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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • I have a 2001 Impala. I have had the same problems, the ISS, the brakes, the Intake lead. I have had the tach problem but did not do anything, just noisy in the cold weather. What amazes me is that GM knows about these problems and they still manufacture these vehicles with the same parts. I am in the market for a new car, since my 16 year old started driving; so she'll have my 2001 Impala. I really like my Impala. But reading the forum, I my discouraged that after 4 years, the ISS shaft problems has not been addressed. I am sure it's the same for the break problem; undersized rotors. Doesn't it cost more for GM to fix these under warranty than to fix the problem at the assembly line? And what do they expect the consumer do? It really amazes me. And they cry when the sales are down and Honda and Toyota are gaining a bigger share of the market. Today, if you compare Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry with Impala, they are in the same price range. So, why would anyone buy a chevy with known problems when they can buy a Honda that will run forever. I do hope that GM and other US car makers will start producing quality cars before they close the doors on manufacturing US cars. It's sad that they don't care and expect the consumers to buy their cars since they are American made (or should I say North American made since Impala is made in Canada). Just venting my frustration.
  • hchu1hchu1 Posts: 17
    You should check the contacts for continuity and for power. If you have a multi-meter it should be easy. If not, see if you can pry the socket out of the holder and physically check the wires for proper connection. The constant pull/push into the socket can cause wear and tear on the contacts or breakeage. Replacement of the socket should be fairly straight forward if needed. Good luck :D
  • whitt6whitt6 Posts: 1
    About 3 months ago I started getting a Low Oil Level Warning from my 2000 Impala 3.4. Oil level is fine - no leaks anywhere and it doesn't appear to be burning oil. Usually the warning will continue (only at start up) until I change the oil then it goes away for about 2000 miles but comes back until next change. Suggestions?

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The ISS problem has been addressed......after several attempts during the past 3 years there is a new part that replaces the original. The brake rotors on the Impala are the same ones used on the Police major complaints from fact it beat out the Police Crown Victoria in brake testing for police vehicles......If you have a complaint about your Impala and the service manager has told you there is nothing he can do, and you believe you have a legitimate complaint, ask the service manager the name of the owner of the dealership.......then write a letter to the dealership owner explaining your problem....send a copy to the service manager as well.....if you get your car serviced at the dealership explain that also in your letter......if you have owned previous GM vehicles say that........If you stop at the point you are at now you have no further reason to complain......its up to you to take further action! Thats how things happen! If you check the box at the top right of this page that says search this discussion and type in noisey tach or brake problems check out all the posts copy them and send them in with your letter to the owner of the dealership, informing him that these issues are common.....Good Luck!
  • denicedenice Posts: 2
    I hope anyone out here can help me since the dealer seems to be stabing in the dark about my problem. Here it is: The blower and the overhead console info sometimes works and sometimes does not....sometime it comes on when I start the car and sometimes it comes on later while driving and sometimes it doesn't come on at far the have replace the blower control ( the panel that houses the buttons etc that control the air, heat they are talking about maybe it is the body control module (which according to all the msgs I have seen, has nothing to do with my problem). Does anyone out here have a clue what the problem may be? 2000o Impala 73000 miles.
  • denicedenice Posts: 2
    Don I just read your msg here and I have the same problem and the dealer can't seem to pinpoint it .....what was the outcome of your problem
  • brucevbrucev Posts: 1
    I recently had the Low Tire Pressure light come on on my 2002 Impala LS. After checking the tires I looked in the manual to see how to reset the light. I used fix number 1 which was turning the interior lights on and off 3 times. That was after trying to use the settings on the radio. I tried for 15 minutes to get the settings menu to come up by holding the Disp button for 5 seconds or longer with the radio off (as instructed by the owners manual). I never got anything to happen. Any ideas here? I'd really like to have that menu available, but I can't seem to access it.
  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100

    How do you check air pressure of the original spare tire? My new '04 car was purchased end of last November, but made about a year before I purchased it. The tires lost a lot of air pressure.

    I have a digital tire pressure guage, and am able to get the tire pressure of the four regular tires ok. To make a good seal for accurate reading, I hold the stem with one hand, and the guage with another. Takes some effort, but I can make it work.

    The spare, however, is another matter. The stem is hard to reach, and impossible to hold while checking the air pressure. It's under the metal "cover" of the middle of the tire.

