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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • I just had the same problem. The Passloc security system needs to be replaced. If you take it to a GM dealer, it will cost roughly 400 bucks. The sensor is bad, so the vehicle thinks it is being stolen. Hence, the reason it won't start.
  • tweety6tweety6 Posts: 2
    i have the same problem on my 2004 chevy impala too. i only had my car for 8 months and it is out of factory warranty. i called the chevy customer service about it and they told me that if it is a factory problem then they would pay half of it and i had to pay the other half
    to get it fix. i have extended warranty too and they told me that it doesn't cover the windshield leak so i am having problems just like you. if you find out what to do with your leak please let me know too.

  • tweety6tweety6 Posts: 2
    Hi i have a 2004 chevy impala and i was wondering if anybody else have the same problem i do. i called alot of places to find out what i can do about the windshield leaking and everybody i have talk too said that there is nothing i can do. i only had my car for 8 months and when i got the car it had 32,000 miles on it. now it has 37,000 miles on it and the factory warranty is 36,000 miles. i talk to the chevy customer service and they told me that they would pay half and i have to pay the other have to get it fix. i don't think that is right that i should have to pay half to get it fix because it is not my fault that it leaks. i also called the dealer where i bought my car from and told them about the leak. the dealer was really rude to me and told me that he had complaints about the chevy impala's leaking and the GM should fix it. i need help on what to do because my mom is really mad about the car and the dealer that sold me the car. i forgot to tell u that when i talked to the chevy customer service i told them that it was leaking and she said by the windshield but i didn't tell where it was leaking. it only leaks when it rains really hard and now my car stinks because the carpet is ruined.

    thanks tweety6
  • hchu1hchu1 Posts: 17
    You should contact Chevrolet's District office and talk to a customer service person who is not connected with a dealership. Stick to the facts of your problem, you can also go to another dealership for second opinions. Lastly, if you don't get satisfaction or at least a reasonable explanation of what your options are, contact your local Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a relationship with all the major auto manufacturers and you can request a arbitration hearing. Similar to going to court, you present your case and Chevrolet presents their side and the Arbitrator decides what should happen. I believe this should cost you nothing, but your time. If the Arbitrator finds in your favor they may direct you get service at any dealership not just the one you bought it from. In fact, better to get it from someone else, you already had a bad experience once why go back?

    Also, let the District office know about your complaint about the dealership you bought your car from separately from your immediate problem. They are really two separate issues. The following is a number you can contact Chevrolet Customer Service: 1-800-222-1020. Ask for the District Office nearest you, if it is close by a visit might not hurt. Good Luck. P.S. Check your state's Lemon Law, if worse comes to worse it may apply :) .
  • It all started when my fuse for the door locks kept blowing out then out of nowhere i came home went back out to my car to leave and no power no interior lights,no radio, nothing just put a new battery in 2 months ago. when i disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes, it starts back up now it flashes security/battery/service engine soon i can hear a ticking noise coming from the passager side fuse box and the interior light will flicker sometimes it s getting to the point that it wont start with disconnecting the battery and letting it reset itself then i'm lucky if it starts today out of nowhere the fob horn was going on and off about 15 mins apart. any suggestions would be helpful cant get it to the dealer until next week
    :cry: :confuse:
  • At this moment, it has been at the dealrship for 3 1/2 weeks and still reason for the problem. Unfortunately, it won't happen for them. So I now have a loaner car from them until this can be figured out. Hopefully by Christmas. I am thinking that it may be the coil but who knows. When the problem happens, it does not put a code into the diagnostic memory. Now we wait. Let me know if you find something out. Good luck.
  • mean1mean1 Posts: 11
    Here's a new one on 2004 Impala has 11,000 miles and the brakes were pulsating and I'm guessing it's warped front rotors already. But to my surprise it was the rear rotors and the problem was caused by rust. The car had been sitting on the dealer's lot for so long that the rear rotors had rust spots on them. Evidently the rust spots penetrated the rotors and it was so deep they couldn't cut it out.They had to give me new rotors ( and brake pads) because they couldn't turn down the old rotors any more. Did anyone ever hear of a problem like this? I recall that the dealer invoice said the car came to them in December 2003 and I bought it in May 2004. I could see rust on the rear rotors but I figured it was just surface rust. Of course the warranty covered this repair: I hope it lasts.
  • mniebomniebo Posts: 1
    My 2000 impala is getting irritating it has the 3.8 V6 and when you accelerate at a normal speed it jerks or surges like it doesn't want to shift out of a gear usualy it is after it shifts into the higher gears for steady speed and it acts up more on hot days than any other can any one give me a solution it is currently in the shop. if you get on the gas it goes fine.

