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Acura TSX - Interior



  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    Those "wings" are called bolsters, and since what you described is normal wear, I doubt there's much Acura will do about it. Leather wears in such a way that's it's not always going to look brand new. That's just the nature of the beast.

    Really, it's a niggling issue. Perhaps you can just chalk it up to normal wear and tear and get on with enjoying your car.
  • On the driver's seat of my '04 TSX, I have been noticing that the "high traffic" leather surfaces are wearing and discoloring. Specifically, the left side bolsters and left-most edges of the seat are turning a light blue color (esp. noticeable with the parchment leather). These are the surfaces that are rubbed each time I enter and exit the vehicle.

    I'm willing to accept a measure of wear, however I think this might be a quality of materials issue. Here's why (bear with me): there is a seam on the left edge of the lower seat that joins two pieces of leather together. One piece of leather is wearing/discoloring, the other is fine. Both see the same level of wear as I enter and exit the car. Same deal on the left bolster. My hypothesis (and I'm by no means an interior materials expert): one piece of leather is meant for high traffic. The other isn't rated for high traffic (rather for looks). Acura didn't anticipate the need for a more wear proof material on the side of the seat.

    Is anyone experiencing a similar wear pattern?

    P.S. -- the car has been outstanding otherwise. I'd get another one even if Acura goofed on this minor point.

  • dottie2dottie2 Posts: 2
    We have and 05 TSX and have just noticed the blue discoloration. The dealer said it was wear, but that can't be right. The bluish color is on both sides, and there is hardly every anyone in the passenger seat. Besides, the car is only a year and a half old! It's an Acura. I expect more than that. Have you contacted the dealer?
    I'll be interested in a response.
  • I ran it by one of the Service Advisors when I took it in for an oil change/rotation. He said that it might be due to a leather jacket (which I have) rubbing on the edges of the seat. I did some research, and found that clothing leather is pretty colorfast. Ditto for jeans -- which I've heard that some dealers cite as a cause of the discoloration.

    I've seen some pretty old cars (ex. 1980 M-B 200D) with light leather interiors and none of them show this kind of blue discoloration.

    Check you vehicle to see if my theory bears out (i.e. seating surface leather is more resistant to bluing than the leather that covers the outside edge of the seat and bolster).

    Let me know what you find. If it's a similar situation, we may be able to elevate this to Honda/Acura for resolution.
  • cloveclove Posts: 10
    Can those of you that have the gray or the Black Leather tell me how they are wearing??
    We live in Colorado and I park in a garage and under shade at work (of course grocery shopping is another thing) -- will be getting the tint on the windows.
    I have a 14 month old baby as well to add in to the factor.
    We have had two cars with tan leather and I know about the wear and the black marks that never come out in the creases.
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    I have the 06 TSX with quartz and so far it has been very easy to keep clean. The only problem I have is my 8 year old son jacking up the back seat. I purchased the all weather mats mainly because of him and he is “banned for life” for eating, drinking, coloring, chewing gum, and touching the windows with his hands. My 97 Accord is too far gone in the back seat because of him just being a kid.

    If you condition the seats a couple of times a month that will go a long way toward delaying wear marks and staining. You have to start conditioning before you get wear/tear on the seats.
  • I know this is probably random, but I was conditioning the leather on my now 3-week old CG TSX with Ebony interior, and I noticed that light reflects off of just about all of the holes in the perforated portion of the seat. Has anyone else noted this? Is this "sparkle" effect intentional or just a by-product of the perforation? I'm sure it's the latter, but this vehicle is so chock-full-o-feature-content that I wouldn't put it past Acura to think about such a minute detail! =)

    I also decided today that I hate the hooks for the driver's floormat, such a pain to dislodge it when cleaning. But, other than that, everything is gravy.
  • I have a 2004 TSX with a light tan interior. I noticed that my drivers side seat has a bluish discoloration too. I drive with a grey seat wedge that covers the seat. I thought that the discoloration might be due to that. However after reading your post, I'm having second thoughts.
  • Also have a '06 CG TSX since April and noticed the same sparkle, especially on front pass seat -- has reduced over time. Ditto on mat hooks.
  • Have a 2006 tsx..bought a caego net...returned it because it was too complicated to install. A friend had an A4, he gave me the cargo net off the fits really good and does the trick. The attachments are already in the tsx.
  • I looked at my TSX Ebony interior after your comments. The perforated leather in mine is not dyed all the way through (drum dyed), it is surface dyed and finished only. If yours is the same I think you are seeing the tan edges of the perforations. My experience in selling automotive leather it is usually drum dyed especially if it is going to be perforated.

    For maintenance I use 303 Aerospace Protectant. I use it on the seats, dash, door panels, weatherstrip, under the hood-fuse box covers etc. Wipe dry and it leaves things looking nice, not slippery or shiny.
  • You can also use the cargo net from a 350Z coupe. It fits perfectly with the four hooks already in the back of the trunk. I purchased the TSX cargo net and the dealership installed for free. The TSX cargo net wasn't very useful just hanging in the middle of the trunk. I read other forums and ordered the 350Z cargo net for $32+shipping from the internet. Not one regret with the 350Z net. Now I have both nets installed in my TSX (w/ pics).
  • We have a '08 TSX that is experiencing VERY similar wearing of the leather seats.
    ( started just months after we bought it! )

    I was wondering if you ever took your situation up with the dealer or anything?

    -- Keith
  • I would have let the dealer know about the problem as soon as I noticed it. My ebony seats (except for the wrinkles) look good on my 06 tsx, with 91,000+miles
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I would inform the dealer too!

    I use Lexol on my seats and it works great! Creates a nice plush, soft feel without all the shine and slick. It keeps it all looking great.

    Now, I have thought about the tan interior. I would be very hesitant, because of it turning blue with blues jeans and getting dirty. I might stick with black.
  • We did let the dealer know as soon as the problem with the leather appeared --- 4 months after we bought it new.

    They have been giving us the run-around after several meeting & "inspections" of the seats. Their first take was that the damage was from something we were wearing on our clothes/jackets/etc. !!

    Any suggestions?
  • I agree that the tan interior is risky with blue jeans and the darker microfibre jackets but I usually just buy into more frequent cleaning. I uase Lexol.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    See, that is a load of poo! Its like they are not putting their money where their mouths are!! They sell a upper end car, but then turn around and excuse the fact that the seats are wearing out at a fast rate! That is not normal wear! Seats should be made to withstand the everyday in's and out's of the driver. Especially a car of this caliber should not be having this issue. That is bull!!

    I would start a file immediately with Acura, giving them all the details such as mileage and occurrence. Compare to similarly equipped cars that are close in mileage.

    Some dealers are not as eager to help as others are. Keep pushing to find a solution. Its all fine and dandy when they get the sale, but when your having an issue, they don't like to take the initiative. What's the problem, Acura pays the dealership for the work, and what is this thing called warranty? You would think the warranty would cover some what of this to an extent.

    Do not give up on it, if you need to, go to another dealer. Inform Acura!
  • dtp55dtp55 Posts: 2
    My daughter has a 2004 Acura TSX and recently has had a problem with the A/C going out. Also when this happens the thermometer on the dash goes out. Sometimes I can turn the engine off and restart it and the A/C comes back on but this doesn't work everytime. It's a very random problem and really no way of knowing when it's going to go off or come back on.
    Has anyone else had this type of problem? I have taken it to the Acura dealership and they have a part ordered but it's on backorder. They tell me that this may or may not fix the problem because this recall part is actually supposed to address another problem with the dash lights going out.
    I would appreciate any info anyone might have on this.
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