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Toyota Sienna Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm not audiophile by any means, but I think the base sound system is actually pretty good. Give it a good listen at the dealership, but I'm quite happy with it.
  • We have the exact same issue - just as you described. Have you made any progress? If you found the fix, randster, could you please share it with us.

    We tried changing the fuses #5, #23, and #25 but the DISC button still responds with "NO CD" and does nothing on the second press. The rear DVD video screen is jet black and my kids are bummed out!

    I noticed our previous owner replaced the battery with a non-Toyota part. We found another Post saying that once their battery was changed their DVD player stopped working... curious.

    Anyways, we are out of ideas for now. Our used Sienna 2004 XLE AWD Limited came with everything but the RES remote; is the remote required for successful DVD operation?
  • We just bought a 2008 Sienna Limited with EVP#2 - JBL audio, Nav, and Rear DVD

    I very much would like to add the XM adaptor with full factory control and add an iPod adapter. Can both be done? I got a quote of $500-600 from the dealership for the XM adapter and antenna installed. the local aftermarket place wants $400.

    The JBL audio/NAV system has an XM input and an AUX, but the AUX seems to be for an analog miniport on the dash (not good for the iPod). I have an USA Spec adapter for my MDX which works great, but I do not have NAV in that system.

    Does anyone know if I can achieve my goals? If so, product recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Buy a 3-5 foot wire with miniplugs at the Radio Shack for $5. Plug it into Aux. Be sure to change the setting on the Ipod. Go to "setting", "volume limit" and rotate wheel to max volume. Then the ipod will operate fine thru the audio of the Sienna. If you need to recharge constantly then buy a Belkin FM transmitter and it works great. Try for more audio info. Bob
  • Thank you Bob.

    I posted on sienna club too. I am hoping to avoid the analog connection if I can.
  • We're having a similiar problem. We purchase a 05 sienna about a month ago, and all of a sudden the dvd screen has been going black. I haven't seen the "No CD" . I also had a problem getting the dvd to eject. The system has power. I'm really bummed about this. This is a feature that our kids love and isn't working already. What battery are you talking about? The actual van battery?

    Would love any input!!
  • The "No CD" appears on our navigation system screen when we press the DISC button, or when we cycle through AM/FM1/FM2/CD... using the "Mode" button on the steering wheel.

    Yes, the battery we were referring to is the main van battery under the hood. Our van had to be boosted twice during transport - once to get it on the carrier, and once to get it off. It was obvious the battery was drained completely when we took possession of the vehicle. We've had it for about a month now and everything is working fabulous - except the DVD seems not to be recognized by the system.

    Our DVD player also has power to it, but it consistantly receives and ejects the DVDs no problem. It just has a completely black screen, and of course no audio to boot.

    We have a Toyota RES remote control on order. We are waiting for a response from a Toyota dealer who put in a service call to a Toyota service tech regarding our issue.
  • Hi;

    My 2000 Toyota Sienna with 6 CD Changer quitted few months ago. I removed the unit but lost it. (TOYOTA 6-DISC AM-FM A56811 86120-0C040)

    I installed a same unit from my friend's Tundra. The unit is working fine. My friend was going to install a satellite radio and no longer needs it.

    When I plugged in the connectors to the radio/cd, I could hear some noice from the cd changer first (there is power), but their is no power to the radio panel.

    I have also checked the fuses, they were fine.

    Please help.

  • I have a 2008 Sienna, & when I use the AUX plug for my MP3 player (not an IPod) I am not able to control the MP3 through the van with SEEK, TEXT, FOLDER. Also when I push the TEXT button with a CD in, nothing is displayed. What am I doing wrong, what are these controls intended for? Thanks
  • bsburnsbsburns Posts: 1
    How do you get the factory DVD player to play over the sound system?

  • 08 Sienna's DVD player is not working. The DVD is in the player and we can hear it playing, however, there is no picture. Also, will not eject the DVD. HELP please! Toyota Svc department is clueless and indicated that they'll have to call the manufacturer. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
  • kjokjo Posts: 24
    Have a 2005 LE with the JBL system ,purchased new and has 49k on it. When you put a disc in, it continually flashes "loading" and never plays. I tried blowing it out with compressed air , but did the same thing. This is the first problem we have had with the van. Any thoughts?
  • akempfakempf Posts: 1
    Have an 06 LE that has developed a DVD problem. Whenever we but a DVD into the player I can here what sounds like the DVD spinning but all we get is a check disc error. I have tried about a half a dozen discs and they all have the same message when I try to play them. Some of them are ones that have been played in the player before. I have checked the disc for scratchs and dust but the all look fine and they will play in the DVD player we have in the house.
  • maferenamaferena Posts: 3
    I would like to install a dvd player in an 06 Sienna. There are no existing rear audio controls. Does this make installation more complicated? I want wireless headphones, but I am ok with in dash or the dvd attached to the monitor. Is in deck much more complicated? Have I limited myself by not purchasing a van with existing rear audio controls?
  • rambo5rambo5 Posts: 37
    What is the low down on installing Sirius through the factory radio? While Sirius is mentioned as a Toyota accessory, I can't seem to get a straight answer from the dealer. I am considering the purchase of a lightly equipped LE without navigation.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My 07 didn't have rear audio controls and the tech at Circuit City said it wasn't hard to install an overhead 12" DVD screen on my van. It was on sale for $900 installed.

    They had an 8 or 9" model for $600 installed.

    Mine came with 2 wireless headphones. We love it. Kids are happy, everyone's happy. No more "are we there yet?".

    Came in handy last night, actually. :shades:
  • lindaleeelindaleee Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem w/ my Sienna 05. Flashes load, then spits it out. I was told to try a cd cleaning and that didn't work for me, I also used compressed air and nothing. They said the laser is probably out of alignment. Mine failed right after my 3 yrs warranty was up. The toyota dealer said it could run close to 300- to fix. It's a flat rate they charge now. Also my audio guy said the same thing 300- Is your model # 16862? If you decide to buy from a retailer (cd player) you will lose the cassette player. I guess they give you something to fill-in the space.
    Please let me if you resolved your problem and maybe clue me in. I also saw the cd players listed on ebay.
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    Is the radio supposed to mute or lower the volume when the nav voice commands come on? I just picked up a Sienna last night and on the drive home noticed that the radio volume never lowered or muted whenever the nav voice commands were broadcast. Is there a setting for this?

    The unit must have the capability since whenever a phone call comes in (through bluetooth) the radio mutes until you get off the phone.
  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    I have the 2006 Sienna and my nav voice which I call "Little Bit" when she is right is controllable on the setup menu so you can make it louder than your usual volume on the radio. The nav voice comes out of the left front speaker. My radio voice isnot lowered or muted when the nav voice activates. Tanker5
  • Do I really need to go to toyota for the xm radio install??? Also, has anyone had any problems with the jensen dvd players from circuit city. I dont want to pay dealer prices if I dont have to.
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