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Acura TSX Rattles and Noises



  • presleypresley Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info!
  • hbranschhbransch Posts: 8
    Wife's 06 TSX new in March, 5000mi - currently in for service fixing the driver's seat squeak and trying to track down the sunroof rattle. Will post any updates on what they found or solved. Glad we have a forum to collectively voice these issues.
  • My car is fixed now.I took it to the dealer 4 weeks back. Dealer said that the seat base was not an original Acura part and was some other companie's part. He ordered the part and kept the car for one week to fix the problem.

    The loaner was a TL for one full week. I enjoyed the TL's acceleration alot. Anyway, after I got my TSX the seat sqeaks problem is gone. Now its all quiet in the car and I dont need to worry abt any sqeaks in the corners.
  • thomatlthomatl Posts: 7
    Gee, I thought I was being over-sensitive when I immediately noticed on my new '06 that the driver's seat squeaks and the sunroof rattles with the slightest flex of the vehicle.

    Appreciate your updates and will do the same after mine goes to service.
  • tsxmodstsxmods Posts: 7
    Found possible fix for the squeak problem. Fixed mine in 2 minutes. Loosen all 4 bolts, no need to remove them. Pick up on the back of the seat and push it toward the front of the car. While holding the seat, tighten down the rear bolts, let go of the seat and move to the front and tighten those down. FIXED !!

    Talked to a Acura shop tech, he said that just about all of them with this problem was solved like this according to the TSB.

    Hope this helps!!
  • My guess is that this will work for a while, but it will come back. Have you seen the TSB on this? It involves them actually reshaping the floor of the car under the seat to allow more room so the metal seat frame doesn't rub against the floor - in addition to doing the steps you just talked about.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    Are you still visiting this forum? If so, did you ever get the popping/creaking sound near the passenger side A-pillar/windshield area fixed? Was Acura able to fix it? I bought a 2007 TSX in February 2007 and it has the very same sound coming from the very same place. It is so irritating. I took it in on March 30th and they put some felt between the passenger side A-pillar and the dashboard and the noise stopped. Unfortunately it came back exactly 1 month later and is as loud as ever. Its going in for a 2nd "fix" on Monday, but I have little faith that they can fix it once and for all. It is really stressful listening to that on my 40 mile commute after working all day! If they can't fix it after3 or 4 trys, I'm going to ask them to buy the car back under the Calif. Lemon Law even though I love the way the car drives - transmission in particular is awsome!

    Anyhow, if your noise problem was solved please let me know how they did it. Thanks!
  • tbedrontbedron Posts: 1
    I had a 2006 TSX and I just bought a 2008 TSX. Both cars have the same popping noise you have. Both cars developed the noises within the first 1000 miles. Unbelieveable. (WHY ON EARTH DID I BUY A SECOND TSX???)

    The dealer (two different ones) have told me, basically, that I am crazy. So I fixed it myself in the 2006. I put a small wooden wedge in between the A pillar and dash, in the same spot your dealer did.

    In my 2008, I am still working on it to get it right. This time I am using small rubber washers, but I don't think they're thick enough. Need something about a hal inch thick.

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT 1) I was dumb enough to buy another one, and 2) there is such a lack of support from the dealers, and 3) that this is a $30,000 car. My 15 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee rattled less. (but was a piece of crap mechanically.)I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ACURA. Buyer beware.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    i own a 06 tsx that developed the rattle at about 18,500 miles. I mentioned it to the service advisor the last time I took my car for service. they made some adjustments and no more rattles (knock-on-wood) It now has 23,600 miles and I love it. WILL BUY ANOTHER ACURA. VERY QUIET CAR EXCEPT WHEN I HAVE MY MUSIC ON.
  • Had an '04 with so many rattles, they rebuilt the right front door, and still couldn't fix it. It had clutch problems, electrical problems, and ultimately I used the Lemon Law to negotiate a brand new '05 replacement.

    Couldn't believe Honda could screw up twice but they did. More rattles, brake problems, a sunroof that cracked and had to be replaced, electrical problems...11 stays in the shop, not counting normal maintenance.

    Never again...just got rid of it for a Mazda 6.

  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    sorry to hear you had so many problems with your tsx. my o6 is still excellant with no rattles (knock-on-wood) now 11 months old with almost 29,000 miles. mazda does have excellant cars also-we had a 1991 mx-6 gt 5spd. when we sold it almost two years ago it had 250,000 miles with the original turbo, engine, transmission, clutch and ran excellant. the new owner repainted it, put in new seat covers but nothing mechanically had to be done. still driving it. almost bought a mazda-speed 6 but the dealer was terrible.
  • cgr1cgr1 Posts: 1
    Hey Guys,

    I have owned Hondas and Acuras for a long time. I have a 2004 TSX, and have discovered that the brake rotors become warped because of moisture, so much that when you brake at over 50 mph, the front end rattles and shakes as if it has a real suspension problem.

