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Toyota Sienna Tires & Wheels



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    40,000 miles is very reasonable, IMO.

    20k is a bit short, though.

    Just get the same tires that gave you 40k the last time, and get a 4 wheel alignment while you're at it.
  • rjoegregrjoegreg Posts: 2
    Hello All

    I have a 2005 XLE Limited AWD fitted with Dunlop run flat tire..since i bought,,its the 2nd time, its changed and now its time to change again..

    I need some inputs

    1. Changing to Normal Tire--> Will it create any issues around the vehicle stability, Shock absorbers or Pressure monitoring system ?

    2. If we need to change to normal tire, do we need to change the Rim as well ?

    3. For Spare tire, Is there any method to put it up under the hood OR should we need to leave it in the 3rd Row ?

    4. Can I buy a doughnut tire instead of regular tire ? would it create any issue with vehicle stability..

    I am not happy with run flat for the following reasons

    1. Expensive and need to be changed very frequently..
    2. Bumpy and noisy for the Ride.
    3. Last but the Worst... Its very difficult to get a run flat tire..if tire goes flat..we might travel for 100 miles max but you are struck there for days to get a replacement..
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Others have used normal tires without any of the potential issues bring up. I'll let them chime in since they would certainly know better than I would.

    You can use a donut because mine has one - in fact most Siennas do. It'll just take up cargo space. A donut will have the same diameter but won't be as wide, basically. I've seen one on the floor of the 3rd row, so it will fit in the well.
  • Does anyone know if run flats can be plugged, like when you run over a nail? I keep a plug kit in the emergency kit and have used it on my Toyota pickup with normal tires for punctures. Can it be used on run flats?
  • kj2005kj2005 Posts: 17
    I don't know what conventional wisdon says, but on our 06 Sienna we had 2 sets of Dunlop SP 4000 DST run flat tires. Each set lasted about 30K miles and in about 3 years we must have had 5 plugged tires.

    Two plugs in the past 6 months, and just last week I had a 6 inch slice in one tire which could not be plugged so I had to replace the set. I decided to switch to Birdgestone's. These were cheaper at only $168 each, A LOT quieter at low or highway speeds, etc.

    The Dunlops were a big disappointment, I hope the Bridgestone tires last.
  • Hi everyone,

    I just had a new set of 4 Bridgestone RFT put on at a friends tire shop and he notice on my 2006 Sienna awd limited that the rear tires were a little slanted, more in on top and slighted slanted out at the bottom. He also noticed that the rear wheels cannot be adjusted. He suggested that I rotate the tires every oil change

    Maybe this is why initial set of rear tires were worn on the inside.
    I called the dealer and trhey said this was normal.

    Has anyone else noticed this and why is this.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It is a common complaint. Rotate them regularly.
  • Went to Prince Edward Island in Canada this past week and when I got there, the right rear tire was just about to come off the rim. Toyota refinished my rims last year after severe corrosion and apparently when they put the tires back on, they damaged the bead on this tire. I'm surprised it did not come off the rim on the highway.

    The end result was that I could not get a replacement RFT on Prince Edward Island and had to purchase a regular tire at a cost of $170.00. After the new tire was put on, the tire light on the dashborad came on and even after resetting it, it would just come back on after 5-10 miles.

    Now I have to decide if I want to throw the rest of the RFT's away and buy all regular tires, or eat $170 and spend another $200.00 to put another RFT back on.

    What a crummy system. They build a great vehicle but having to deal with RFT's is a real pain in the [non-permissible content removed], not to mention the expense, especially when you are in a place where you can't buy a replacement RFT.

    I wonder what Toyota expects you to do when you lose one of these tires and you are in a desert or somewhere where you don't find help for a couple of hundered miles.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's nothing.

    My Miata has no spare tire at all. You get a can of fix-a-flat.

    You can limp home slowly, on the reinforced sidewalls.

