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Toyota Camry Suspension Questions



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Have a 2007 w/44K miles, just rotated the tires last weekend and no strut leakage or suspension problems anywhere.
  • rvharrierrvharrier Posts: 1
    I can see there are a ton of questions over the years and I've read them all. I just had my front struts, coils and mounts replaced a long with new brake pads, alignment and break fluid for $600.00. And now my car runs like a charm and like it's new.

    My front end struts were shot. In addition, I added 4, 80,000 mile michelin tires on sale at costco-I love costco warranty, got alignment, changed the oil, transmission fluid and changed the air filter.

    I was seeing unusual wear and my car was bottoming out over bumps. Here are a few lessons I learned (I'm not a mechanic):

    1) If you have unusual wear on your tires, most likely it's alignment or the shocks.
    2) If you need to replace your tires, make sure you get alignment -All 4-especially if you have unusual wear
    3) Always check your shocks when you get new tires-ideally, you want your shocks to go out the same time your tires wear out. This is because shocks will definately affect alignment. So if you put on 80,000 miles tires, like me, you ideally want a shock that will last 80,000 miles.

    If you wait a long time, not installing shocks can affect other stabilizing components of the car over the long term. Once I got the new tires, shocks and alignment brakes and the fluids.

    It's not unusual is you are a city driver for your front shocks to last only half as long as your back. This is because the bumps the city drivers have are generally speed bumps or deep dips in the road and the front shocks take most the load most of the time. If you are careful over those dips and take it easy over the bumps, you can significantly extend the life of the shocks.

    Next, as you can imagine all the stuff I did cost about $950.00. I mean everything. My car is 10 years old-Now it looks (inside and out as well as under the hood) and runs like new. If you figure in that I have not had a payment for at least 6 years, this really is worth the money. If I didn't it, I would have to buy another car a lot sooner and spend a lot more money in the future.

    Moral of the story is always save money to perform maintenance-expect big outlays ever 60-80 miles because of shocks. I know it's easy to get use to the simple oil and transmission changes/air filter. When you buy tires, think about the cost per mile.

    So here is the last word from me. If you have been diligent and been doing your maintenance, then yes, it's absolutely worth it to invest $350-$700 on shocks. I would say the same thing if it was 20 years. If you take care of your car and treat it right, you should get 30 years or 300,000 miles out of it... whatever comes first.

    Check the belts, check the bearings, check the joints, check the boots every time you get your oil. You will mitigate most of your major repairs. You want a nice car where you know the history and are confident it will take you there. Look at the prices of cars now. Many of my friends have gone through three cars in the 10 years I owned m Camry. It's a lot of money to toss away just for not planning or budgeting for regular maintenance.

    I hope this helps someone :-)
  • I have the same problem.. Right around 40000 miles. Im my case the dealership did nothing for me. Ive contacted Toyota.. At first it seemed like they were going to do something, but they havent yet. Ive lloked at all the strut manufactures, such as monroe, an no one make a strut for the 07 camry yet (because they shouldnt need them yet). I refuse to put the toyota junk back on, especially if Im only going to get 40000 miles out of it. I recently looked at airbags for it, they were a little expensive, but seem like a worthwile upgrade. I also looked at trading it in on a Fusion. I even took the Fusion for a test drive. Wish I would have looked at it first, there was no comparison, although the Fusion was more expensive.

    Mine is a 2007, and I bough the extended warranty. This will be my last Toyota.
  • I have a questions about the 98 Camry rattle.
    I change the rear sway bar links and bushings, noise still there.
    This started about 6month ago, when going over bumps, like small bumps in the road and manhole cover it sounds like the rear suspension is going to come out from under the car. I'm looking at replacing the Struts, the car has only 91120 miles on it, not abused, regular maintenance done on the car.
    Any Ideas on what can be causing this terrible rattle.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
  • I also have a 2007 Camry LE. Currently i have about 39K, and been through 5 struts alrealdy. And currently 2 more in the front is leaking. I called Toyota up cause the dealer said it was not bad at 34.5K even though it was leaking. But it's leaking more now at 39K. They said they will call me back. My friend also have the same 07 Camry, he have gone through 6 struts, and 2 more is being replace. Anyone have anymore of these experience? I think 07 Camry should be recall for "defective" struts!
  • I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with 37,000 miles...3 struts are leaking. Outrageous
  • I'm getting the New Motor Vehicle Board, Comsumer mediation services to help. You can call them at 916-445-1888. Struts should not be going bad/leaks so early like that. I'm going to exhaust all my options. Let me know how things go for you. If not you can email me at to see what we can help each other with.
  • I live in NY...I don't think we have a New Motor Vehicle Board, consumer mediation service but I'm interested to hear what happens with your situation.
  • I replaced struts on a 1999 LE and this did not solve the problem. Here's a link that probably identifies the real culprit.