    It has 74000 miles and the converter has been changed under warranty
  • 2001 Impala base 3.4L. 45K.
    A couple of days after a trip of about 1500 miles, I just saw a big puddle of oil on the garage floor right beneath the engine. (I'm sure it's some kind of oil, not coolant). Before the trip, it had an oil/filter change and 15-point inspection, everything was fine. Now the oil stick level is a bit lower, the coolant level is just right.

    The car got a coolant leak 8 months ago, leaking from both head gaskets, according to dealer. The dealer replaced the gaskets, and changed engine oil as they mentioned the oil got contaminated by coolant. That time I learnt there is a notorious problem with GM gaskets.

    Could the leak this time related to the previous one?
  • txguytxguy Posts: 57
    Thanks to whoever (whomever?) suggested fuel system cleaner for clearing an EGR valve. The check engine light came on and when I ran the code it came back EGR in closed position. I priced a new one from the dealer, $235.00, Yikes! I remembered seeing on this forum something about running a fuel system cleaner to solve the problem. I ran a bottle of Valvoline SynFuel in with a fill-up of Chevron Premium fuel and the condition cleared within half a block after I left the service station. Waaaay cool! Thanks Forum members! Oh and my gas mileage shot back up again. I must have gotten hold of some bad gasoline somewhere. I normally run Shell regular only with addition of Synfuel cleaner, Techroline or BG44K every 3,000 miles. Seems to work well doing that. :shades:
  • I am having the same problem. Its been at the dealer for 2 weeks and they claim they can't recreate the problem. No codes show up. Funny, it happened right after I picked it up from the dealer and then again when I dropped it off. It was happening for months, very intermittently, but then when it got hot, it happened every time I turned off the car. It would take minimum 20 minutes to reset it. The last time it took over 4 hours. I have a 2002 LS with about 43,000 miles on it.

    Please let me know if your dealer figures it out. email me at
  • jrhss2jrhss2 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2003 Monte. It has happened twice. The first time I took it to the dealer they said the sunroof was not draining properly. (bunch of crap) but it has happened again. I have to take it back this Tuesday. I wonder what they will say this time. If you find out anything let me know. I will do the same. My email is

    Thanks you, Jr.
  • impalatimpalat Posts: 2
    Is anyone having problems with oil consumption? We have a 2004 Impala LS and it is using more than normal amounts of oil.

  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    What type of driving are you doing and how much oil are you using? I have a 2001 LS and my son a 2003 LS........He just did a motor trip (highway driving) 3300 miles and used about a litre of oil, or 1 US quart. I use about the same in my 2001 LS mostly city driving. I find that quite acceptable.
  • txguytxguy Posts: 57
    My 01 Imp LS 3.8 has 137,000 miles and uses no oil between changes. I run MobileOne synthetic and change usually at 4-5,000 miles. For me that is about every 60 days. My travel is about 90% freeway with no stop and go. I put it on the synthetic oil at 40K miles. Is synthetic worth it? I'll let you know in a couple of years. :-)
  • impalatimpalat Posts: 2
    The type of driving was highway and city, and I had to add 1-quart at 1500 miles.
  • gregp5gregp5 Posts: 51
    I have an 04 LS thats on it's second compressor in 30k miles.
    It makes a whiny noise most noticable in first and second gear(auto trans).
    I'm thinking about having the dealer look at it again, but I'm wondering, does anyone else have(had) this problem also ?
    Under acceleration does your Impala make the same whine ?
    Perhaps I'm being too critical ?

  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    I called the dealership service department today and reported my pulsating brake pedal and rumble sound when braking at higher speeds. They said it is probably warped rotors. I told them, geeze, the Impala is a 2004 with only 12,000 miles on it! They said, oh, we've seen rotors go that fast. This car was bought in November 2003. I pulled off the wheels and can see rust spots on the rear rotors only. It feels like the problem is in the front though. The car goes in next Monday.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Talking to the dealer service department today and inquiring why the rotors on my 2004 Impala need to be replaced even though the car has just 12,000 miles on it, they said: It could be the new hard composition of the brake pads building up heat on the rotors, hard stopping, or driving through a puddle when the rotors are hot.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    There have been issues with the brake rotors on some of these cars. Many have posted during the past few years. Brake rotor problems are not exclusive to the Impala. I think most car makes have had brake issues. My friend has a 2001 LS, like I have and he had his REAR rotors replaced at 15,000 miles under warranty. The service manager indicated his rotors were defective. It could be a problem with bad batches of rotors, or brakes not adjusted properly. A lot could be to do with driving habits. The Police Impalas use the same brake set up as the civilian cars. Going through water when rotors are hot is really not an issue with warpage. They are designed for all weather purposes. Many who drive highway miles exclusively have reported over 70,000 miles of no trouble and little wear on the pads, and the rotors still true. Hopefully the dealer will replace your rotors under warranty.
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