    I have to call a tow truck.
  • Living in the mountains of central Pennsylvania and driving a number of gravel roads and tire ruts in all weather conditions, I replaced my run flats with Yokohama Geolander AT/S' s for my AWD Sienna. Not only do they have terrific traction in all weather and road conditions (including mud), but offer a better ride and are smoother and quieter than the run flats. By inflating to 42 lbs (max is 51) I still get very good gas mileage (23+ highway). I've gutted out the back and imitated a VW Westfalia camper with a fold out bench seat from Discount Van and truck, fabricated screens for sliding door windows, bought a plug in cooler, etc and now have an excellent small camper, only one that works well. I'm very pleased.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    What do you do for a spare? Those are not run-flats, correct?
  • Hi This thread is a year later, but I hope you are still on this forum from time to time. I have terrible bubbling up on my rims too, I have a 2005 Sienna XLE AWD too. Was given the run around, while under warranty. I live in MIchigan too, north of Detroit. Where are you? In Warren, MI? What dealer did you go to for help? I went to FOx TOyota, totally worthless. What was your end result? I'd love some info and some help on this problem as it is unacceptable, my car rims look awful. Thanks p.s. my run flat tires make a rubbing noise or so they say. My Dad has had runflats on his vette for 10 years, and 200K miles and he has never heard the noise mine make. The dealer told me it is the runflats.
  • Hi, I am sorry for our dilemma on the RFTs. I caught a post of yours dated a year ago..on the rims bubbling up issue. Are you in Michigan, I am north of Detroit and have the same issue, I got the run around while my car was under warranty they could not fix my rims. I have a 2005 Sienna, XLE AWD.. all four looked damaged with the bubbling up. What dealer did you go to who got them repainted for you? I was going to Fox Toyota in Rochester totally hopeless. I am really steaming about this issue. I let it drop a year ago, but they;ve increasing got worse, not to mention the noise that the RFT make.If you could help I;d be greatly appreciative of your time Thanks
  • I live in New Hampshire but we probably have the same kind of weather here.
    My dealer would not do anything to help me and it took a couple of letters to Toyota Customer Service before they finally repaired the rims. As I posted before, the dealer damaged one of the tires when they remounted them after the rims were refinished. This damage almost caused a disaster when I was far away from home as the tire almost came off the rim.

    I have written a letter to the dealer with, as expected, no response. Looks like another letter to Toyota about the lousy service from one of their dealers. I think Toyota builds a great vehicle but their dealers leave much to be desired.
  • Same problem on 2005 Sienna XLE AWD. Started the process with Toyota this past Monday. Toyota said the corrosion should be covered by 5 yr. corrosion warranty. Sent me to my dealer. Dealer said wheels are warranted for 3/36 (I'm beyond this warranty period). Thanks, Toyota, for wasting my time.

    I've noticed several other Siennas with this same problem. The only way to go up against Toyota on this issue is with numbers. I will provide a link to my blog in the next few days. Link will describe the problem, document my experience with Toyota to date, and provide a "Toyota Hall of Shame" on which other affected owners can post a photo of their particular wheel problem. As the wall grows, we might get some attention from Toyota.

    Together we can and will get satisfaction!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Why reinvent the wheel?

    Just go here and file a complaint:

    If enough people do the same thing, they'll be forced to recall 'em.
  • You think there would be action by the Government? You've got to be kidding.
  • dc0517dc0517 Posts: 12
    I just bought a 2010 Limited AWD and asked about a donut spare at the dealer, the parts guy said they did have a package on the older models but he couldn't find it anymore. He said to buy a donut it would be $300 for the tire and $100 for the wheel!

    I said are you sure that is a donut and not some sort of high end performance tire and he said yes.

    Anyone find a place to get a donut spare and jack kit for a reasonable price? I would like to get one eventually as I plan to replace the run-flats with regular tires when they wear out

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    LOL! :D

    Worth a shot...they force recalls all the time.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Here's a tip - try your local county recycling center.

    I went to recycle some used motor oil and once saw a huge pile of donut spares. The trick is to find one that fits. You need to get the right bolt pattern (5x100 I think but verify that first), and also the correct overall diameter.
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