    Good luck.
  • I replaced all 4 struts on my 1998 Camry. Noise went away for a short time,, It is starting to come back, put not as bad. The noise is coming from the rear of the car.
    Could it be the rear springs are weak or the rear bushing need changed?
  • ben_caben_ca Posts: 2
    Went to the dealership for basic oil change yesterday morning for my 2009 Camry Hybrid. The dealership found that ALL 4 struts are leaking and need to be replaced. The leaking oil past the spring base. The costs to replace the structs are $550 for the front and $680 for the rear struts. They told me that the car is out of warranty since it has 36013 miles, which is 13 miles over and that I only did the basic oil change. I was very upset. I thought Toyota is reliable and that the struts should last more than 80K. And I thought my car is still under warranty. I argued with them that the leaking must have started before 36K since all 4 struts are leaking now. They told me that Toyota is very strict on their warranty mileage and my car is 13 miles over and there is nothing they can do. I am very upset with the dealership. I really don't believe that I should pay to replace the struts. Please let me know if anyone has the similar experience and how to resolve it.
  • It's the struts mounts. I've used to have a 97 camry, and i had noise on mine too. Replaced the strut mounts, noise went away.
  • Like my last posting on here. I also have a 2007 Camry LE, I've replaced total of 5 struts alrealdy. Toyota says that it's normal. Then how the "hel" would you know the struts are bad until the tires are wearing. I think it's a defect in the struts. Just owners are not paying attention to it until it's too late. I'm going to try to bring my case to a couple of agencys. Let see what they can do. Try calling Toyota to see what they can do for you. Doesn't hurt to try it out. :mad:
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    "They told me that Toyota is very strict on their warranty mileage and my car is 13 miles over and there is nothing they can do."

    That is not true - they should have told you what I will tell you:

    I bet you that if you call Toyota directly and nicely explain the situation that they will cover it under warranty. I did this about 5 years ago and they very nicely covered a seat belt button that was sticking down - it was about 3 months past the warranty. Toyota will call the dealer and give them authorization.

    Also, how many miles did your car have on it when you took delivery? I bet at least 5, could be more than 13, so that's another good "argument" point.

    After you get this covered, I'd have a talk with the Service Manager and/or the General Manger of the dealer.
  • ben_caben_ca Posts: 2
    I called the Toyota Customer Experience and opened the case with them. I explained my situation to the agent on the phone. He said that Toyota will cover it under warranty. After that I called the dealership again. At first,the service person still told me that it is not covered. Then I escalated it to the service manager and told them that I opened the case already and that Toyota agreed it should be covered. They finally backed down and told me to bring in the car and they will fix it. I think that the toyota struts definitely are defected. If you have a Toyota camry, please have them inspected before the warranty expires.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Great, just as I expected. Now ask yourself why your dealer didn't know that, or maybe they didn't want you to know that? I'd really be suspicious of ANYTHING your dealer tells you!! If you can, go to a different one.

    My '07 struts are not leaking, but I will keep an eye on them.

    You can send a thank-you check to me at.... :shades:
  • jdzwjdzw Posts: 2
    I have an '08 XLE with just under 54K miles and was just told I have a leaking rear strut - the dealer is going to charge me more than $500 to fix it!!! When I stated that it seemed early for the struts to be having a problem, I was met with complete indifference. Any luck with the New Motor Vehicle Board?

    And before that, I reported problems with the transmission shifting - also to be told it was "typical" and thanks to this site, have discovered that there is a technical bulletin that I can walk in with and make them fix that problem at least.

    Anyone have problems with their passenger seat belts not working properly? In response to this complaint, all they did was lube it...
  • I have not heard anything from them yet. Last week I check, the person that's handling my case said they sent a letter to Toyota. Toyota might call me and talk to me. But I will keep you posted. If you want, you can email me directly Let'w work toyota to see what we can help each other with. Toyota is building crappy cars. At least seems for 07 Camry.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    You don't have to have the dealer do the work. No doubt, a reputable independent shop could replace one strut for less. At 54K miles, I wouldn't sweat it. An independent shop generally also has access to TSBs.

    What exactly is wrong with the front? passenger seat belt?
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