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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I hope it's "classic" because you got your vehicle back with a new problem.

    As for your problem, I had the same service performed on my vehicle and the only "problem" I had was that my radio presets were gone. That tells me there was service done on the "computer". I can't imagine anything that may have been done mechanically that would've affected wheel alignment. I would take a good look at it all over and underneath. My guess would be somebody hit a curb or pothole while road testing it. But, with the wheel off-center, who knows. That's pretty significant. I hope it turns out to be something more innocent. :confuse:
  • drat19drat19 Posts: 28
    Update on my "classic" wheel alignment issue on my '06 LTZ:

    Well, it turns out that the brake recall service (computer module reprogram) was NOT the cause of my wheel alignment issue. I confirmed that they did NOT pull the wheels for that service item. Conveniently, there's more to the story than what I originally posted (although I certainly didn't expect the following to be "the issue"):

    One of the other service items I had performed while the car was in the shop was the resolution of an oil leak that developed. The resolution was that they had to order a part - a replacement of the main seal between the engine and the tranny. In order to access the location to replace the seal, they had to drop the tranny. The service manager confirmed that it was certainly likely that while in the process of doing this significant labor, my wheel alignment could have been affected. In fact, when I spoke to him this morning, he wasn't surprised at all...go figure. I'll be bringing the car back in as soon as I can and he's going to do a make-good for me, no problem.

    To you "under the hood gurus" on this forum, I'm not as smart as y'all as regards under-the-hood geography, so while the above may seem "obvious" to some of you now that I've posted the resolution, it certainly was not to me. In fact, it was so "not obvious" to me that it's why this other service item didn't even occur to me when I made my original post, and furthermore, when I call the service manager this morning I didn't even mention it, either. I only mentioned the brake system item; HE reminded me that they also had the tranny dropped to make the oil seal repair, and that it was the more likely cause of the alignment problem.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Regardless of your particular knowledge level, cheap shots like that are uncalled for. But, some folks have to make themselves feel smart by belittling others on subject areas where they have an advantage. Hopefully, the comment was directed at the service you received rather than you personally.
  • drat19drat19 Posts: 28
    Quote "quietpro": Regardless of your particular knowledge level, cheap shots like that are uncalled for. But, some folks have to make themselves feel smart by belittling others on subject areas where they have an advantage. Hopefully, the comment was directed at the service you received rather than you personally.

    Yep, one would hope. This (Edmunds overall, not just this Chevy forum) is usually one of the most "civil" on-line forums in which I participate, so hopefully you're right.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,660
    Since the remark is unclear, the host will give the poster the benefit of the doubt and presume it was not intended to offend, since this topic has always been populated by courteous people. Please inform the host of any breeches in civility.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    There is no fix for this. I went through this issue back in 2001 with my new Impala. The temperature reading was accurate but the MPG were off up to 15% especially city driving. My friend had the same problem and so do many others. My friend and I collectively pushed the issue back then and we were compensated for this. We were told the DIC (driver information centre) only gives an estimate within 15% of actual MPG that was indicated. Sort of a useless device for what its worth, however the temperature readings are accurate.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    While I would agree there is no fix for the faulty computing of mileage in the older cars (my '02 was very inaccurate, my '06 is very close), having a problem develop indicates a worn out part or possibly a maintenance issue (cleaning, adjusting, etc). If the temperature indicated used to be accurate but is now off, it can likely be fixed.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Shortly after my friend and I purchased new 2001 Impala LS cars we noticed that the DIC (driver information centre) was off by up to 15% (in favor of higher MPG then actual. We contacted the service managers at the two different chevy dealers where we purchased the cars. One service manager a personal friend of my buddy said that there were many complaints up to that point about their inaccuracy. We stated that it records MPG to a decimal point so it should be accurate. Its no use if it doesn't work. He couldn't help us. We contacted 1-800-GMdrive the advisor told us there was nothing they could do. We contacted the area GM rep and he met both of us at one of the Chevy dealerships a few days later. He indicated that the devices are not as accurate as they should be and there is no fix. We pushed the issue and asked to be compensated for the useless calculations it was registering. These devices should be accurate. He offered us each 6 free oil/filter changes at our dealerships. We declined. We asked for the cost of the devices to be credited. He said he couldn't do that. His next offer was 12 free oil/filter changes and the opportunity to buy GMs extended warranty (at GMs cost) at any time up until our base warranty expired. We accepted. It was a fair compromise. The GM rep told us that these devices at that time could be out as much as 15-20% especially if a lot of city driving is done in the calculations. The thermometer works accurately but I don't use any of the other modes for calculating. These devices were an option in all 2000-2005 Impalas.

