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Toyota Camry Tires and Wheels



  • I highly doubt this car comes w/ summer tire only. It's a family car-- not a 350Z. :P
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    The SE comes with a choice of summer tires or all-season tires. There is no charge for one vs. the other.
  • Wow, there's something new everyday...never thought Toyota would offer summer tires only on the Camry, even if it's an SE. My old '05 G coupe didn't come w/ summer tires only unless I got a sport upgrade package.

    FYI, from the Toyota website "SE available with All-Season tires as a no-cost option."
  • In the 2008 Camry brochure, it says the spare tire is Full Size Spare except the Hybrid. Can anyone confirm that if it is a full-size spare or a compact sapre?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Well, I know Toyota went to a temporary, compact spare for the 2007 model Camry, so I'd highly doubt they've reverted to a full-size regular tire for the spare in any 2008 model.
  • At 24K, the dealer replaced a total of 5 struts on my 07 Camry LE. 3 front, and 2 back. My friend also have a 07 Camry LE, he had to replace 3 struts out of 4. Anyone have this kind of luck? If not, i suggest checking for oily firm on the struts. If it's leaking, bring it in to have it repace. According to the recept, the seal on the struts was bad. Anyone have this experience?
  • jkmqjkmq Posts: 8
    I have a 2007 Camry SE 4cyl. It came with Toyo Proxies tires, P215/55r17's. These tires have 21,000 miles on them and they are worn out ( only 3/32's left on tread). They have been rotated 3 times. The tires are also badly cupping. I went to Discount Tire and they said either they have not been rotated or the srtuts are worn out. I am going to get new tires this week and see if the Toyo's are just cheap tires. Then, I'm also going to the dealership and see if the struts are bad. My question is this...will P225 / 55 r17 fit and perform without problems on this car or do I need to stay with the same size tire that I am replacing. I think the slightly wider/taller tire would look better but I do not want any clearance/steering problems. Any thoughts ?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    It's highly unlikely the struts are worn out at such a low mileage. Aren't those Toyo tires summer high-performance tires? If so, 21K miles isn't bad at all.

    If you want longer tread life, you'll have to go an all-season tire. I would not change the tire size -- it will throw off your speedometer and odometer.
  • gene22gene22 Posts: 34
    After reading from a few people here and on Avalon boards, I replace the tires on my 07 Camry XLE V6. Went with Goodyear Assurance Comfortread, which are not the same as Tripletread. I wanted a bit quieter ride and it worked. When I sent to sears to buy them, they kept trying to sell me something else at the same speed rating. The speed rating on my OEM tires were a V, and the new ones were T, or something like that. Since the new ones are still rated to 118mph, I was not worried.

    Paid $101 each plus stuff at Sams.

    Thanks to this board, my Camry is much quieter now - and I did not have to buy a new Avalon to get there.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I'm looking to replace the original Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's on my 06 Camry LE what is recommended as a replacement tire? i'm looking for an all season quiet riding tire.
  • igrigr Posts: 17
    I've put Michelin Primacy™ MXV4 on my Camry 2004 LE in September 2007. Good grip of the road and quiet ride. I've been driving with them through snowy Toronto winter and had no problems. The only con of these tires is price :(
  • jeep1988jeep1988 Posts: 40
    We are ready to replace the OE tires Bridgestone Protenza tires. I do not want to get them again as they did not last very long. Any suggestions as to tires that will last longer and not loose the ride quality.

    We are looking at the Cooper CS4 H/V that seem to be recommended. I believe Toyota recommends the V-rated tire - why I do not know. Any suggestions on tires that will not cost an arm and a leg? Thanks.
  • jeep1988jeep1988 Posts: 40
    After doing some more research, Here is a list of tires that I have come up with.

    Michelin Pilot Exalto AS
    Goodyear Assurance
    Sumitomo Touring LSV
    Yokohama AS430
    Cooper CS4 V
    Toyo - something (I cannot remember the name of the tire)

    Any suggestions as to which would be best for a 2006 Camry XLE for ride quality, handling, and treadlife? Thanks for any help.
  • smythesmythe Posts: 10
    Same here (2007 LE I4 5SP AT). Discovered that front passenger side and both rear struts were blown at 35k miles. The guy at the tire shop said he's seen a lot of '07 Camrys with premature strut failures. The dealer replaced the front pass strut but not the rears. I think the driver side one has now failed. Not much oil on it, but it feels wobbly. I wonder of an internal seal has failed. I have also noticed that there is strange cupping appearing on the shoulder blocks of my new tires (6k miles). The alignment is recently adjusted and was pretty good to begin with, so I wonder if the replaced strut has now failed, so I've got bad ones all around, and that's what's causing that strange looking tire wear. The car definitely doesn't handle like it did originally...
  • The dealer said have to rotate the tires. To me is a bunch of BS. Without rotating tires, it should not wear the way it does. Yes, i just met a friend who works for Toyota, he also said the struts they are using is "JUNK". Hopefully it's not over the milage for you to bring it back in for them to replace your struts. Smythe, please let me know how things went. Toyota should do a recall on the 07 camrys. After this issue and treatment I got from the dealer I bought from, I'm staying away from Toyota the next time I buy a car!
  • jeep1988jeep1988 Posts: 40
    Well, I did get new tires. I opted for the Sumitomo Touring LSV Tires....and.....boy and I glad I did. Man, these might be the best tires I have ever owned. I will definintley get another set when wear out, in about 60,000 miles or so.

    The ride is great, they handle well in the rain; I cannot wait to try them in the snow. These are great tire for the Camry. We have a 2006 Camry XLE. I highly recommend these tires. The price is right too; about 1/2 the price of Michelin. :D
  • This past weekend, we made a trip to visit a relative (150-mile 1-way). We stopped by a gas station on the way there and upon inspection of all tires, we saw a nail about 1/2 inch sticking out of the right back tire. We managed to make it to a local Walmart store where we purchased 2 brand new Douglas Xtra-Trac II (215/60/R16) tires and had them installed in the rear. They were the least expensive ($65/ea). The nail was about 3 inches long!

    Does anyone have any experience with these Douglas tires? I can't seem to find any reviews anywhere out there.
  • What tires come from the factory on 2008 or 2009 LE I4 Camry?
  • I just bought the Sumitomo Touring LSV tires for my 2007 Toyota Camry and I love them! Great handling and quiet!
  • I have an 06 camry LE with 15 inch hubs but i want to change that and put rims. I have 16 inch acura rims from about and 01 CL, before taking it to the get it checked out by a mechanic i wanted to ask and see what you guys think. Two things, first is it possible for it to fit and surely that means a change in tires and i should mention that both tires are 215's? and secondly would there be a way to change the center caps to toyota center caps if the acura tires do fit?
    Thanks in advance.
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