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Toyota Camry Engine Related Questions



  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Number 1, I don't know exactly what you mean by a noise "forcing" the engine -- you may want to elaborate. Number 2, the most likely cause is improperly balanced tires/wheels, probably the fronts. Number 3, I have no idea.
  • txstudmfntxstudmfn Posts: 6
    If it feels kinda like the pedal sticks/ hesitates/ jerks on acceleration then follow this procedure.
    ~Take the air filter assembly off.
    ~You'll notice the closed valve at the opening to the engine block.
    ~Use some throttle body cleaner and an old tooth brush and clean the area before that valve real good.
    ~Let it dry. Then repeat one more time.
    ~After 30 minutes put the air filter assembly back and you are done.
    It worked for me. Infact there is a site that shows you how it is done (with pics). You just have to do some good research. I did this like a year ago. Don't pay someone for something you can do yourself !!
  • briana2briana2 Posts: 1
    It sounds like you have an air leak in your fuel system.
    What seems to be happening, is your fuel filter is not full at 40-50MPH.
    It seems that your engine is pulling the fuel out faster than it can be filled.
    At higher speeds the engine the pumps fuel faster, thus what supplying more fuel.

    I had this SAME problem on my dodge diesel.
    The problem was at the fuel tank. AIR was getting into the fuel pickup.
    Dodge or Toyota doesn't matter.
    Get air in a fuel system you have problems.
    They had to put in a New Fuel Pickup.
    They have a way to check the fuel system.
    Give it a shot

  • bluesabrebluesabre Posts: 2
    Congrats on your Gen4 purchase, I have the same model and year. (Except mine has over 104k miles on it.) By "forcing the engine," do you mean you floor the accelerator pedal and the engine doesn't respond like you expect? You didn't provide much info, but it could be a number of things: Transmission for starters, when was the fluid flushed and replaced? You're also getting close on the timing belt replacement, did mine at 70k. It could be as simple as a plugged PCV valve or dirty intake. Those last two items are very easy to remedy - your PCV valve should be replaced every 60k. You can get a new PCV and grommet from your local Toyota dealer and intake cleaner from your local autoparts store (cheaper than the dealer.)
  • k2005k2005 Posts: 4
    you knew exactly what I was taking about. But I thought Gen4 timing belt was suppose to be replace at 90k, anyway, I will be doing a service tomorrow because no service was performed at 60k. This is what i'll be doing. New tires (they're really worn out), new brakes, 4 wheel alingment, replace oil & filter, transmission flush, cooling system flush, spark plugs, and air filter. and I guess now that you mention it. I should replace pcv valve then. So it's going to be quite expensive, do you think I my timing belt could wait until 90k?.
  • jdoug6jdoug6 Posts: 2
    I have a '96 Camry 4-cyl. LE 2.2 liter (116,000 miles, 68,000 of which put on car in last 2.5 years). I have been advised to do the following:

    Tune up - $175 parts, labor, tax (has not been done since I bought car 11/02)
    Leaking fluids (transmission, power steering, CV boot). Mechanic does not want to replace power steering pump until all leaks are fixed (e.g., transmission pan gasket, filter). This work would also include steam cleaning engine. - $225 parts, labor, tax. (2.5 hours labor @$60 per hour).

    Total $400 out the door.

    If power steering pump is still a problem, roughly $175 for rebuilt and 2.5 hours labor.

    Mechanic is reputable and comes recommended. Are these costs competitive (Los Angeles zip 90042)?

  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Tune up? The only "tune up" required is to change the spark plugs, which is an easy job on the 4-cylinder. Is the engine running smoothly right now?

    I'd certainly replace the torn CV boot, and recommend repairing the tranny leak. Where is the power steering fluid leaking from? It would certainly be a good idea to repair that also, but what is the problem with the power steering pump?

