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Toyota Sienna Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • njhtdnnjhtdn Posts: 5
    Unfortunately that doesn't work - maybe a modification to the 2007 - it does work when playing a DVD - but not when conncect to an auxillary item like the touch - or in our future possibly gaming devices, so trying to figure it out, but I think it was an oversight on Toyota's part.
  • njhtdnnjhtdn Posts: 5
    I think it's an oversight. We just went and bought a small external speaker to make due until we figure it out - mounted it to thed side of the DVD player mounting (by the volume control) and are going to use that until our little one decides it's ok to use headphones.

    We did use the remote and tried all options this weekend - so I really don't think it's anything you're missing - just not an option :( Maybe not enough people asking about it for it to be fixed - I'll have to ask at the dealership next time I go for service.
  • valval1valval1 Posts: 4
    My primary question is: Is it possible to add a headphone Jack to the dash? The Aux is an input and I'm looking for an output for headphones for driver or passenger... Didn't know if the Toyota radio has something that would allow for that... or if one of the products below do?

    I am using this to install Sirius (includes VAIS SLS2 and Sirius SCC1:

    VAIS also has a product for iPod integration but it's like $225 so not sure if I"ll add that as well:

    I"ll also check out DICE and the

    Any other thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated!
  • valval1valval1 Posts: 4
    Can I ask where you got the speaker. What kind/model is it?
  • njhtdnnjhtdn Posts: 5
    We ended up finding a small speaker at the Apple Store - can't remember the name (about $50 - single unit - battery opperated :(. However, we also may have figured out another option. Before we had the van and vehicles with AUX input, we used an FM Transmitter to play music from our Ipod to our stereo. We realized we could probably do the same with our Touch. So, we went to our local electronics store, and found Griffin made one that went through the headphone jack (rather the the charging jack needed to hook up to the inputs in the van.) While we haven't tried it yet, we are pretty sure it will take care of our problem - with a few cords that we'll have to tame as we go. But, I think this should take care of it!
  • valval1valval1 Posts: 4
    What product is that?

    I'm a little unsure about what you're trying to do but the speakers caught my eye in your post. I'd like my daughter to be able to watch dvd without the headphones but still allow me the driver to hear my own audio (CD or satellite) in the front.
    In our old car, she had an added external dvd player with it's own built in speaker. Headphones are a little difficult for her as she's not quite 3 yet.
  • gxrantgxrant Posts: 3
    I am currently looking to buy a 2009 Toyota Sienna LE the website said the radio has satellite radio capability, does that mean all i need a subscription or will i need to install an antenna and so forth, meaning it really isnt any more satellite capable than any other standard radio?


  • valval1valval1 Posts: 4
    I believe Toyota has to install a receiver and antenna which they charge about 500-600 dollars to buy and install... There is a satellite button in the car.

    I ended up getting a 2006 so I need an after market "bridge" piece AND a receiver and antenna so it's like buying an extra piece. However, it's still less money than through Toyota and I still will be able to operate it through the Sienna's NAV screen... So the 09 is more satellite ready but it's not in there already either!
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    valva1 is correct - i just bought an XLE (yesterday!) and the dealer wanted $559 to install xm - instead i mounted my skyfi2 cradle just to the right of the heated seat buttons and not only saved the $559 but also the extra $8.99/ month for a second subscription. too bad it's so expensive- nice to have it all integrated but the skyfi2 has better controls anyway - i love tuneselect which the factory doesn't have (i've been told)
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    i've read about noise problems when using the aux input with a device that plugs into the cigarette problem. anyone notice this? i have an xm skyfi2 that needs external power.
    this issue did force a recall on other older toyotas but i'm uncertain of the 09 sienna. could someone shine a light on this issue?
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    anyone? i just confirmed that this is still an issue with sienna's. i just got my cable and tried it with xm and there is a noticeable hum
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    I found a Toyota Service Bulletin on this very issue- with numerous models thru '08 - unfortunately not the Sienna, though the problem is obviously the same. I went to my dealer tuesday and they checked it over and confirmed the issue as the same and opened a case with Toyota on it. So hopefully in the very near future Toyota will have a fix for the Sienna as well.

    Anyone else with this issue??
  • Own 05' Sienna with factory entertainment system. System worked fine until battery drained when dome lights left on. I have tried to reset the system by disconnecting battery, but it did not help. Is there a setting that is hidden or another solution?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Usually there are 3 switch locations, on, off, and door. Set it to door so it closes when the doors are all closed.

    Otherwise you may have to add an aftermarket battery-minder to stop it from going dead.
  • poenypoeny Posts: 4
    My wife drove our 2006 Sienna XLE AWD with JBL for 3 years and loved the sound. I needed to buy another van earlier this year and got a 2009 Sienna XLE with DVD and plenty of stuff but no JBL. The van is fine and does what we need it to except for the sound. This is not her primary vehicle and she hates the sound system. Stations she listens to don't come in as well (standard antenna and stereo on the 2009 vs. diversity antenna and JBL on the 2006), and CDs / iPod don't do it for her in the 2009.

    None of the add on shops I have taked with will touch an upgrade as they say it will prevent the DVD from working (I thought it was a standalone DVD with an AUX input to the head unit but they say it won't work).

    Does Toyota sell a JBL system that can be installed in the van after it was manufactured? Failing that is there any after market unit that will work with the DVD system? It all sounds expensive to me but she is not very happy and ....
  • poenypoeny Posts: 4
    Oops. This should have said "This is now her primary ..."
  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    I see no one has replied yet, so I'll take a crack.Asyou know the JBL is an upgrade with list of $1050 and I'm sure Toyota would order it for you. There is a lot of info at google "part no. for jbl radio in Toyota Sienna minivan" and "" to see the off markets. If I recall it is important to get the Toyota harness with the coreect number of pins that match the amplifier so everything works appropriately from the steering wheel. If I find more data I'll place it on the web. I love my 2006 XLE and hope you like yours. Tanker
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I wonder, though, what other differences there are.

    I recall that when I shopped for an Toyota in-dash GPS option, they told me the steering wheel audio controls would only work if I had the JBL system. So the plug for those controls must differ as well.
  • Is there an aftermarket stereo that will fit my van with all the OEM functionality?
    In looking at the non-OEM units, it appears they will not work with the on-the-steering-column-controls. Is this correct? Then there is the adapters necessary to make an aftermarket unit work. My current unit is an AD1702 (amfm/cassette with no cd) that evidently shorted out internally and drained the battery. Pulled the fuse so not a problem at this point.

    New non OEM units are quite nice in functionality but dropping an OEM compatible unit in with all the existing connectors does have a value to me and I do really like the steering column controls. At $1000+ new, OEM units are WAY out of consideration. Any help appreciated.
  • Hi everyone,

    I have an 04 Sienna and installed a Kenwood head unit in it. When I did so I lost the video on my DVD rear entertainment system. I purchased the Kenwood through Crutchfield and they said you cannot change out the Toyota stereo and keep the DVD working. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Is there a third party making a wiring harness that will handle this? What options do I have?
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