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Acura TSX Rattles and Noises



  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    My opinion: it is a newly redesigned car-the dealers are just learning about the problems. The computer they plug the car in (not like the old fashion days when the mechanic has to litterly look for what was wrong) shows up-nothing. They do not know what to tell you. It is now basically a learning experience for them, also. I would call acura client services and let them know of this problem. If they get enough complaints they might do something about it.
  • gmzzgmzz Posts: 1

    I have the same front end problems, i.e. rattling and steering wheel vibration. I have a 2008 TSX w/26,000 miles on it. The dealer told me the rotors were warped and this is a common problem if the car is driven in city traffic and the brakes are used alot or if a young person drives the car being they are harder on the brakes. My cost is $300.00 to turn down both front rotors at the Acura dealer. I was told this is not a defect and is not covered under the warranty. I have owned quite a few cars in my time and have never experienced this issue at this low mileage. Funny thing is I have complained about brake noise many times to them and they even inspected the brakes before this and supposedly found no problems. I guess rotors can warp in between 3,000 mile service intervals now! The good thing is it's a lease car and if the problems continue Acura can take the car back next year and I will take my business else where.

  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    The rotors on my 03 Hyundai warped when I was driving down a very steep hill. I had to brake harder when I made a sharp turn and drove thru a puddle of water. It caused the brakes to cool down too rapidly. Hence warped rotors. The dealer fixed it free under warranty and included new brake pads. (car had 43,000 miles)
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    additional info: I also own a 06 6MT tsx, bought new 11/06. It still has the original brakes, battery and runs excellent after 88,000+miles.
  • Did you ever get this issue resolved. I have a 1 month old Acura TSX that seems to have the same issue. I took it in and they want to replace the DRIVE BELT TENSIONER. Seems strange to me. And to replace this so soon freaks me out. Had a Honda Accord for years with no issues. Is this car junk? Worried...
  • I own a 2010 tsx w 7500 miles and from time to time no matter the circumstance, I hear a slight rattle on the rear passenger side. Today I heard a light flute like squeak sometimes after small bumps on the road or even smooth road conditions. I have made an appt w a local acura dealer. Has anyone had the same problem? please help. Thank you. :(
  • codyno1codyno1 Posts: 1
    My brand new 2010 TSX V6 had noise coming from under the car whenever the car stop and go or makes a turn. I told them the noise seem to be related to body torque. The dealer inserted shim wedges in the sill panels on both sides of the car. That seem to work so far.
    I have another thumping noise when an idle or cold engine is started. The dealer says it's normal on the V6 due to the vacuum/hydraulic controlled engine mount. I find this thumping noise irritating. Do you have this thumping noise?
  • I have a 2010 TSX with Tech package that I purchased just last month.

    I too hear a "rattle" sound that seems to be coming from the rear passenger side. I checked my trunk to see if anything was moving, but didn't see anything. I completely emptied out my car, and took it to the dealer. They said there were some screws loose in the subframe. They tightened them and said it was all fixed.


    I still hear the "rattle" sound. So, I went to another dealership, and the worst part is, I drove the tech with me, and I didn't hear the rattling sound. He was sitting in the rear passenger seat. It now makes me wonder if that had an effect.

    Since the dealership I bought the car from hasn't fixed the problem and their service sucks, I'm still trying to fight them to get it right!
  • kosta112kosta112 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    This whistling sound under acceleration has got me crazy so I started doing some research.

    Most people say the dealer told them it's normal and I guess most people just live with it. I don't think it's normal so I 'm trying to figure it out.

    yesterday I played with the car to try and track it down.
    1. A/C on, noise still there.
    2. A/C off, noise still there.
    3. Checked the cabin filter area while driving, no leaks (common issue on TL and made a whistling noise)
    4. put the car in neutral and revved it while driving on the highway......noise not there...........could it possibly be tranny related?????????

    I want to compile a list of everyone who has this issue and maybe we can figure it out. I guess if I have a long list of people, Acura won't ignore the facts. I heard a lot of people on reporting the same issue as well so I'm going to post there too.

    you can put the info on this thread or emnail me (
    1. name
    2. location
    3. year
    4. a/t or m/t
    5. mileage
    6. try neutral thing and see if noise goes away
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I guess that means my 06 tsx is not normal-do not have that problem. It did have a dash rattle when it was about 6 months old. The dealer fixed it and no rattles since then. Not bad for almost 110,000 miles.
  • Hi I recently traded my tsx in. It was an 09 base after about 25000 miles or so I heard a sound coming from the passenger side window area. I just happened to look up after of course turning the radio down and noticed the outside window garnish was flapping in the wind and creating a whistling noise at first thought it just came loose but after getting to destination and overlooking it a little further had found out the the clips holding the garnish on had broke. They looked flimsy also took it to dealer and they fixed it told me if happened again the would try and find a better way of keeping the garnishes down and tight. Hope this helps. yesterday though just but an 04 with some noises hope to help you with those if I find what the are.

    tim in ohio
  • lavoie02lavoie02 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 TSX with tech package. I have the same high pitch rattle in the rear passenger side of the car. I listen to talk radio alot and this sound drives me crazy. i brought to my dealer and they replaced the rear struts and no difference, they then replaced the sub woofer and no difference. They said they took apart the whole rear deck and rear seat and found nothing. So we decided to take another 2010 tsx for a ride and bam the same sound. The mechanic and service adviser passed it off like it is what it is. So i called Acura customer relations and I was told to talk to the service manager and if that didn't work look at trading my car in. later in the week i am going to have my wife drive the car while I am in the back with the seats down to see if I can pin point it.
  • I have same (similar) WHISTLING problem:
    2010 TSX, 4 cyl, 6spd manual, 35,500miles. Whistles regularly at steady speeds between abt 2800-320 rpm. High frequency. Whistle fades in, stays steady for several seconds, then fades out. I used a lap timer and these cycles were repeating at abt a constant 20sec interval for about a dozen cycles that I measured. 50% of the time it occurs, obviously most noticeable at highway speeds with engine constant. I THINK the sound goes away when AC turned off...

    Car is at dealer today who diagnosed it (incorrectly I believe) as tranny bearings, so they are replacing all under warranty.

    They have me a 2010 loaned (automatic) and guess what, same whistling sound, but not as pronounced as in my standard.

    Any hints out there??
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