    And I'd skip the steam cleaning - just have him use a shop rag to clean off excess grease/fluids from the leaks.
  • garzagarza Posts: 3
    OK, I took out the air filter assembly down to the throttle body. Then I cleaned inside the throttle body best I could with carb cleaner and a shop rag. This FIXED my problem. I have no clue why, but the car does not have the hesitation any more. Thanks a lot for the tip.
  • Hi I bought a used 2002 Toyota Camry with 19000 miles and have a question. When I bring my toyota to a quick stop (as opposed to a slow stop) the engine will vibrate for about a second and then idle smooth again. I had this checked out by a toyota master technician before purchase and he said that it is the computerized idleing. It will idle just one click higher than it should in certain situations. He said in no way is this harmful to the vehicle, and it cannot be fixed. He claims this is just something you sometimes have to deal with having a 4cylinder as opposed to a 6. Although I do not believe that it cannot be fixed(it's probably just not cost effective to them), do you think this is a fair assessment? It really isn't that big of a deal(the vibration is only obvious if you are sitting in the driver seat), but I was just curious if anyone had any inuput.

  • This is my first toyota, purchased used with 30k now has 42k miles on it. About 3/4 of the time when I apply brakes to come to a stop my engine strongly shudders. It began when only my air conditioning was turned on. The shudder is becoming more pronounced. Now, as I check it without the air on the engine vibrates slightly. At first I thought it was the compressor causing the engine to bog down while slowing, maybe something loose under the hood, maybe a belt??? I have asked 2 toyota service techs about it and they have never heard of this happening. Has anyone had this issue and found out what the cause is? Any ideas what may be causing this?
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    Where do you feel the engine shudder/vibration? Do the rpms drop noticeably?
  • I have an 02 LE with 19000 miles on it and it does the same exact thing. I had it checked out by a toyota master tech. and he claims that it is the computerized idling intermittently clicking up one notch too high, nothing they could do about it, and it is not harmful to the car. I don't believe that there is "nothing they can do about it"(it's probably just not cost effective to replace "computerized idling"), but I do believe that it is not harmful. Of course it could also be something else, but this was his opinion. If you take it in and get another opinion or a cost for repair I would be very interested.
  • Hi txstudmfn,
    I am having the same problem and would like to give your tip above a try. Problem is I dont know where the parts you are talking about are. In your mail you are talking about a site that shows how to do all this stuff with pics. Can you tell me what site it is. That will be very helpful.

  • Hi,

    As far as I'm concerned, Camry's are the best cars in the world! However, I notice that mine sometimes "surges" when going up a hill or driving slow. When this happens the rpms stay constant and doesn't shift gears (its an automatic by the way). Just curious if anyone else has had this happen or may know what is causing it. Also, when the car is stopped at a stop sign for example, it runs rough, but when shifted into neutral it runs fine? Thanks for you help.

  • had two 1994 camrys. can't say that they ever surged. both 4 cyls and auto. wonder if one of your vacuum hoses is loose or leaking??? as for "rough" at idle at at a light, the car's vibration is getting translated through the steering wheel (bad motor mounts). I used to put it in neutral too and it's nice and smooth. When were the mounts last changed?? Mine went near 145-150K if I remember. I used autozone on the second car to save money over the dealer prices but they went in 18 months and never were as good as OEM's to remove the vibration. On that car, we replaced them with OEM's at 165K and when I gave it to my in-law, it had 202K and vibrated some (not many miles for them to start going but the rear one was never changed). Not sure if that was the problem or not cause the dogbone, front and trans mounts only had the 37K on them. Just a little vibration to irritate me but not bad as when they went. just a thought on the surging, does it do it starting out in 1st and 2nd gear?? like lurching??? if so, the dogbone is gone. Go look at the one on the passenger's side (it looks like a dogbone or dumbell and is on the top of the engine). If that rubber looks shot, that's a problem. good luck.
  • I have the same problem with my '98 Mazda Protege and my trusted mechanic says the motor mounts are worn. I haven't chosen to replace the mounts because it runs about 900 bucks and to me it is optional !
  • foleyfoley Posts: 2
    I finally got a check engine light caused by code P1411. This is problem with the EGR valve position sensor. $40 later to buy a replacement part at the dealer, the engine surge is gone.
  • Has anybody out here put the super charger on their camry v6. if so did u find any noticeable difference in the performance of the car.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    There's NO question that supercharging will have a profound effect on generated torque and power. The real question is how will supercharging affect crankshaft, bearing, connecting rod, and piston longevity, with the added stress on parts originally designed with a milder state of tuning in mind, in generating that additonal torque and power.
  • I have a 02 camry that did the same thing starting at 15000 miles. The dealers were no help. They said it was normal. I think they are full of it. I tryed cleaning the butterfly below the air filter with carb cleaner. It has worked for me so far. You might try it. It only takes five minutes. Good luck tenkiller
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