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Toyota Sienna Navigation System



  • Is the Kenwood a dash mount or does it replace the OEM product?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The Kenwood would replace yours.

    You could just add a portable instead. I have a Garmin Nuvi 265wt and I'm happy with it. 4.3" widescreen, text-to-speech, bluetooth, free lifetime traffic. I paid $190.

    Garmin has a new 1490T for $350 at Costco, and you get a big (for a portable) 5" screen. Sweet.
  • I have the same problem with my navigation system on my 2006 toyota sienna. What did you end up doing. I'm looking at my options right now. Help
  • Can no longer find the article,..can you repoint me to it?
  • I'm not sure what article you're referring to. If you're wondering how to override the Navi lockout, there are all kinds of videos on YouTube and They explain how you go to the Menu screen; go to the Volume screen; press the upper left hand corner, the lower left hand corner and repeat until you get to the hidden screen. Then you press and hold the "override" button and then you can operate your navi system while driving- or your passenger can. I think this only applies to the older models. I have a 2005 Sienna XLE and this works. now I wish we could do the same thing for the DVD player...
  • kif2kif2 Posts: 2
    Same thing just happened to me. The nav system, radio, dvd, rear cam in my 06 toyota sienna xle just stopped working and the dealer tells me that it'll be approx. $3,000 to repair and $5,000 to replace. any ideas, suggestions? Pls. help.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I am assuming there is an update disk of maps for this 2004 system. Can anyone give me the part number and pricing for it? Would greatly appreciate ... I use my Garmin but my wife likes the OEM unit and wants it showing newer maps.
  • My Sienna XLEmon limited Nav. sys went out last year, 3 mon out of warrenty. Major $$$$ to fix. Just had my drvier seat belt fixed and a complete tune up, now the back up camera doesn't work, the "mode" and "" buttons on the steering wheel don't work. The dealer guy said he's not heard of any problems like this. Any Ideas? I was debating on replacing it with a another sys. Any suggetions.
  • You should be alright with the backup camera problem. Our 2004 Sienna's backup camera went out a couple years ago and we got a special price (like $100) under our extended warrantee, which didn't cover external electronics, go figure. Anyway, about 8 months later there was a service bulletin which said that the camera would be covered in any case if it failed (too late for us). So I would check at least that at the dealership. By any chance was the seat belt replaced because it had trouble retracting? The rider side has this issue on our Sienna and it also was not covered by the extended warantee, so I'm making the kids deal with it ongoing. The solution is to pull up or down on the height adjuster at the point where it retracts into the side of the car as you pull mightily on the strap. You might consider brow beating the Toyota service into fixing problems as a good faith effort to prevent you from dumping Toyota for something else, like a Honda Odyssey.
  • I'm dealing with the same issues. what came about with your system.
  • After years of making hybrid discs with the older 5.1 loading.kwi file and dealing with its inherrent antiquites I purchased a LockPick 2WF from Coastaltech. It allows "the Passenger" to use the navigation while moving and allows the "front Passenger" to watch the movie playing on the rear entertaiment screen.

    My newest disc GEN 5 V9.1 continues to improve upon the voice commands for both voice dialing and points of interest. The bluetooth compatability is much improved over version 7.1 & 8.1. :)
  • trav2trav2 Posts: 10
    I made a hybrid disk using the 5.1 loading.kwi file to allow the GPS to be used by the passenger while my Toyota Sienna is moving. However, I could never get the DVD to work on the front screen while moving. With your new hybrid disk, when the passenger watches the movie playing on the rear entertainment screen, does it affect the GPS? I thought there was a signal from a unit below the passenger seat that indicated car movement to the DVD/GS unit and it had to be tricked into thinking the car was moving to allow the DVD to play on the front screen. However, when one did that, the GPS lost track of where it was. Does your hybrid disk over come that set back? If it does, how does one make the disk your are talking about, or are you selling it. If you are, what are you asking? I wouldn't mind either making one or buying a hybrid disk. Thanks!
  • The only way I was able to view the movie on the front screen was with a Lockpick 2WF. No hybrid would allow it. I believe Coastaltech interrupts the signal you speak of. The newer v9.1 firmware gave me features I wasn't willing to give up with 5.1 loading.kwi. I apologize if I mislead or wasn't clear about the firmware
  • hello all
    i would like to buy a 2011 XLE with the navigation package. I live in SF bay Area. Anyone has bought the same car? What would be a good deal? About $3300 below MSRP would be a good deal?

    also, does anyone know if the GPS would work in Canada? How do you update this in the future? how much do you have to pay for potential upgrades? Is the nav pack worth the $2000 or so they ask for?

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think (but verify this before ordering) that the maps are for all of North America.
  • I have this same issue as well. I was able to eject the map DVD when it was attempting an initialization sequence. I've seen some posts regarding this issue on a few different sites, but never any resolution. Anyone find one?
  • Let me know what you find... I'm looking for the same thing also in the bay area - happy to share my experiences. From what I can see $2K off seems a typical deal; $3K off seems a great deal.
  • For those of you who got the Nav package on the 2011 - was it worth it?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We're in the Sienna forums so must be for the 2011 Sienna.

    OEM Navi offer a big screen and a backup cam, for a price.

    Some have complained that updates are infrequent, so the maps are out of date. And you can get a backup cam without getting Navi now.

    I like portables, but there are pros and cons to both.
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