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Toyota Camry Timing Belt/Chain Questions



  • vincurtovincurto Posts: 9
    I hear you. Thanks for the reassurance that this needs to be done. Be well!
  • leem2leem2 Posts: 6
    edited October 2013
    Has anyone actually had timing belt break on camry 02-06 v6?

    Does anyone personally know anyone who had it break?

    Same for water pump?

    Every time I had timing belt replaced it looked like new and sometimes even brand new. I even shown a honda belt with 110k miles on it to another mechanic and he was questioning whether the belt I was showing him was brand new....

    wonder if it *really* has to be changed and at what millage.

    And the same for water pump. If it's working, why change it? What are the chances it'll break and at what millage? I don't think the manual mentions water pump replacement

  • Hi all, Still mulling over the need to change one of these belts in an '03 Camry with 100K miles, driven gently by my wife. The last poster asked if anyone actually had a timing belt break but I don't see any responses. My wife and I are in our mid 70s, on fixed incomes, mainly pensions and Social Security, and trying to cut costs and not spend money wherever possible. How many people out there have either had one break on them, and/or didn't change it, ran way over the prescribed age and still having no problems with the original belt. Don't want to have to spend nearly $1000 for something than may very well never actually. What is the general public's real-time experience with this dilemma if it can be collected? Thanks much to all fellow and technically knowledgeable mechanically-inclined who might give us some experiential feedback on this matter. Vince Curto
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,668
    edited November 2013
    If this is a 4 cylinder, it is a chain. You don't have to change it. But if it is a V6, then you must change it, as if it breaks, the engine will be destroyed.
  • Thanks much. I think it's a V-6 but will check that out. Appreciate your time and knowledge.
  • ramvanfanramvanfan Posts: 1

    3.0 Camry 1mz-fe is non interference engine. If the timing belt breaks no engine damage occurs. It just won't run.

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 18,174

    Honda says to change a timing belt at 105,000 miles OR every seven years.

    Even on a non intereference engine, when they break you will be stranded wherever you happen to be.

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