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Chevrolet Impala: Meet the Owners



  • I picked up a used 2000 Sandrift Metalic Impala Base model about a month ago. We saw it on the lot next to a used 2001 and the 2000 was in way better shape for less money. It was used as a dealer courtesy car, so it is very well taken care of and all the warranty work has been done on it. I'm not sure if the engine cradle has been replaced though, but this car has almost 50000km/30000mi on it and no problems.

    My wife and I decided on this car after renting it several times. (Including one 1800km road trip) I have rented plenty of cars and this was the only one I could actually fit into, especially entering and exiting the vehicle which is usually a challenge for somebody my height. I'm 6'6" tall so I don't fit in a Honda. My wife is almost 6' tall so she's not exactly short, either. The headroom is superb and the power driver's seat is a blessing. We liked the lack of a centre console on the base model because I don't wack my knees on it like I would in other cars. Probably the best thing I like about the Impala is the automatic transmission. I have driven plenty of cars, and I don't think anything else on the road comes close to the performance and smoothness of the tranny on the Impala. It never hunts for gears, even driving through mountains.
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  • shrubsshrubs Posts: 22

    I just purchased a 2001 Navy Blue Impala LS - Loaded. Excellent Car. Drove it 1500 miles home and at 70-75 mph, I never averaged under 30 mpg highway! Plus my wife is extremely happy since she no longer needs here "pillow" to see out the front! As soon as we get some sun here in North Dakota, I'll post some pics to my web site.
  • Thanks for the info Karen, but my wife and I are through with renting cars. That's why we bought one, so we wouldn't have to waste money renting!
  • Anybody seen the 2000+ Police Package?

    P.S. This is my first post...
  • I have seen a police Impala in a number of places. Did you have a question about it?
  • hi all. i bought my 2000 impala barely used (just under 7k miles) for less than 18k!!! it is a 2000 with a build date of 12-99. it is a base model, sandrift metallic with almost all the bells and whistles. I have had very little problems with this car. what problem i did have with it, my dealer fixed. the keyless entry was working only intermittently. the dealer replaced the cluster (about a 1 1/2 day job) and it has been working ever since. I am having an occasional problem of the car engine 'shaking' just after i start it. this has happened only a few times, and when i step on the gas, it went away. any ideas? i have not heard of any of the popping or other noises i have read about.
    unfortunatley i have been in an accident with this car (not my fault) i was rear ended. for the speed the cop (yes, a cop rear ended me) was going, it held up pretty well. Thankfully everything on the body is fixed now.
    this is my first time to the site and looking forward to all the info!!!
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  • i have a 2001 ls impala onxy black. i notice that the inside of the gas door the primer is coming through, also on the inside of the trunk, and the right pillar. when i first bought it the inside of the door jam was the same way, but the car was only 1 week old. now the the car is 6 months old with 3026 miles. The service maage saids that how all the cars are coming through blaming the robots, if so wouldn't you want to fix it at plant... gm dealer wouldn't like it if i was short a couple of thousand dollors when i bought the car... anyone have the same problem
  • From what I remember, a number of people were complaining about that before. Are you sure it is the primer? In some places they sprayed the base coat but didn't come back with the clear topcoat.

    In any case, if you are not satified, go after the dealer. "That's how all the cars are" or "they are made that way" is a cop out.
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    Last week, Edmunds rolled out new pricing pages. Along with this is a new "consumer ratings & reviews". This functionality lives in the "consumer opinions" area of the new vehicle detail page, and allows users to rate a vehicle on a number of different criteria (1 to 10 scale), as well as add his/her own free-form comments.

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  • norbnancynorbnancy Posts: 118
    I also have a black Impala LS. The paint is not thin and should not be as night owl stated. Sometimes when a car is buffed out the buffing compound builds up and looks like thin paint because the compound looks like gray primer. Try taking a little polish to the gray in an inconspicuous place. If the gray area gets larger , you have thin paint. If not, you have a compound build up. If the gray area gets larger showing thin paint, it need painting anyway. If the dealer refuses to paint it, call Chevrolet customer service at 1 800 1020. They will help you. Enjoy the ride.
  • bsappbsapp Posts: 21
    I have a new 2002 Impala LS in Bronzemist. After a disastrous three months with a 2002 Nissan Altima (highly overrated) I decided to trade it at somewhat a loss for the Impala. I am very pleased so far with my car. It is fully loaded with sunroof but has cloth seating. I especially like the rarely seen color. The salesman told me when my car came in, everyone gathered around to look it over because they had not seen this particular color Impala before. It's smooth, quiet and comfortable and has many features that makes it in my opinion, one of the best values for the money. Initially, I was going to purchase the base model and option it with the 3800, sunroof, Onstar and other essentials. A dealer search produced several units with all of these options except Onstar. My salesman informed me to think about the LS and I'm glad he did as it wasn't that much a difference pricewise after the base model is loaded up with options. I have had the car about four months now and it has 2,600 miles on the odometer. I haven't had any problems with the car and would like to think this one will be a keeper.

