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Toyota Camry Service Experiences



  • I never follow the recommended maintenance in the owner's manual. All I do on my Camry, which I bought new, is change the oil at every 6,000 miles until it reached 50K when I did the radiator coolant flush, replace the transmission fluid and differential oil. I began checking the brakes myself at every oil change when it reached the 30K.
    That maintenance schedule in the book is designed by car manufacturers to help the dealership maintain profitability. It intends to offset the rebates and discounts and all sort of price cuts the manufacturers give away in luring car buyers. So the rip-off continues in the maintenance side.
  • small claims court-get your money back.
  • To: gloryb, RE: Horrific Toyota Dealer Repair (dis)Service. I have a similar solara situation. My check light went on so I took it into a toyota dealer. They told me I need to replace all my EGR valve and modulator; then told me I also have a leak on my water pump. But odd thing is I had my car checked up at my oil change place just a week ago, and they didn't mention a leak on the water pump. Which dealer did you go to? THanks and hope for a response.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    At 60K miles, I wouldn't bother with the timing belt OR water pump, unless there's a real problem. I'd recommend get a second opinion on the water pump to see if it really is leaking and by how much.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    I plan on keeping my 2001 (109,000 miles, bought used at 13k) until the wheels fall off so I have been pretty good with the service.

    Coolant drain and flush costs $39.00 in Orlando cheap enough that I don't have to do it. (I do it every 30k I had a corolla that had a rusted radiator and don't want a repeat of that)

    Transmission drain (not flush never do a flush) $59.00 so far every 35k

    I switched to mobil 1 synthetic at around 60k. I get the extended run mobil 1 oil filter (up to 7,500 miles) so pay a little more then normal. Walmart price around $45.00. But I run it till about 7k.

    I change out my air filter 2 times a year. They say they last 20k but they are cheap enough to change twice a year. $13.00

    Changed my front rotors at around 50k because they cost like 22 bucks each instead of having them turned, I figured why turn them?) I also put in ceramic brake pads. (total cost was about $100.00 I did it myself)

    At 105,000 Had timing belt, drive belt seals and water pump changed out for $700.00 by dealer. Just maintence didn't have a problem. Wasn't sure I should have had the water pump replaced, or seals but did them.

    At 105,000 I replaced the spark plugs myself put in non-oem platium plugs. I think it cost me like $12 bucks. No problem but figured at 100k give the car a treat.

    At 110,000 I plan on having the brake fluid flushed and filled for the first time. I think it runs about $59.00

    At around 110,000 thinking about having power steering fluid replaced as well but not sure.
  • Hi,

    How easy or difficult is it to replace the brake pads and rotors on a 2007 camry ?
    I feel the dealer is asking too much for the same. Can I do it myself ? and what special equipment will I require ?

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    How many miles? Do you really need the rotors done?

    How much are they asking?
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