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Chevrolet Impala Lighting/Electrical Problems

fathertyriciusfathertyricius Posts: 116
edited December 2013 in Chevrolet
I own the 2001 LS. A month ago I noticed that when the ignition key was in the ignition and doors opened, the chimes were distorted and going in and out. I started the car and when turning on the radio, no audio, same with onstar, turn it on, and no onstar voice. Also when I turned off the traction control, no chimes to alert driver that the traction control is off. Anything audio wouldnt work. All hardware gets power, but no audio. I took it to the Chevy dealer, and they replaced the BCM. Everything was back in order. All audio was working fine until today. While driving and listening to the radio, the audio went mute, and came back distorted. I immediately turned off my traction control to see if the chimes would work, and they were distorted, along with onstar, then all of a sudden the audio went dead. NOTHING. I drove right to the Chevy dealer that made the repair and they are ordering another BCM for another replacement procedure next week. Has anyone here experience this same issue ? Its really frustrating. Thanks


  • 66novss66novss Posts: 12
    Could be a problem with the 4-way flasher switch. The turn signal flasher is built into this switch. If it malfunctions,the turn lights wont flash. GM has had problems with these switches. There is a recall on some of them.
  • canamguycanamguy Posts: 5
    My wife drives a 2002 and started having problems a couple months ago.. It started with the security light coming on, then the battery light, then the check engine light. Not always. it would do this intermittently. Sometimes just the security light, sometimes all three. then the ABS light would come one. One day while driving to work, a coworker noticed that occasionally her backup lights would come on when she applied the brakes. Then she notices a clicking sound (relays). Then her radio would lockout. One day I met her coming down the road and her headlights turned off and on ( thought she was warning me of a speed trap) but she didn't touch the lights. The next thing to start was the gages on the dash would cutout then come back on. The final problem.. car would not always start. We had it into a couple garages.. no one was able to isolate the cause. The common conclusion was a grounding issue somewhere. Currently our car is sitting at a GM Goodwrench garage where they are going to replace the BCM (part arrives monday) It is the cause of the whole problem. 184.00 for the part and 50 bucks in labor. So if you experience any of the above problems.. good bet it's the BCM - Body Control Module.
  • I am having some of the same problems, headlights blinking off and on even when the switch is off and key out of the ignition. Radio lights flashing, and a clicking sound. Please let me know if the BCM fixes your problem. Thanks--------tagalong
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Wasn't there also a tendency for one of the battery cables to need replacement too?
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 612
    We've not seen your exact symptoms, but we have gotten some junk BCMs. The replacement BCM is sometimes no better than the original.
  • I started experiencing the same problem with my 2002 chevrolet impala with the battery light coming on then the security light..soon the "service vehicle light", then then the ABS along with the brake light would come on then go off...thought it was the battery, had it tested along with the alternator..those turned out to be good..was told my serpetine belt had cracks, had that replaced. All was good for a week and then the same problems started occuring again. I am at my wits end for I am a single mom and all i need is for my car to quit on me in the middle of no where...could it be the BCM? Somebody PLEASE help me!!!
  • I started experiencing the same problem with my 2002 chevrolet impala with the battery light coming on then the security light..soon the "service vehicle light", then then the ABS along with the brake light would come on then go off...thought it was the battery, had it tested along with the alternator..those turned out to be good..was told my serpetine belt had cracks, had that replaced. All was good for a week and then the same problems started occuring again. I am at my wits end for I am a single mom and all i need is for my car to quit on me in the middle of no where...could it be the BCM? Somebody PLEASE help me!!! I called the Chevrolet Service Dept and of course I was told to bring it in for them to charge $112 to tell me what is wrong...the guy would not try to help me in anyway ..and if it is the BCM what is the longest I can go until I can get the money to actually have it fixed?
    Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    I have a 2002 Impala, and experienced the same problem.
    I suspected that BCM was defective. Security light, Service engine light and Air bag lights kept flashing.
    (also we had clicking noises under the dash and the headlights would blink) The vehicle only had 39k miles and
    the warranty was expired. The dealer did not find any engine codes during the diagnostic, but agreed that the BCM was probably the cause. The repair cost about $350.
    I fought with Chevy Customer Service and they sent me a refund check for 1/2 the repair cost. After the BCM was replaced the problem went away!
    Cheverolet has alot of problems with defective BCM's!
    Other problems with 05 and earlier Impala's are:
    Leaky intake manifold gaskets
    Defective headlight combination switch
    ISS Steering shaft is noisy
    Recall on the Catalytic converter (clogging problem)
    disc brake problems.
    Time to switch to [non-permissible content removed] cars!
  • Well its almost a month ago that I started having problems with all the audio in my 2001 LS. As I described in my original post, the audio to the radio, chimes when door is opened with key in iginition, onstar audio, and traction control chime when turned off went intermittent, and then dead, then distorted, then back to normal, then back to dead. My warranty ended on Feb 10,2001 but I had Chevy look into this issue on Feb 2, 2001 where they replaced the BCM. All was well for 13 days when the problem resurfaced. I took it back to Chevy, and of course when they had the car, all worked fine. They checked for all grounds, wire conditions, etc and found nothing wrong. Several days there after while driving and listening to the Cd player, the audio just went dead. At first I thought that I might be receiving a incoming call on my Onstar since the stereo will automatically mute so I could take the call, but there was no call coming in. The problem resurfaced again. I immediately tried turning off the traction control to see if I could hear the four chimes that would remind the driver that the traction control system is off, but no chimes, no radio, no onstar, no audio period. The following day I drove right into Chevy and told them that this car is staying here until this issue is resolved and fixed and since my warranty had exprired, they agreed that although the warranty is expired, the car is still covered because of this issue being dealth with when the BCM was replaced under warranty.
    They initially thought that possibly the BCM was bad and was going to replace it again, yet another service tech said that it probably wasnt the problem because all the audio no matter what feature, was distorting and shorting out, it had to be something totally different then the BCM. Well the car was in the service dept at Chevy for 8 days. They even gave me a loaner Impala (base model totally stripped) paying for a full tank of gas too until the issue was resolved. They ordered a new radio, that wasnt the problem. They re-examined all the wiring, connections and grounds. All was good. Well they finally found the problem yesterday(Tuesday). In the trunk between the two rear speakers is a booster amp. This was the problem. They ordered a new one, it was received this morning, and they made the replacement. All is back to normal now, free of charge. I gave them the loaner Impala back and got into my car, and turned on the stereo. It sounded great. It was great to get this issue once and for all behind me. I wanted to share this with you all because some of you may just one day have this problem, and won't have to go thru what I went thru. It was a real frustrating week, but a learning experience. Chevy treated me with great customer service.