    I have spoken to 2 dealers and they say it is a common problem, on many Acuras. I called Honda HQ and explained the problem to 2 customer complaint reps, but they do not acknowledge that it is a problem.

    I see it as a problem that needs a recall and I am campaigning for it. Normally you get a brake job when the pads wear out. In this case, the pads are still very Acura service rep measured mine and I had 40% left, but still I had the shaking an rattling. The rotors warp before the pads wear out and you are left to get a new brake job prior to wearing out the pads. This is real new to me.

    I have advised Honda that I plan to get the word out, since I understand that several of the Acuras now suffer from this problem.

    I have been a Honda and Acura customer for over 20 years and this is the first issue that has got me so upset..there is nothing mentioned of this problem on the Acura troubleshooting website, there is no current recall, and the reps that I spoke to seem to dismiss this as not a problem!! This is not the attitude I expect from Honda, so I am reacting!!

    Do you know of anyone who has this problem??? Let's get a campaign going on this. I think Honda should do a recall!!

    Hope I can get some agreement.

  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    The rotors on my 06 tsx, bought new 11/17/06, warped at about 43,500 miles. The dealer fixed them free. (under warranty) in April. My car now has 55,000+miles. I heard bmw's have that problem with warped rotors. The rotors are my 03 hyundai elantra GT warped at about 48,000 miles. The dealer fixed them and put on new brake pads for free.
  • stones3131stones3131 Posts: 21
    I had this post in another section of the TSX forum, so I figured I'd post it here too.

    My '09 TSX is about 2 weeks old and I noticed a rattling sound coming from the front.

    I hear this sound when I am accelerating and reach anywhere from 15-25mph. Once I go past 25mph it goes away.

    Does anyone else hear this sound or know what it could possibly be? I took the car to the dealer last week and they said they drove the car for 3 miles and didn't hear anything.

    I went back to the dealer yesterday and had the tech drive with me and he heard rattle too. His first question was if I was using premium fuel and I told him I was not. He said he'd take a look at the underneath of the car, but he knew the rattle was due to me using regular gas.

    Is this really true? I got this car on 6/24/08, have put fuel (87-regular) in it twice and already there's an odd rattle coming from the engine because I'm not using premium?

    And the kicker is right before I went to the dealer I filled the tank up with regular too. So now I have to wait to fill up again to see if this sound goes away.

    Also, should I try buying one of those octane boost things from Pep Boys or something?

    My co-worker, her daughter, and her son all have ’08 TSX’s and they use regular and they don’t hear a thing. I might just go to another Acura dealer to get their opinion.
  • I am replying to my own thread. It's now been over a month since my original post and sure enough I still hear this rattle. Truth be told, the first two full ups of gas I had was used with 87 octane, but the three fill ups since have all been premium. I went to another Acura dealership and the tech drove my car and he heard the rattle, then he drove the two "loaner" TSX's and he heard the same sound in them. I too drove one of the "loaners" and kinda/sorta heard the sound.

    Is this really a characteristic of the '09 TSX? Will the rattle eventually go away as I keep putting premium gas in? If this is truly a characteristic of the car I'm wondering why other people are posting...
  • phycsphycs Posts: 3
    I picked up my 2009 TSX on Oct 2nd, 2008 and after around 4 weeks I had noticed that rattling sound (or a knocking/pinging noise) coming from the front just like tones3131 mentioned. After my hearing on roads over and over again more than 1 week, I think this rattle could be tachometer related but not speedometer related. I can hear the sound when I am accelerating and the tachometer reading reaches between 2000-2500 RPM and that doesn’t matter what my speedometer says in the same time. I would have to listen very carefully to recognize the noise on highway but it does exist… :(

    I had made a service appointment and am going to stop by my dealership this Tuesday. See if they can figure out what is happening in my car. I will keep you guys posted.
  • Any update on what happened at the dealership? I'd be curious to know what it is. Here's a site I've been checking on recently and there's some good information on it. One of the people who posted is a tech at Acura.

    It's 3 pages of posts, but each one is interesting.
  • phycsphycs Posts: 3
    They haven't contact me. This is REALLY a good customer service I would be satisfied with from Acura. :mad: :lemon:
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    Who is they-the dealer or acura client services.
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