    This is the second time I have tried to do check the spare's tire pressure. I think the tire pressure is 45psi, vs the 60psi that it should be. But I could have measured wrong. After trying this last time, I figured I'd give up because I'm afraid I could break the stem. :confuse:

    Anyone have ideas? My next idea is to take it to the dealer, but I'd hate to wait for hours for them to check the tire pressure of my spare. On the other hand, I'd also hate to get a flat and not have enough air in the tire.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Most spares are probably low on air.....thats one thing that many tend to overlook and as you say is difficult to check..Most Oil/Lube centres including the GM dealerships offer a 20 or 30 point inspection of your car when you go in for an oil (oil change) appointment make it known that you would like your tire pressures checked including the spare in the trunk....tell them that you have had difficulty checking the spare and you are concerned that the pressure might be low on it.......if you can be present while they check it be there....if not ask them afterwords what the pressure was..........I am sure they will address your concerns......good luck!
  • 02impalals02impalals Posts: 19

    Check some of your local automotive stores for an Air Valve Extension. Someone use to make one. That may help.

    also, if youre refilling up your tire pressue make sure you reset you tire pressure monitoring system.
  • 02impalals02impalals Posts: 19
    im assuming everthing is stock in your imp with regard to your radio?

    reread the resetting istructions carefully. I have no problems with restting anything on my 02 LS imp. if you still have problems, then i would go to your local dealership and see what they can do.

    also, you must have reinflated your tires too.

    Yoiu can try using your light switch again, but dont pull it all of the way out. pull it to the first catch 3 times. i think that how i got mine to reset once. i mostly use the radio to reset everything.
  • jim51jim51 Posts: 3
    hi mac55,
    hate to say it,but this could end up to very expensive. right now i have the same
    prob.and after talking to many people,this seems to be a common prob.

    for starters,get a computer read out to see which wheel is causing the prob. it
    could be a loose connection. anyways the abs sensor which is part of the
    bearing($ incl.)GM PART--which tells the apply the brakes to
    slow the wheels down is defective. very bad design and should be a recall. when
    you put part/lab. not far from $900.

    i called GM, and there is none. this is on 2000 impala. anyways,if you hear of
    something new, let me know.

    hope this will help, jim
  • jim51jim51 Posts: 3
    hi jim257,
    i had same prob. last summer. just like that car would not start. after a towing
    (caa)we found the pos. pole on batt.was broken. real cute.

  • bh628bh628 Posts: 100
    Thanks, I'll look for the extension! I drive approx 350 miles per month, so it will be quite a while before I go in for an oil change.

    I forgot about resetting the tire pressure monitoring system. Thanks for the reminder! I'll add that to the reminder that tells me to check tire pressure.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    "abs sensor which is part of the bearing($ incl.)GM PART--which tells the apply the brakes to slow the wheels down"

    Not quite. Under braking, when the control module sees a lower frequency signal from a wheel speed sensor it releases the brake on that wheel to allow the tire to regain traction.

    If the traction control portion of the system detects a higher frequency signal from one of the drive wheels, it cuts back engine torque then applies the brake on the spinning tire to regain traction.
  • rmancermance Posts: 1
    I just traded a 2000 Impala for a 2005 Camry. I had all the problems, brakes(rotors), steering knuckle, intake manifold leak,dead battery at two years, the whole nine yards. I retired recently and will never buy another GM car. not out of spite but self preservation
  • chevyonlychevyonly Posts: 1
    After years of driving 1980's vehicles, my husband and I decided to step up into the 20th century. We purchased a 2004 Chevy Impala (first new car ever)! Now we are wandering about our decision. Last December we noticed that there was a tapping in the engine when started in the morning or late in the evening in cold weather. We took it to our service center and was told that there was "Carbon on the pistons". They chemically cleaned our engine and said all was good. Later after talking with several people it raised a flag to us.. a new engine with carbon on the pistons? We contacted the Chevy Customer service who advised us to have another dealership look at the vehicle. Which we did. This dealership told me they should have never cleaned the engine, that carbon naturally burns off. Also because of the new design of the piston w/o sleeves, on a cold day there will be some natural tapping because the metal is warmed up.

    So what's right.. what's wrong? Because here we are four months later and I have the tapping again.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    Been there since maybe a year after I bought the car. The noise went away after i had an engine flush and switched oil to natural oil instead of synthetic, but came back within a few days. I would love to know what is causing the tapping. Otherwise, the engine is strong, car is great and only had one major problem which was still drivable from Lancaster PA to Brooklyn NY (upper gaskets leaked after ,80,000 miles and had to be replaced). Car is now over 110,000 miles, and running fine except for that damned tapping noise.
  • kwhittumkwhittum Posts: 12
    I have a 2002 Impala with 52,000 miles. The problem your describing is exactly what I am having. I just replaced my alternator and thought that was the problem. A week later as soon as the temperature warmed the clicking sound returned. Now the security message light comes on when I leave work (on warm days). In the AM when cool no clicking and no security message? Any advise you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

  • kwhittumkwhittum Posts: 12
    Did you ever get this problem fixed? I am heading down the same path. Security message comes on and I hear clicking sound under dash. It only happens on warm days, when it is cool everything is fine? Any advice would be appreciated!

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