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Acura TSX Audio



  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    Does anyone have definitive information as to what type of discs will play in the system?

    I know DVD-Audio, Audio CDs, and WMA/MP3 discs will play. What about DTS encoded CDs?
  • I have the base tsx...does anyone know if a usb flash drive will work to play audio through the existing controls (i.e. not like an aux input, where the controls are within the mp3 player)?
  • My car battery died yesterday, and like always after recharging, I was prompted to enter in the anti-theft code. I tried entering a 5 digit code radio code, however it wouldn't let me, so I entered the 4 digit code for the navi first. However, now I'm unable to enter a code for the radio. It tells me that the code is needed, however it doesn't prompt me to enter it. None of the buttons associated w/ radio or CD work. I called the dealership & they told me that I need to bring the car in for them to look at it. However I wont be able to for the next few days, and was hoping that maybe someone else came across the same issue.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I know that if you put the wrong code in so many times it locks up. You then have to wait a certain amount of time and try again.
  • the issue is that it doesn't let me enter in the code at all. I was only able to enter the code for the navi. which is a different code.
  • I have an '08 TSX w/Nav and did not purchase XM. Is there a way to delete the 2 XM bands as choices when I move through them by pressing the "Mode" button?

  • sbrodiesbrodie Posts: 13
    I need to get to the antenna plug, behind the radio so I can plug in a Y cable. Will I be able to do this w/o removing the radio?. If not, how difficult is that removal. I watched someone do it once, when they were repairing my CD changer, but I don't recall what they had to do.
  • suharshsuharsh Posts: 15
    Just leased one today. i wanted the tech package badly. But the difference between the two was about $60/month which was high for just audio and navigation (barely use it).

    In this thread there are complaints of excessive bass and I think the bass is on heavier side on the 2012 too. However I turn off both the sub woofer and reduce the bass setting into a 'minus' number.

    The audio quality is certainly acceptable. I did feel a difference between a song that is on the iPod vs that is on the CD (mp3 format)!

    So far I haven't tried any other PMP - like Sony or a USB drive either. I did try connecting my kindle and that didn't work.

    Before selecting the Acura TSX, I test drove Lexus which comes with a Pioneer system and the preferred the Acura one.

    The equilizer offers only Bass and Treble - my 14 year old Sony car CD player offered mid-range! So far I haven't found any customer equalizer settings - like rock, pop ... etc (which anyways are usually not worth much).

    So far I am happy (not ecstatic) about the sound system. It is nowhere close to ELS system in Tech package but is certainly a big upgrade overy my other car Toyota Camry audio system.
  • suharshsuharsh Posts: 15
    After playing around with the bass, subwoofer and treble settings - finally down to where I have started to like the Acura TSX (non-tech package) system.

    I have tried iPod (which I hate) and my Sony X-Series walkman. Whereas attaching the iPod to the USB gives lot of control through the car buttons, I don't like the audio. The Sony when connected is recognized as a flash drive. So instead of buying a new iPod for the car itself, I am thinking of getting 16gb - couple of them. The problem is that all the folders are shown at the lowest level - so for e.g if I have parent folders for Pop, Rock, New Age, Classic ... so on and have sub-folders within those, then display just shows them in some order and not in categories.

    So the question is how do I categorize via playlists or folders? One very crude option would be to create folders like Pop (A-M), Pop (N-Z) and then drop the respective audio files in each of those folders. Any other alternatives?
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    does the Ipod interface come up on a large screen? Last time i went to look at one (2011), it only comes up on that small narrow screen unless you get the tech package and that small screen is useless
  • tx512tmtx512tm Posts: 1
    i changed my batt. the other day and i found the code to get the navi back on. then it asked for a code1-6 and now the display says codee. i checked fuzes but nothing yet anyone know whats going on.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    it has two sets of codes - one for the navi ans another just for the radio. You enter the radio code via the tuning knob if I remember.
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