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Toyota Camry Fuse and Electrical Questions



  • I have a 92 camry LE automatic 187,000 miles. While driving today all 4 doors unlocked automatically. Pressed the door lock button but it went back to unlock position. Appreciate the help.

  • Relay buzz

    Id replace the bulbs that are not working when you compare it to the other side. I just got back to my email to answer your question I hope it is going well.
  • Locks not locking.

    Try removing the lock relay first then reinstall I have a 93 and could check to see where it is. I think its the one in the engine compartment fuse box. Also there is a black box up under the left rear fender in the trunk I think it is related to your problem because I replaced them when we had some electric problem on Camry's back in the late 90's.I got to search this out first. You cant see it unless the wall cover is removed.
  • My ac and heater fan on my 01 Camry is not working properly. The only speed it works on is high. It does not turn on for the other 3 selections. I see there are 2 fan fuses in the engine compartment, numbers 38 and 39 which are type B fuses.
    Could one of these be the problem or could something else be causing this? Also how would I remove these type B fuses, they don't seem to be the regular pull out.

    Thanks for your help
  • hmyershmyers Posts: 14
    i have a relatively new battery.
    when left overnight either plugged in or not (i'm in canada with block heaters) my car won't start in the morning.

    weird things about my car:
    there is power to the radio but no sound
    interior lights do not work
    headlights come on whether switched on or not (switch does nothing)
    power windows and locks (sort of) work
    brake lights and signal lights work
    rear defrost works

    should i just replace all of the fuses? please help.
  • I think you disconnect battery when parked overnight?

    It sounds like the headlight switch is crossing circuits . Since the interior lights dont work and the headlight switch is not working Most cars only have a circuit breaker for the headlights not a fuse. I would disconnect it for left and right headlights. I'll try and find the wire schematic before sounding like I dont know what I talking about

    Radios have two fuses one for the light other for the sound.The light is usually connected to the interior lights.
  • hmyershmyers Posts: 14
    thanks so much for your reply. it started fine overnight when it wasn't minus 20 degrees celcius!

    no, i don't disconnect the battery when parked overnight, it just drains itself in the cold weather even when the block heater is plugged in. (i checked the extension cord that i'm using to plug in the car and it has power).

    so i'm thinking, the block heater may not be doing its job, or something left on (i.e. broken interior lights or head lights) are draining the battery overnight.

    recently, after having a mandatory immobilizer installed, my dash lights went out too. i'm so frustrated!

    any luck finding the wiring schematic for disconnecting the headlights?
  • hmyershmyers Posts: 14
    i forgot to mention that the wipers work but the wiper fluid does not spray.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Start by checking that your basic power is in excellent shape, I suspect a bad battery or a lot of corrosion on your battery terminals, or you could easily have a bad cell in the battery. Go to an autoparts store chain and have them check your battery and alternator, this is usually a free test. They'll load test both battery and alternator while they are in the vehicle.
  • hmyershmyers Posts: 14
    Great. I'll do that tomorrow morning. There is NO corrosion on the battery terminals and the battery is new (last 2 months).

    I just bought a fuse tester and replaced some fuses so now the radio, clock, power locks, sun visor and front seat interior lights and cigarette lighter work. hooray!

    Then I did some tests...

    took out all 4 15V head light fuses = no lights
    put in L & R fuses for low head lights = no lights
    put in L & R fuses for high head lights = lights work
    the head light switch being on or off did not effect anything

    also, just realized that neither L or R front turn signals work...
    also, the L&R low head light fuses were in some goopy glue type stuff...
  • Hello to everyone. i got a serious problem i was installing a remote start in my 2009 camry 4cyl. and i accidently grounded the constant 12v wire located in the ignition harness and popped a fuse, everything works in the car but the instrument panel dont light up and the car will start and die right away, I have spent 6 hours in the garage tring to find which one blew and cant find it nowhere can someone help me before my wife kills me..
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Check three fuses.

    In the Engine compartment, on the left fender wall, you'll find a fuse & relay box.
    - Check the 7.5Amp (AM2) fuse
    - Check the 20 Amp (IG2) fuse

    In the passenger compartment under the dash by the drivers left knee, you'll find a fuse box.
    - Check the 7.5Amp (AM1) fuse

    If you don't find one of those blown, I'll dig into this a lot deeper tomorrow (have to get to bed, it's almost 2am) and give you some things to check to help isolate the problem.

    Do you have a volt/ohm meter?
  • The 7.5amp AM2 & the 20amp IG2 are not in the fuse box under the hood the slots are there but there are no fuse the one under the drivers dash is good actually none of those are blown. The 20amp AM2 is a 15 amp under the hood. Yes i got a meter not to good with it though it has been awhile.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    My bad, I knew I was tired. There's a different AM2 fuse to check.

    Up in the engine compartment fuse/relay box, look for a green 30A fuse labled ST/AM2. It sits way up in the front in the box (forwardmost position). See if that is blown. That feeds the second pole of the ignition switch, which when your key is in the ignition position, it then provides power to your gauge, ignition, and injector fuses.
  • hmyershmyers Posts: 14
    Does anyone know which fuse powers the dashboard lights (speedometer area)? I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated as I can't see how fast I'm going at night!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    That would be the 15Amp TAIL fuse.
  • hmyershmyers Posts: 14
    where do I find that one? i've tested and changed out the fuses in the engine compartment fuse box and the one down by the driver's left knee...
  • Thanks alot I found the problem, it was the main three and a half inch long blue fuse located in the fuse box. what a pain in the a
    *&* to change....LOL
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Behind the left kickpanel. Put your left foot on the floor, swing it to the left and it will hit the left side kickpanel. Take that kickpanel off.

    The tail fuse is in the first row of fuses, kind of in the middle of the fuse/relay block, on the far right hand side. There are two relays right above the fuses, the defogger relay on the left, and the taillight relay on the right. It's down below the taillight relay.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Well that's interesting, that is upstream (toward the battery) of the 30Amp AM2 fuse. Somehow the 30Amp didn't blow, but the main higher current one did.

    If you have your ohmmeter, check that 30Amp fuse to make sure it isn't a higher resistance. If you can't, you may want to swap it out with the spare 30Amp (green) fuse that is in the cover, just to be on the safe side.

    Good job and congrats in finding the problem!!
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