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Acura TSX - Body Side Molding



  • Hi ,

    It looks very nice, are they painted to match the color ( is Red available?) Can you give some more info about installation ?

  • How long did it take? What kind of planning?
  • Based on my conversation with the order desk, I seems that Sportwing paints the mouldings in house as part of the custom mfg. process so you should be able to get them in any TSX color. They're are painted and made up only after the order is received. As for the installation, it takes a little planning because the flat doors of the TSX have no embossed creases to make it easy to align the mouldings. I tried several trial fittings using black electrical tape to mock-up the look of the installed mouldings. After getting the placement to my satisfaction, applying the mouldings was relatively easy, just peeling off the backing and affixing them. Caution, make sure you have them positioned exactly, because once the adhesive touches the car, that's pretty much it. No repositioning is possible.
  • Aloha,

    I just wanted to thank you for this information...recently bought a 2006 TSX and I'm very concerned about side body dings. Were you provided a template with the moldings?

    Thanks in advance for an early reply and Happy Holidays!

  • My apologize for the post...just noticed the follow-on posts WRT the same.

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  • waw40waw40 Posts: 39
    Has anyone found a good source of color body moldings for TSX, in particular for a Milano Red?
  • waw40waw40 Posts: 39
    I got non-magnetic side moldings for my TSX from They need the car paint color code.
  • After reading all posts here, I finally decided to order one from and install myself. Since the company is in Cleveland and they have good in stock. I got my molding in second day. The color extactly matches and installation is simple. Highly recommend. :)

    2007 TSX, Carbon Grey Pearl, color code: NH658P-C
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