking the trunk with a key, but that doesn't work any longer. We disconnected the battery to try to reset the car, but now the Tiptronic doesn't work and the transmission shifts hard out of first gear. I recently had the air filter replaced at the Jiffylube (possible blocked drains?) Also, the AM radio doesn't work and CD player occasionally goes into error when its cold (this is an old problem). Could this be the CCM or TM? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :confuse:
  • Did u ever figure out your electrical issue with your passat I have a 99 that is doing the same thing.
  • I have a 99 passat that I am having trouble with anti-theft system. When you lock the doors the alarm sounds. And the interior light will come on and off on its own. Help!!!!
  • centcent Posts: 3
    i just purchased a 2006 passat from Quirks in Braintree. The car has alot of problems for a 2006, the low control arms are gone on both sides, the brakes you can hear 2miles down the road, there are ice pellets on my trunk floor in the mornings and lets not forget the dealership never serviced my car before delivery. I had the car checked out at another Volkswagen place thats how I know about these major problems. But where I purchased it from says there is nothing wrong with the car. HELP
  • I have been having electrical problems also with my 1999 vw passat. Im not sure but i read in the repair manual if your factory radio has been taken out it will disarm the security system causing all sorts of sensor problems even causing car not to run
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