    Best regards,
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    Glad you got that resolved. Actually in the early Impalas (I know 2000 models, not sure about 2001) many people complained that the upgraded amp actually sounded worse than the base version. At some point along the line they switched amps, and some people had the new amp installed in place of the old "bad" version. I still have what was considered the "bad" amp, and haven't had any problems with it. There were different model numbers that could be used to differentiate the two; it would be interesting to know if you had the "bad" or "good" amp to start with.
  • Well I am aware of the issue of the original amp and the later version. The sound response between the original amp that my car had, and the one that was put in today are identical. I did ask the parts dept what they were replacing the amp with, and they said, with the identical model as the original. I have good bass response and treble response. Im very pleased with the sound of my system. I suppose my car has the later amp model, since the original in the 2000's lacked bass. I dont lack anyting. :) Im glad this is all behind me now. I was getting tired of singing to myself when I would loose all audio... lol ...
  • HELP!!! Out of the blue, one morning I went to start my car and the battery was DEAD. No warning, no lights, no message, just dead. I jump started it and all was fine again for a week or so, then the same thing. This went on for a few days, had the battery checked and it was good. I pulled the negative cable on the battery and ran a multimeter in series on it and it was pulling way too many amps, so I pulled the fuses until I found the culprit. It was the BCM/Cluster fuse. A cheap quick fix was I ran a switch on that circuit and turn it off when I park my car for the night. That seemed to fix the problem, until about a week later, the battery went deat again without any juice going from the fuse box to the BCM. Does anyone have any ideas where I need to turn to next?? the dealerships want to just start changing parts on me and I don't agree with that.
  • dingo299dingo299 Posts: 1
    I drove my impala into the garage last night and the came out this morning and all things seemed normal. But the car would not even try to crank. All lights and guages fine. Battery in good condition and charged. Still not even a signal sent to the starter as it seems to me. What is the deal on this??
  • aking2aking2 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 2001 Impala,dead battery.after many trips to the dealer,and along ten day stay,they found the problem.My radio stays on ,and that was apparently draining the battery. The dealer first replaced the BCModule,next was theICP Board,next was theIP Cluster Broard and the Radio.IHave not had any problems since.Fortunately this all happened a week before the three year warrenty was off.Hope this will help you.
  • pcameronpcameron Posts: 7
    From White Rock, Canada, just north of Blaine, Wash. - Over a number of months, I had my Impala towed to the dealer 5 times. I think the problem is finally fixed. The ignition switch was shorting the BCM, and so with both replaced, I think they finally got it. I had extended warranty for the first BCM replacement, then all the other visits were on the dealer's own warranty. They changed the BCM a second time two weeks ago, then it wouldn't start again, and they got a code to change the ignition switch, or cylinder. I might just buy a different car next time, what do you think?
  • lodtcd4lodtcd4 Posts: 7
    Did you get this problem fixed? Because I am in the Same boat.
  • jp50jp50 Posts: 2
    My 2002 has been towed into the dealer 5 times in the last two months for the same problem. First time they said it was a light relay, 2nd time couldn't find the problem, third time they said it was a Bad Sears Diehard (2 weeks old, third battery in car doing same thing)but they changed Body control Module, fourth time they had a six days and said it was fine-no problem. Five days later...Dead again.Picked up car today after they said they finally duplicated problem caused by bad Negative Chasis Ground Cable. Let's see how long it lasts this time.
    GM Assistance line basically said since I have the extended warranty they'll keep fixing it (or guessing).
  • pcameronpcameron Posts: 7
    If it happens again, tell them likely it's the ignition switch shorting out the BCM. It probably is as good a guess as theirs, and that actually was the case for me. Changing both seems to have solved my problem.
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    I have the same problem. (02 Impala) Once in a while the SECURITY light will flash and sometimes stay on.

    I try to start the car and the ignition is dead.
    Battery has full charge.
    If I wait 10 minutes it usually starts.

    Isn't the PASSLOCK system separate from the BCM?

    The dealer told me to try different keys, apparently there is a computer chip in the key.

    Tried the spare key, and still had the same problem!! Can any one help?
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    Does the Security light blink intermittantly?
    I am having a similar problem with my 02 Impala.
    Another posting on this site suggests that the BCM and Ignition switch could be the root of the problem.

    Chevy PASSLOCK/SECURTIY sucks!! The Impala BCM's are Junk!

    I've had the BCM replaced on my 02 Impala when it only had 39K on it!!

    I have 70k on my Impala and I suspect that I have the same problem again!! I guess that the BCM only works for 30-40k than you have to dump $400 to get the dealer to install a new one. Impalas are lemons!!
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