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2003 Toyota Camry Exterior

camrysev6ownercamrysev6owner Posts: 66
edited March 20 in Toyota
I've dented my 03 Camry after putting a bike rack on it. I have one of those trunk bike racks. The upper bar rests on the trunk's surface and the lower bar has to rest just below the license plate. The lower bar does not rest on the rear bumper because of clearance needed for the rear spoiler.

I was carrying at the rack's full capacity of 3 adult bikes that day. I guess it might have been the pressure given to the lower bar when going over bumpy roads that gave the trunk lid a dent under the license plate.

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix dents properly? Can I push the dent back out from the inside of the trunk lid?

Looking forward to any replies.


  • mreededmreeded Posts: 2
    My 2002 Camry LE is having problems with the paint chipping off the grill in the front. It seems like a cheap piece of plastic with a thin coat of paint on it. I've had it replaced and it's doing it again.

    Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

  • lookenlooken Posts: 4
    My Camry is 1 week old. I didn't get the teflon coating the dealer offers for the outside of the car and now I'm thinking I should have in order to help protect the paint. Can anyone tell me if teflon is a good idea.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,028
    This discussion is archived, but you may find the comments interesting.

    Should I have a TEFLON service for a new car or wax it instead?

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • lookenlooken Posts: 4
    Thanks Karen. I did review the TEFLON discussion and really appreciate a site like this to get information. I printed out the material and shall follow the suggestions. Thanks for your hosting time.
  • I recently noticed a previous generation late 97-2001 Camry that had one mirror that was replaced with a foldaway Camry one you would see in Europe. I wanted to leave a note and ask where they got that but didn't. I never saw a foldaway mirror on this series of Camry before. Does anyone know where they may have got this... maybe a supplier of European spec replacement parts?
    I'm curious because I may be interested in the Camry but would want to change the mirrors. I recently got a new Camry as a loaner and I put it in my garage just to check space and you have to be so careful because these mirrors stick out so it's hard to get around the car once it's in the garage.
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    Does anyone out there know if the optional glass breakage sensor thats available for the 03 XLE is a fairly easy installation. I got a price from the dealers parts department, and I assume that it is a plug in module. If anyone knows where it goes I would like to hear from you. Thanks, Nick.
  • I have a 2003 Camry SE V6, and stones chips are driving me crazy especially after highway driving. My car is silver, so the stone chips stand out even more because underneath the paint is black.

    I remember that when I bought the car in November last year I was told that I could get a transparent plastic film for the hood (not at the dealer though). It can prevent stone chips, and will not affect the looks of the car because it's transparent.

    So I've done some research on the net about such plastic films. There are quite a few companies that make them now. Actually, it has been around for ages, just not used on vehicles. It was used on helicopter blades during wartimes. So I called up the detailing shops nearby and got some price quotes. Ranged from 50 dollars to 185 dollars. I ended up getting the 185 dollars one made by 3M (the Scotch Tape company). The guy tells me that it is thicker than film plastic made by other companies. Also, it can be peeled off with some heat if you need to in the future. That was a great concern for me because I was afraid that a sticky film would be left on the hood if I were to pull it off.

    I will be getting it installed today. If anyone wants to see it, I will post a picture somewhere.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Anyone has tried to install dimmer mirror + compass on 2002/3 Camry ?
  • Has anybody that bought an 02 or 03 Camry LE opted to have a rear spoiler installed? I'm thinking about getting one and needed a few pros and cons before going ahead with my plans. How much did you pay?, does the paint match?,and do they take out your HMSL on the parcel shelf in the back? Thanks for your help.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I have my 2003 Camry SE about a month now. It has a rear spoiler with integrated brake light. It came with Camry SE. I like it much because it gives a sporty look, not sure it helps the car performance.

    Anyway, most dealers cost little over $400 (painted) plus the cost of the cover which covers your third brake light, unless you want your brake light on the spoiler and the one at the rear window at the same time. But it doesn't look good.

    Also, when you go to those express car wash, the trunk area underneath the spoiler may be not wash. I got no problem because I wash mine by hands.

    However, I found the rear spoiler is taking some rearview when you do the back up. It doesn't brother a lot. I just pretended that I have a high trunk. I do put a tissue box and some small stuff animals near the rear window. It is for my baby. I don't see any problem when parking or backing up.

    You can try I think your local dealer would charge you $100 more for the spoiler plus a ridiculous labor charge. Some auto stereo and alarm places would charge $60-$80 for the installation. My brother just added a spoiler for his Civic. He bought it from ebay and it was actually a dealer overstock with nothing wrong.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    to install mudguards, do I have to remove all the tires? what tools and screws? any instructions will be appreciated.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    buzzhd - This is a DIY job. The instruction should guild you through. You don't need to remove the tires. You will need a electric drill and screwdriver. For the front mudguards, there are some pre-drilled holes at the wheel well area. You just unscrew the existing screws and put the mudguards on. But there is a trick. You have to turn the front wheels to one side for better hand position. And the same procedure for the other side. For the rear mudguards, it's too bad that there are no pre-drilled holes. You have to put the mudguard on and make a mark with a pencil. You have to drill some holes. For better installation, I suggest that you lift the car up a little bit and you will have more space between the tire and the fender. The whole job should last no more than 30 minutes. Hope this help.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    thanks lok! I saw $55 from Is it a good price? Or any other place offers a better price?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I could find online or at the local dealers. I also bought a cargo net, wheel locks and all-weather mats from them ( Very good customer service there.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    do you know what parts no for the wheel locks? I ordered one couple of days ago, but don't know if it's the right one, because the rep said factory alloy wheel is 6 spoke. But I got beveled 5 spoke... thanks!
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    It is PT276-00900 for my 03 Camry SE 16" alloy wheels. But call them and double check first. I think they should all fit. What model of Camry do you have?
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    Mine is 03 LE V6. Originally I ordered PT276-00990 Alloy wheel locks (Zinc w/yellow Chromate), but it was changed to 00276-00900 after calling the rep. You think they can fit on my beveled 15" alloy wheels. I noticed yours are the same.
  • vbajwavbajwa Posts: 1
    Apreciate any pointers on bumper removal/install
    for a 1997 Camry. I need to replace as I backed
    into a tekephone pole, corner got squashed in.
    Are aftermarket bumper covers as good as orig?
  • I think I'd rather pick up a Toyota bumper cover from a junk yard than a non-oem....
  • Does anyone know how to install a front license plate on a 2003/2004 Camry LE? There is no front license plate bracket available from Toyota (or anyone else that I could find), and I don't want to damage the front bumper. Thanks
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