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Toyota Camry Tires and Wheels



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    I'm confused - the Primacy MXV4's are outstanding tires, highly rated by Tirerack and Consumer Reports. Because of the ROAD, some tires, depending on the width of the grooves, are better than others. So you are saying the dealer should give you different tires because of the road you drive on?
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785
    No, I'm saying that.

    Because there is no standard spacing for road surface grooving, it is impossible to get the groove spacing in tires 100% right all the time. It's a matter of cataloging which tire groove spacing causes problems - and then not allowing that into production. But occasionally they'll get this wrong. It's happened to all tire manufacturers and this time it was Michelin.

    The reason the tires should be replaced is that you can't change the grove spacing in a tire and since the issue is caused by something in the tire, the tire should be cheerfully replaced by the dealer - and Michelin should be informed.
  • I called the dealer and talked to the service manager and my original salesman. They said since I had replaced the original tires already, the new Micheline Primacy were no longer under warranty thru Toyota and they would not be able to cover any costs for a different tire. THe way they sounded in general, I felt like I was being stonewalled, i.e. neither one had heard of the immediate tire problems on the new Interstate 35 surfaces, even though the service bay managers sang an entirely different tune saying they had been getting a lot of complaints. The sercice bay guys also agreed with you that the issue is more tread related than speed rating differences. I'm not convinced. I need to find AND TEST a 'V' speed rated tire that works before I spend another nickel. BUT, one way or another this has to be fixed!!! The tire companies probably wouldn't pay back anything under warranty since there isn't anything physically wrong with the tires from a mfg defect stand point. I'll be talking to my dealer service manager face to face next Monday.

    Thanks for help.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 785

    I'm a little confused. You said you replaced the tires and THEN you had problems. Is that correct? If so, why would the Toyota dealer be involved? (Unless he sold you the second set of tires - and in that case, the warranty would apply).

    But re-reading this, it sounds like you had a problem with the original tires, then replaced them, then complained. Wrong order. You can't expect people to help you AFTER the fact.

    And it also sounds like you are continuing to have issues - and that means whoever sold you the last set of tires is on the hook for addressing the issue.

    Yes, this is all about tread groove spacing and not speed rating. The speed rating might limit your choices, but it is not the sourcing of the problem (discounting the fact that the REAL problem source is the new pavement grooving.)

    Nevertheless, ALL tire manufacturers would accept returns based on groove wander. However, some dealers may not be tuned in to how to do this. Call the tire manufacturer's 800 number to get this rolling.

    And one last thing: Complaints about groove wander would be handled for fairly new tires, but once you've put some miles on - say 5K, then it may be difficult to convince anyone that this is an issue they need to be addressing.
  • I assure you, there is a problem with the MXV4 Michelin tire. The manufacturer has softened the side wall to allow for a smoother ride. In doing so, they side walls do not hold the car in track when any side to side move is made to the steering wheel. I formerly owned a camping trailer business in Colorado Springs. When I had a customer with a handling problem I asked them what kind of tires they were running. The best tire I found at the time was the BFG T/A radial. That was and still is a truck tire but it has 3 ply sidewalls. It solved so many towing problems, I would just recommend them to all my customers. Michelin will not admit they have a problem until someone forces them to legal action. My father in law put a set of MXV4's on his Toyota Prius and now is afraid to drive on the highway do to it's swaying and feeling of driving on ice.
  • do you have a 2013 Camry SE? I just bought one and the four tire display that Iv'e seen on the 2012 is mysteriously absent from my 2013.
  • vicmnvicmn Posts: 5
    The tire pressure display doesn't show on my 2013 Camry XLE as well, called the dealer salesman, he was surprised to find out that Toyota had removed it for 2013 model year, just as well, the 4 tire display didn't identify which corner the tires displayed were actually on. It's the least of my problems with all the trouble I'm having with the Camry tire tracking on our I-35 interstate here in northern Minnesota. It will be interesting to see how the Michelin Defender 'T' rated tires turn out.
  • Has anyone tried the Yokohama YK580 tires? When we ckd. with dealership, they didn't see them as a tire they can get. However, Discount Tire in Madison has them.

    What about Yoko Avid Ascends for a 02 Camry, all seasonal?
    Looking for a V rating.

    Prob. giving up on Michelin because of soft walls, not holding up to mileage, high price.
  • FYI, I am having Toyota Camry model SE year 2012 with GPS and JBL audio system.
    everytime I press information on CAR tire pressure from system and screen showing 4 wheel with tire pressure, but I do not know how to identify which tire is which since screen show all 4 wheels in 1 line o o o o
    Please advise
  • vicmnvicmn Posts: 5
    When we test drove a 2012 XLE, the salesman said there is no way to tell which actual tire is being displayed. On our 2013, this display went away entirely, (to the surprise of our salesman).
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 187
    This is an interesting read, I (somehow) just got linked to this off another web site based on new Camry reviews. I formerly used Edmunds for years, however after buying a new 2012 Camry XLE 18 mons ago I am maybe on Edmunds 5% of the time compared to Toyotanation.

    But anyway, one reason we got the Camry XLE vs say a Legacy was it came standard with Mich Primacy tires vs the poorly rated Bridgestone Turanzas. The Primacy handle fine for me however I have not been up to Duluth with this car, most trips are in SE MN or over to Madison or up to St Paul areas. We have 25,000 miles on the tires now and they have 7/32 left so I hope to get 40,000 miles. (I have also read good things about the Michelin Defender series so may consider that for next purchase). Despite the above average winter ratings given by Consumer Reports and on, the Primacy is just ok in snow, but I have an SUV if we get more than a couple inches of snow in SE MN. I know there has been a lot of I35 work up in Duluth, did MN DOT switch their concrete surface patterns?
    Again, no problems on newer Highway 52, or MN/WI I 90 or 94 driving; I rarely get on I35 so cannot comment on that although they have done a lot of repaving S of Minneapolis this summer.

    I am curious to what you ended up getting for the next set of tires and if they are better?
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