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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • bigtwigbigtwig Posts: 2
    I've got a 2004 Impala with 48000 miles. I was diagnosed that the rear brake rotors are almost completely rusted through. The dealer has seen this in other W-body types in 2001 cars, but nothing remotely this new.

    Of course my discourse with Chevrolet got me no where. "It's normal wear-and-tear" - ya, but the car is one year old. Rusting that bad is not normal. I'm thinking about a class action suit.

    Anyone else experienced rotor rusting? Thanks!
  • bigtwigbigtwig Posts: 2
    You should be able to drive a new one off the lot for about that, especially with the new GM incentive available to everyone. Call a couple of Chev dealers in the area and start a price war.
  • refurnissrefurniss Posts: 1
    :confuse: What may cause the rotors to warp? I have 40K+ on my 2004 sedan.
  • chrisis30chrisis30 Posts: 20
    well warped rotors could be caused by many things I can think of four right off the top of my head>two footing when you drive (left foot on brake right foot on gas) will overheat rotors,also panic stops if you are following too close too often,also not using your brakes gradually and applying them all at once at the last second and of course not shifting to a lower gear upon desending a steep long grade. and there are probably some others that I'm missing. tell you the truth these days it seems the brakes are out lasting the rotors maybe the brakes are too metalic or the rotors are just too cheap but I guess we can't have both??although thats a real shame when you spend $30,000 for a car a you have to get the rotors cut at 15K
  • hchu1hchu1 Posts: 17
    To relieve your frustration, I suggest you buy a set of cross-drilled slotted and zinc plated rotors. They can cost as little as $150 per set of 4 or whatever your wallet can handle. If you work on your own car put them on yourself and cut the labor charge. I put on a set myself after having the same problems many on this board have had with rotor warpage. With the replacement rotors I feel as if the brakes work better than new. No more braking vibration or shudders. I hope this helps, good luck. :D
  • kwhittumkwhittum Posts: 12
    Does any ones clock consistently run slow by a two or three minutes? For the first three three years my clock was always losing time. I never thought much about it, but ever sense I had the BCM (Body Control Modular) replaced my clock has been keeping time! I wonder if there might be a connection to faulty BCM's and clocks running slow?
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    One reason I am hearing more about these days is the mechanics not torquing the wheels on properly. Too tight and in the wrong order will do it apparently.

    My 01 LS had the rotors turned at 14K, replaced front AND REAR at 30K !!, turned again at 48K and turned again at about 80K. Brakes pads just replaced for first time! Have heard that the problem is they had to take the asbestos out of the pads and when they started making pads with high metal content, the pads are eating the rotors up. Have heard a lot of ofther reasons by mechanics that don't bear repeating but made me wonder about the quality of anything else they did.
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    01 LS Outside rear door handle just half broke last night. Of the two rods that connect the handle to the inside mechanism, one is ok but the other is broke. Will extended warranty cover this? How much will it cost if it doesn't?

    Door wasn't used that much, compared to driver's door which is always used.
  • rodneysrodneys Posts: 2
    Simple question for you folks. I have a rental 2005 Impala and I can't figure out how to release the foot e-brake.

    Thanks in advance!
  • rodneysrodneys Posts: 2
    Nevermind, I figured it out.

    I've only seen foot pedal e-brakes with release handles.

    In case anybody else is as puzzled (stupid, actually :) as I was, just push the brake pedal down again and it pops back up.
  • dollangeldollangel Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 Impala and had some of the same problems as you. They told me it was one of the coils gone bad, they replaced it and haven't had a problem since. Warranty covered mine.
  • dollangeldollangel Posts: 7
    Yes I think you could be concerned. My engine does not use any oil between oil changes.
  • dollangeldollangel Posts: 7
    Every Impala owner I know personally has had to have the transmission rebuilt or replaced. Costly if not under warranty.
  • dollangeldollangel Posts: 7
    I was told that when you have any problem and any warning lights come on it has to happen like three time in a certain time frame in order for your system to send out a code to be pulled from those crazy machines they hook your car up to. Check into it a little more before taking guesses and spending alot of money.
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Well, knock on wood but among my many problems with my Impala LS, I have 85,000 miles and the transmission has given me no problem. The front suspension creaks and groans and pops (Engine shims installed, hubs replaced); CD radio failed, trim on roof coming off, right rear door handle (the one least used ) just broke, rotors have to be turned every 15,000 and replaced every 30,000 ($500!!) but the transmission is ok so far.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    112,000 miles total, 5 accidents, driving from Brooklyn to Albany once a week for a few months a few years ago, and potholes galore in the 5 boros. Transmission is still going strong, knock on fake wood. I had the same rotor problems too for a while, then got em replaced instead of cut and have been ok since. Getting a used 2003 LS this weekend, hoping it's as good as my 2000 Impala.
  • canamguycanamguy Posts: 5
    Just an extra.. no problems what so ever with the tranny or the brakes. (knock on wood)
  • rusty13rusty13 Posts: 1
    Hello-new here. I bought a 05 brand new about four months ago, now has less than 3,000 miles on it. Several times when I have started it, car will immediately die-always re-starts fine. Almost every time I speed up, usually up a incline, it will miss (the kind you feel, not hear) and "hold back", have also been several times I will put into reverse and it will jert a knot in your neck, not to mention the loud sound. Gonna call the dealer but didn't buy extended warrenty (gut feeling is I should have gone with another car) Really worried. Any thoughts on this.
    Thank you in advance!
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Get your car back to the dealers could be damaging something the longer you drive it.....your warranty should cover any problems, you still have 33,000 miles on your original warranty with GM. You can buy an extended warranty with GM anytime during the first 3 years that you own the car as long as you are within the 3 years/& 36,000 miles......I am not a big fan of extended warranties.....they are very expensive, but to each his own!
  • dollangeldollangel Posts: 7
    You poor soul. I feel your pain. I too have had some of those same problems. My tranny was rebuilt at 96,000 miles.
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