    Bill Sapp
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    What's your story with the Altima? My wife will be in the market soon for a slighly-smaller-than-an-Impala sedan in the near future; Altima is on our list - it'd be nice to hear from an Impala owner how you'd compare the Altima.
  • martyv1martyv1 Posts: 21
    HI All - I presently own a 1995 Lumina with 139,000+ miles. Looking to replace it. Drove both the Impala std and LS - like the 3.8L V6. LS felt like a better ride than the Lumina while the Impala Std. felt worse than the Lumina (mushy ride). I do 80+ miles/day. Like the big car quiet ride. Am thinking of a used Impala LS 2000+ model year with under 30,000 miles as opposed to a new one. Save the $$$. Is this a good idea? any pointers on warranty or features, price? Don't need top end model either.

    I am concerned about used vehicles and Chevy burning oil - Luminia needed valve job at 120,000. Been burning oil since 32,000 but dealer said that was normal - lol.
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    I had a '98 Lumina LS for 3 years/75000miles. I really liked that car. Then I got a 2001 Impala LS - and I promptly forgot all about my Lumina. The Impala is far and away a superior car. Power, handling, braking, and comfort are all better in the Impala. I recently drove a base Impala and I agree with your comment on the ride - too mushy. The LS is much better.

    Go with an LS and you'll be happy. I'm one of those anal people who likes to get brand new cars so my opinion on new vs. used will be totally skewed.

    Good luck!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I drive a 2000 Impala base model with the 3.8 liter engine - which might be a good option for you, if you can find one (all the funtional goodies of the LS, but without the visual doo-dads). I might also suggest you look for a 2001 model (or at least a later 2000 model), as there were a few tweaks made after the initial year (mostly minor things like the drink holders on the front bench seats, but also more critical stuff like strengthening the welds on the aluminum engine cradle). They also improved the amp on the better stereo in 2001; the amp on the 2000 model actually seems to retard the sound for some reason.

    Somewhere on the driver's door there's a sticker that shows the build month/year. We used to have sort of an unofficial date of Dec. 99 or so that we suggested avoiding anything made before - basically if you're going to get a '00 model, get one made as late in 2000 as possible - otherwise, any 2001 should be fine.

    But if you could find a 2000 model in Auburn Nightmist, as far as I know you'd be the only person posting here who ever had one in that color. By far the rarest color (only used on 2000 models), and odds are it wouldn't be a hot seller as a used car either.
  • martyv1martyv1 Posts: 21
    Thanks nosirrahg for the info on the build of the car and other refinements of the 2001 over the 2000. I will hopefully find a reasonably priced one. Last dealer I went to said"...well we only have 3 Impalas left "...(all dealers seem to stock only 3 top end models)..."I don't know if we can waste time looking for one for you..."

    Ha, like what else does he have to do all day - after all he is a car salesman. Geez - I am starting my internet search for model I want and a dealer who wants to sell cars not play sales games.
  • martyv1martyv1 Posts: 21
    OK so I found a "fully Loaded" 2002 Impala LS with 8,000+ miles on it. $20, 995. Salesman said it had a 39mo./39000 mile GM warranty on it. Lease return "the guy couldn't make his payments".

    Also found a 2000 LS built prior to Aug. 1999 for $17580 also loaded. Salesman said it has a Fidelity 1 year warranty on powertrain...?

    Which would you pick?
  • martyv1martyv1 Posts: 21
    Guess what - the salesman with the 2002 used Impala emailed the Carfax report to me. Single owner. Original miles 52 when registered.

    Sounds more credible. Is 20,995 reasonable for this vehicle?
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