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Chevrolet Impala Lighting/Electrical Problems



  • kdconodkdconod Posts: 46
    The hazard switch is GM part #10359031. Costs about $45.

    GM Parts
  • impaledimpaled Posts: 7
    I posted earlier about replacing my BCM because the car wouldn't start. Then the very next day, the car wouldn't start! Dealership said it needed a new battery.

    Anyway, went in this a.m. to talk to the service manager and he sold us a battery at a discounted price of $59.99 and didn't charge anything for installation/labor. Hopefully, all problems are solved :)
  • fedup16fedup16 Posts: 3
    Does anyone happen to have step by step instuctions on how to open the steering column in order to replace the turn signal switch. Its called a multi-functional switch but it is the switch you use to turn your signals on and off and for your high beam as well. So it is the the lever that comes off of your steering column on the left hand side, NOT the hazardous button switch. Im needing to replace turn signal lever so anyones instructions are appreciated....Thanks in advance......
  • pintailpintail Posts: 7
    My interior rear view mirror went up in smoke one day, and since that time I've had a never ending battle with my lighting system. There are 5 wires going to the mirror. The mirror has a left and right reading light, a sensor aimed at the rear window to automatically dim the mirror, and another pointing straight ahead on the front of the mirror.
    I found a used but good mirror, replaced it, and it works great. But, to have high beams, I must hold the dimmer switch up manually else they go out again. My DRL (daytime running lights) will work only after I rigged a 12 V
    bulb over the ambient light sensor on top of the dash. It's located in the drivers side defroster grille. Naturally the box must be sealed so as not to hinder your night time vision, but with small airholes to disperse the heat from the bulb. I was told that the BCM was good if I heard the chimes for different events on the car, I do hear the chimes. Man, I need help. Thanking you in advance,
  • pintailpintail Posts: 7
    Chevy (Impala) has a very poorly designed plug on the back of the interior rear view mirror, it seems very loose.
    Try (gently) wiggling that plug during the time when your problem arises. I had a very similar problem with my 2005 Impala.
    My sensor that darkens the rear view mirror (from cars behind me) wouldn't work, nor would the reading lights in the mirror itself. To this day I have a small, hidden, plastic tie holding the wires to the mirror, snug against the arm for the mirror, it's now working fine.
  • dmontedmonte Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my signal lights not working and buzzing with the same dash warning lights going off although I am also not able to start the car at times and the computer shuts down the car on its own. the only way to start my car is to put it in neutral and start it. I'm eager to see what responses you get...Please also keep me informed if you learn something new to do and or how to replace the signal switch. Thank you.
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    Blinking dash board lights and buzzing is probably a defective BCM.

    The turn signals not working could be a defective turn signal combination switch or a defective hazard button switch. If the turn signals start working once you push the hazard button, that would indicate a short in the Hazard switch. If you check one of the earlier postings, someone actually put a link showing how to replace the hazard switch.

    Good luck!
  • fedup16fedup16 Posts: 3
    I had put my car in the shop this past week. I explained to them that I felt like it had something to do with the signal lever they replaced previously. They of course said they would look at it and if there was any malfunction on there behalf, that they would fix it free of charge. Of course, no mechanic is completely honest and damn sure doesn't want to admit that they messed up and fix your car for free. So anyways I was told that I had a bad wire connection and that they had to take the whole dash out to get to the wires. Funny thing about it is that they couldn't tell me which side of the dash the wires were messed up on...Funny huh? So anyhow they said they replaced the wires and connectors and I ended up spending 170.00. I was actually expecting to pay more. But now my car is fine for the time being......
  • kboyd630kboyd630 Posts: 2
    update from post 318 ABS issue fixed the problem ended up being a connected came loose under the driver side front wheel not sure how it happened but the connector broke loose and that is probably when the light started to stay on all the time. During that same shop trip i also had to have the mechanic look into why the Air would only blow when it felt like it. that ended up being a blower motor it had become rusted and had to tapped on to get it to even come on for the mechanic all is fixed now.
  • dlewdlew Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 3.8ltr, 110k, I have had the car for a year or so. Just notice over the past few months the reverse lights will illuminate while the car is off (no key in the ignition)Its does it on in off all day going dim to bright, if I don't use the car within a day or two it drains the battery. Can someone help me
  • pintailpintail Posts: 7
    I have a 2005 Impala and I could tell you how to replace the turn signal/dimmer switch on that car, only because I spent $16.00 on a manual from a auto parts store. Really helpful. You have to be careful in dis-arming the airbag, driver side and passenger side. After reading the manual I purchased, I wouldn't hesitate taking on the job myself. Mine is a "Haynes Repair Manual", spells it all out in there.
    Good luck.
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 77
    I replaced the turn signal combination switch on my 2002 Impala. You will need a steering wheel puller. Autozone has free rentals if you need one.
    Turn the ignitin key off. Disarm the air bag by removing the SDM fuse from the fuseblock located at the left side of dash.
    If you turn the key back on and the airbag light comes on you know you removed the correct fuse.
    It is a tricky job to replace the combination switch and you have to fish some wires thru some tight spots. It took me a couple hours to do the job but I probably saved $300. dollars in labor by doing it myself. ;)
  • When I lift the dimmer switch lever, I assume that sends a message to a relay that turns on my high beams, and, is that relay suppose to stay activated until I lift the dimmer switch lever again? I know that while my DRL's are on, I should still be able to signal for passing with my high beams, but they come back down to DRL's again upon releasing the dimmer switch lever. I'm thinking: It doesn't necessarily mean that the dimmer switch itself is bad does it? Could it be just a relay on the drivers end of the dash OR under the hood in one of the two fuse boxes there?
    Right now I have a tiny box on top of the dash by the drivers side defroster vent. I took the ambient light sensor out of it's socket, put it in that box with two 12 V bulbs (false daylight) just to get my DRL's to work. W/O that box, my lights will not come on at all. Plus, it must be out of "PARK" to have any lights. My high beams work as long as I hold the dimmer switch lever up. Grrrrrrrrrr
    Boy, do I need help, thank you,
  • I think you may have a very small "Ambient light sensor" on top of your dash, on the right end of the defroster vent. When it's dark out, try holding a flashlight pointed directly into that sensor. See if your dash lights come on brighter. I have a similar problem and placed a constant light source over that sensor, just to get the DRL (daytime running lights)to work. Mine is a 2005 so I'm not sure if they have the same sensor in the same location. Good luck.
  • Reset the oil light. Real simple. It can be done through the radio, or, with the key on, pump the brake peddal three time within 5 seconds. No need to slam it down, just pump them the 3 times in 5 seconds
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  • I was wondering if you ever received an answer to this post yet? I have just started having the same issues. Please email me at

    Thanks so much!
  • My High beam on my Chevy Impala 2002 are stuck, I dont have enough to go to the shop. Any suggestions how to fix.

  • Hello Karen, I hope you aren't thinking that I was namecalling on here or being abusive to anyone. I know exactly the incident you are refering to though. What I think was a young kid on here, writing to another party and bragging about the fancy cars he drives and so on. I think his remarks were directed at "revjim". The kid called him stupid, and I did, at that time, write back to the kid and told him he has no right to call anyone stupid, especially since he don't even know revjim.
    I don't talk abusively to anyone on here. Please believe me.
    Have a great day...........................................pintail4
  • I have a 2001 Chev Impala. My heat and air settings only work on setting High (5). Both of the lights in my back seat do not light up. My blinker in the front does not blink it just stays lit up when blinker switch is used (Left turn signal in front only). All this has accumulated slowly over the last year. Any ideas on how to fix one or all? I would greatly appreciate any ideas!
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