    It had nothing to do with worn parts or lack of maintenance (there is no maintenance on these units.

    I have stated before on this forum if you have an issue with your product within warranty you have a right to have it fixed or repaired. If you are not satisfied with the result then ask to meet a GM rep and explain your circumstances. That usually gets the ball rolling. You paid for a product with a warranty that should be honored.

    Its good to know that the 06 DIC is more accurate. Too bad for the thousands who paid $$$ for this device on their 00-05 Impalas that had the same problems that we had and were never compensated.
  • cmimpalacmimpala Posts: 2
    2000 Impala, 125,000 miles, 3.4 ltr engine

    When I go to the pump, I pull the handle and the filling tube overflows within second if the temp is over 94 Degrees or below 72 Degrees. Any other time if I use a high volume pump it will not fill properly either. Lots of back wash.

    I have checked the tube, not blocked, I checked all connections, tight and seals. No check engine light.

  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    The only thing I can think of is to maybe change the angle at which you insert the nozzle...maybe try turning the nozzle upside-down or sideways...sometimes that can help.
  • I bought a 2004 impala (base model), used, a couple of months ago and I have noticed a couple times that the speedometer will read 0 from the time I start the car untill the time I turn it off. As soon as I restart it goes away. but it is still a concern.
  • mrwaynemrwayne Posts: 20
    Does anyone have the part number for the transmission oil cooler used on the 9C1/9C3? Thanks...
  • i have a 01 impala just lookin for advice and warnings for installing resistor switch
  • mrwaynemrwayne Posts: 20
    Go to message 1284.
  • shotzyshotzy Posts: 1
    I have recently changed the alternator in my 2001 impala 3.8 engine. Haven't been able to reset battery warning light, keeps beeping when starting car, then goes out then I get a quick cal err message on the radio display which does disappear. Does anyone know how to reset this?
  • I bought the 2006 Chevy Impala new and that day noticed a vibration while driving as though I was traveling over a bumpy road. It is constant. After 10 days, at 2400 miles, I brought it back to the dealer. He said he tested it, felt the vibration and checked the tires for balance - perfect, checked the alignment - perfect. The steering wheel does not vibrate, just the whole car - though slightly. The steering doesn't pull to the side. The effect doesn't change when braking. The dealer said he went out in another 2006 Impala on the lot - a brand new one - and it vibrated too. So am I stuck with the vibration for life?
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    Did you reset the "Security" code on your radio?
    I think most Chevy Dealers will do it for free.
    If its not the radio anti-theft device than it is probably an engine code that needs to be cleared. Of course you will need to buy an expensive scan tool or go to the dealer.

    Good luck, let me know how you make out.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I haven't noticed any vibrations in my 06 SS. Is the vibration speed dependent or in the powertrain? I've had issues with bad tires in the past and that's something that could affect your car and another similar car on the lot. Any other specific info about the vibration will help isolate the cause.

    As for your service representative, sounds as if he's trying to pass the buck. You may need to go over his head to a sales or business manager.
  • I notice the vibration more at 30MPH and above. It doesn't really seem to get worse as I go faster than that. The car I got was received from a dealership 200 miles away but still probably the same items on/in the car. Just a different color. Or maybe one has ABS/traction control and one not.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sounds a bit unusual, especially since the other car has the same problem. Experiment with it and see if you can figure out more details.
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