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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • JT- Thanks for the info. I don't have the paper work back yet but they talked of 'resealing' why that, instead of a new gasket??? Makes me a little nervous.
  • I wonder if anyone knows the number of supporting struts under the 05 Impala hood? Recently my car had an accident and was sent to the body shop for the repair. When I got the car, I only saw one strut under the hood. I thought there were two but the guys in the body shop told me there was only one strut for 05 model. I just want to ask the 05 impala owners if this is the truth. Also what does the inner tube of the original strut look like? shining chrome or black? Thanks a lot.
  • kcdkcd Posts: 6
    The dealer said (1) the sound is coming from a computer controlled fuel vapor purge valve, (2) it will not damage anything, (3) there is no fix, and (4) GM has been notified and a case number has been assigned....I'm contemplating my next move...[ it in for Toyota, maybe, or call BBB for advice]. :confuse:
  • Hello, I have a 2001 Impala that I am having the same issue of turning the key over and nothing happens, no noise, clicks, nothing. The dealership replaced the BCM (Body Control Module) last week but this did not fix the problem and is now set on replacing the ignition switch. I'm tired of their guessing and paying for parts and labor I don't need. Any information you could provide me?
  • I also have a 2001 Impala, exact same symptoms, we had the dealership replace the ignition switch, the problem has been fixed.
  • zemmzemm Posts: 1
    I am trying to rebuild a transmission for a 2001 Chevrolet Impala. Does anyone know of where i can get a diagram of the transmission to use when doing this? Much appreciated...thanks!
  • I have the same problem with my Mother-in-Law's vehicle.
    Did you ever get a reply?
  • We have a 2002 Impala that we spent 1250.00 on less then 2 months ago. The car at that time was overheating, the engine lights were on in the dash, there was a low oil, low coolant and check engine on ALL the time. Even though the fluid levels were fine. Finally the temp guage went to the red and I took it straight to the dealer. I could smell an acrid odor but that was it. The dealer looked at it and told us that there was oil in the coolant reservoir-required a cooling system flush, the gasket had to be replaced and that the thermostat had to be replaced. They changed the fuse for the fan as well. After we picked up the car the temp guage hovered at 230 (when previously it was below the halfway mark), the engine light is always on and the low oil light comes on all the time. They told us after using a Tech II to diagnose it again that even though it "looks" like it's overheating according to the diagnostic check it isn't and that we needed a new oil pan sensor. Yesterday, the car went to the red again, fluid levels are normal and I am wondering if they ever fixed the problem in the first place! What could this be?
  • I have oil getting into the coolant on 02 Impala. I have a 3.4 engine. Is this problem related to what you are describing? My last 6 on the VIN are 0262. Your help will be appreciated.
  • I have a 2001 Impala - 3.8 liter engine. A mechanic friend just replaced the transmission with a salvage tranny. We test drove it this evening and the "new" tranny seems to be working great. However, I now have the "Trac Off" light on and the message center saying "Service Traction System." The message goes off when I start driving but the "Trac Off" light stays on. According to the manual, I should be able to turn the traction control back on by simply pressing the Traction On button on the dash. I did this but the "Trac Off" light is still on. Also, my "ABS" light is on and also won't go off. Does anyone have any idea how this could have occurred from changing the transmission and how I fix this? Do I perhaps need to have the computer "re-set" by a repair shop or the dealer?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • hi, i'm having a problem with a 2000 impala, 3.8L. i'm installing a remote starter and when i tried to start it with the key, the security light was on and it would not start, wouldn't even turn over the engine, i took everything out that i did and tried it, and it does the same thing. tried resetting the passlock system by leaving the key in the on position for 10 minutes, came back after 20 minutes and the security light was still on and it wouldn't start. does anyone know what is going on?

    i've looked all over, nothing is unplugged and no fuses are blown, right now the wiring is back to 100% origional and it still does not work, need to get this car out of the shop for the customer so an answer ASAP would be excellent and very very much appreciated, thanks
  • It sounds like someone did not hook up the sensor wires correctly, or not hooked up at all. I would have them recheck all of the wiring harness to make sure everything is hooked up. Also check the fuses to make sure they didn't trip any of the important ones.
  • I have seen of many times that the AC Delco Batteries will discenagrate and become loose from the positive side terminal. This happened to my mother and the whole terminal had come out from the battery and leaked everywhere. You may want to check your connections to the battery to make sure everything is snug.
  • ls03ls03 Posts: 1
    03 LS just went off warranty. 33000 miles.
    2004 computer module that controls cooling fan failed
    2005 Intermediate Steering Shaft replaced
    2005 Delco battery replaced
    2005 Main engine oil leak. gaskets replaced.3.8 L v-8.
    Is this atypical?
    Dealer said the oil leak was common.
    Are there other problems lurking? It's a good car, but...
  • hello, i tried to start my car this morning, and when i turned on the ignition i could hear ticking comming from the fuse box, and my lights on the dashboard were flickering on and off, also i could hear a humming comming from the ignition switch somewhere, and my stereo said locked or something like that, it was fast, only came on once, my lights worked at that time, but were getting dim, then later on in the night after i tried to recharge the battery, the battery was totally dead, i was thinking it could be a new battery, or the starter, or the alternator, or worse comes worse, the computer, anyone have any ideas on what it could be? i don't want to spend hundreds at a dealership, when it could be a simple solution, thanks
  • When my battery goes out on my 2000 Impala (which it has done twice), it gives NO warning. The first time it reacted very similar to your experience, flashing lights and odd behavior like a scene from "Close Encounters." I was able to jump-start mine both times and get it to a shop to test the battery. I'm pushing 90k miles on mine, and so far no starter/alternator/computer problems, so hopefully all you need is a new battery.
  • 3.8L gasket replacement to stop a COOLANT leak (on the upper intake manifold) is very common, but I don't remember any complaints about an OIL leak.

    If you have the auto dimming rearview mirror, it will quit dimming eventually. Probably in another 30-40k miles your driver's power window switch will quit working, a new replacement runs about $90. But it's easy to replace, so unless you're not mechanically inclined at all I wouldn't pay a dealership to install it. Beyond that I think you've dealt with all the other issues.
  • tina5tina5 Posts: 11
    my 2006 Impala shows the tire pressure in the driver information center much lower (4 psi lower) than the pressure gage at the gas station. What pressure is correct ? I assume the one at the gas station would be more accurate ?
  • Hi, I have an Impala 2001 and often my turn signal flasher will stop when being on or will simply not work.

    I've noticed that if I turn on and off the Hazard (button on dash board) the turn signal comes back on! Weird but it works most of the time. As a temp. solution I just do that movement very rapidly, but would like to know if there is any solution out there!

    Is it an electrical wire short ?
    Do you think it's the "Hazard/Turn Signal Flasher" button switch described in your email ?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Yes, it's that flasher module. you can probably replace it yourself if you have a screwdriver and $16.95 for the part at the Chevy Dealer's parts department. go to the website impalahq dot com and check the how-to section to see how to remove the instument-panel (i forget the name of the piece of plastic in front of the dash that contains that hazard button. You can do it yourself in half hour. Much cheaper than spending money on the part PLUS installation which is 1/2 hour in the dealer labor guide. Good luck!
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