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Toyota Sienna Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,729
    I've never experienced a situation in which I could not control a car, and if it's true as you say, it must indeed be terrifying.

    But I need you to do something - for me, for yourself, etc. Go warm up the van, and find a safe place to play. In a smooth motion, take the gas pedal right to the floor. After a second or two of frantic wheel spinning acceleration apply your brake with your left foot equally hard.

    If Toyota is right, a few things should happen:
    1) The simultaneous brake-throttle logic should kill the electronic throttle.
    2) If that fails to happen, the braking force of these 4 disks should be more powerful than the engine. Plus you applied the parking brake, so with the rears locked and dragging, and braking force on the front drive wheels, the van shouldn't go far or fast, if it moves at all.
    3) You should feel the traction & stability control system further reduced engine power as the front tires chirped for grip.
    4) Pressing and holding the keyless ignition should have done the job. Perhaps you didn't hold it for the required few seconds. Give it a try to see what it takes under controlled conditions.

    If you can still make the van move, please video tape this so that Toyota can see it actually happen! I want to believe that it would take multiple system failures for this to happen and is almost impossible, but I keep an open mind.
  • ddesjardddesjard Posts: 1
    I have the 2012 Tacoma SR5 with the same mid-upgrade system (no nav).

    Most of the time, I download next-day NPR podcasts and listen to them in order, and that works fine.

    But it's hit and miss with Amazon purchased MP3 music and PodioBooks (no-DRM involved). Some of them work and some of them don't. Sometimes, diddling with an MP3 tag or (in extreme cases) converting the MP3 to a different sample rate seems to fix the problem.

    Anything rip'd from CD works just fine.

    In my previous 9 year-old Toyota, I did buy a sub-$100 low-end radio (about 4 years in), with a USB and that worked great, though I did miss using my steering wheel controls.

    Not sure why car companies can't just offer a damn radio from Crutchfield and call it a day.
  • I have this exact problem. My 2008 Toyota Sienna was functioning properly until now. I put in the DVD and it says "DVD SEEK" for a long period of time, followed by a "DVD ERROR" message. The DVD does not come out easily as you also mentioned. Were you able to find a solution to this?

    "My 2008 Sienna with factory installed entertainment system has malfunctioned, and I'm looking for some help. I tried to eject the disc, and it made an odd whirring sound, and only partially ejected the disc. Enough that I could pull it out, but there was resistance, it didnt come out easily. I turned off the car, then turned it back on, put the disc in, got a loud whirring sound, like it was trying to spin, but no movie playing. When I tried to eject it, it did the same thing, a partial ejection. "
  • I have a 2008 Toyota Sienna LE with Factory overhead DVD player. I think that my son stuck an extra DVD in the player. As a result, I have a difficult time ejecting any discs and it won't play. It constantly is trying to seek for the dvd.

    Anyway, I wanted to remove the ceiling mounted DVD unit and look inside. This may sound silly, but there aren't any screws? How do you uninstall this overhead unit without damaging it?

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