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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • I have a 2000 Chevy Impala and lately it has been making a weird noise when I accelerate. It did not do this until just recently. I think the Collision center that did my Body work and window did this (hit a 50lb turkey). I also notice that when I put my car in park and shut the car off that the doors no longer unlock. To further complicate things now the car will turn on but, when I put the car in drive, or reverse it won't move. I had to push my car back in my garage. My question is what is wrong with my car and about how much should it cost to fix.
  • I've also a 2000 Impala (3.8l engine) and recently I'm getting a whine coming from the transmission as I accelerate. I haven't noticed any other problems associated with it, but I have noticed if I spin the tires, the noise gets louder immediately (I switched to longer-life tires from a sportier tire this summer, and these tend to spin more on takeoff, even on dry pavement). Typically when I park it and then drive it again later, the noise isn't there...but now at low speeds I can definitely hear a whine, which is clearly tied to the speed of the car (pitch gets higher as car speeds up).

    As for the doors not unlocking, if you check your manual there's a way to set your preferences via the radio to turn that feature on and off...I've always had mine set to lock automatically, but to NOT unlock when I park...figuring that could provide an opportunity for someone to jump into my car unexpectedly.

    NO idea if the car won't move at all many miles do you have on yours, and how long have you had the noise? If the noise is the sign of a pending problem that leads to the car not moving, that might be the incentive I need to have mine looked at now while it's still mobile!! :)
  • Well since it has gotten cold out again my temp gauge is quitting and fans are running constant.It was fine all summer after having the same prob last winter.I have changed sending unit twice I had to change cooling fans because bearings went from running all the time.And its hard to get good heat at 0 degrres with fans running.If i pull the PCM fuse for at least 20 min it will be fine for a while.What part could react to outside temp to cause this.The antifreeze temp and thermo are fine its electrical i think?
  • I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with air flow? I have a 2003 Impala and I only get cold air on the drivers side, no heat. The passenger side has heat! What can I do to fix this?
  • FWIW on the whine I was having with my 2000 model, I happened to check my oil last night and realized I was almost a quart low. I had a 1/2-quart on hand so I put in that much (I'm due a change soon, otherwise I'd have gone and bought a full quart), and noticed the whine wasn't there this morning as I went up my hill. Can't say for certain that it was related to low oil (or that the noise has been eliminated for that matter), but I almost seem to remember this happening once before. Anyway, passing it along FWIW.
  • fatfat Posts: 3
    I know thyat many times a problem can be complicated but,I also had this problem last night with my 2002.I have had not one problem(knock on wood) since I bought it new and (I really like this car very much) until last night when I tried to start it.It went balistic on me with every kind of click and other weird noise a car could possibly produce short of blowing up.I thought an alarm or shut down system had been inadverently I disconnected the battery until I could look this AM because it wouldnt stop even turned off..Well,low and behold,when I went to remove the battery since it was my starting point to check,the negative terminal post just simply fell out.There was no sign of errosion or anything.It looked fine but then I realized that I had done nothing to the battery since I bought it.Needless to say,I went and got a new one and all seems well again.I know this probably wont help much if any but, Im just posting to say that sometimes its a simple,seemingly stupid problem that can be easily fixed....yep even by a girl! As we say in the world of horses....start with the easiest thing first and take it one by one from there.Best of luck!
  • hchu1hchu1 Posts: 17
    What happened to Fat happened to me about a 2 months ago. I posted this earlier, but it might help to reiterate this. If you have the OEM battery check the positive terminal, they have a history of coming off. In my case I found out it was bad by simply trying to get my battery out. Trying to unloosen the terminal it just snapped off. I Googled and found that many others have had this problem. So, if you are having some electrical related problems and have the original battery have it checked out. Putting a meter to check for voltage won't necessarily indicate any problems. A load needs to be put on it, if it is bad this should help bring it out.
  • fatfat Posts: 3're right about that indicator....Mine didnt even show clear or yellow or whatever to indicate a low or problem with the battery.Even though it was your pos. post,it sounds the same.Thing is,there was no indication that I have experienced with other cars(like being dead in the water)that it would be a battery problem. Everything looked ok and pointed to something else ele.really.But I guess because that it has the RAP it just kept going nuts....until I diconnected and then it simply popped off when I went to remove it.Just thankful it happened at home!
  • fatfat Posts: 3
    Hey,Im no tec but do you think that since they have the seperately controlled temp for either side, your problem could be in the switch/temp adjustment or blockage on the drivers side? Just a thought...
  • jminkjmink Posts: 1
    My dash lights go out intermittently, my blinkers work intermittently, also when I push the rear defrost button my radio goes to static. Has anyone had similar problems? Any solutions? :lemon:
  • 2000 Impala
    Help! my blower motor went bad and I replaced but now it will only work on 5. Also sometimes my car starts and sometimes it does not I turn the key and when it gets to start nothing happens no noise or anything.
    please help :cry:
  • Hi all,

    Please help me!

    OK, well it first started when my 2002 Impala LS 3.8 V6 started idling at about 1500 at start-up. I figured that was kind of high and when I would let it run a few minute she would go back down to normal. Last week, she started this weird thing where the RPMS would all of a sudden jump up to about 2500, then bounce down to 500, then feel like it was going to stall. But it would not. This is when the car was in park.

    Now she has decided to die while driving. This is a pain as I really do not want to die at such a young age. I have changed the MAP sensor, fuel filter. Tuesday is a complete plug and wire change, as well as a new crankshaft position sensor. If anyone has any insight on this problem please help me. I would like to stop spending all of my money on this car. BTW, she only has 33000 miles on her. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. :P
  • Has anyone replaced their autodimming rearview mirror? Mine doesn't work anymore and I need to replace it, but don't know if it's something that's easy to do or not. I can order a replacement, but don't want to pay someone a high hourly fee if I can easily do it myself...likewise if it's difficult I'd rather pay someone else so I won't screw it up. :)
  • I read one of the earlier posts about the blower motor speeds not working correctly and some one had said to replace the f resistor. I wanted to know if anyone could help me because I have no idea were it is or how to replace it. Anyone know?
  • My low coolant light comes on everytime I start my car and will usually go off when my temp gauge is at the half way mark(straight up, sorry don't remember temp). My coolant is not low! Is there a sensor that might need to be replaced? :confuse:
  • My rear window defogger does not work. I have checked the fuses, and everything is plugged in. The person who had my car before had a stereo system and tint on the back window. I think they might have messed something up. Any ideas on what I can do to fix? :confuse:
  • Check out for a write up on replacing the temperature coolant sensor.
  • I have a 2003 and even have tinting on the R window, I can't tell any difference at all. The tinting people are aware of the antenna and know how to handle it.
    I have excellent reception-- no prob.
  • I'm not sure if this helps, but about 2 months ago I received a letter in the mail from Chevy about the catalytic converters going bad, and that it was not a recall BUT if you are having "performance problems" to take it in to the dealer to have it replaced free. They are extending the warranty on the converters I believe it was up to 10 years or 150,000 miles.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    The tinting outfit could have done one of the followings:

    1. Disconnect the electrical connection to the defrost grid (rear glass area) and forgot to hook it back

    2. The tinting material may have metalic content and it short the connection of the defrost grid to ground. But with that, at least the fuse for the defroster should be burned out.

    So for sure, check the electrical connection to the defroster. Use a Voltmeter to measure the voltage to the grid when the Rear Defroster button is pushed to see if there is power there.

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